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Ryan was laying on his king size bed. He was smoking a cigarette. Kiki walked in the room.

"We need to talk", she said.

"What's wrong?", ryan asked.

"We just robbed another bank. That's just a small crime. We need to do a bigger crime. Like take over the city. If we do that then we will be a totsl threat. What do you think?"

Ryan pondered this. 

"Sounds good but what if we fail? I can't go to a maximum security prison. Those prisons are impossible to escape from".

Kiki looked at ryan.

"You have the power of darkness. Dark energy. What could be stronger than that?", she asked.

"Light. Pure light. Luckily there isnt any mutant with light abilities. Drake and Ryein are puny. They could barely fight us".

Ryan took a last breath of his cigarette before decinagrating it with darkness.

"You really shouldn't be smoking. It's bad for you", kiki explained.

"Go away", ryan said.

As kiki left the room, ryans eyes flashed black.

"It can't be!", he said.

"What?", kiki asked.

"I sense pure light. Someone has light powers!"


"I don't know"

Ryan sat up. He looked scared.

"It's legendary". 

Kiki left the room. Ryan jumped out of bed.



Possessor flew towards downtown Raleigh. He was happy. He had defeat Superhumans. He landed on top of a building.

"So easy to defeat them. They were like little kids. What they don't know is that I have the power of four hundred million demons. No one can stop me! But that one kid. He has light powers. He is a threat. What if he destroys me? How can I take control of him? What I need to do is take his life force. His friends will be vulnerable. That bastard kid who thinks he's funny. We'll see who gets the last laugh. Maybe I can control him. Make him do my dirty work. No one will suspect him. He is just a little joker. Thinks everything is a joke. He will be mine!"


"He's lost a lot of blood", graham said.

I opened my eyes. I was in a hospital bed. 

"How did I get here?", I asked.

"You were sent by our paramedics. They work for us on the fly", drake said.

I felt my chest. It was stitched up. I sat up slowly.

"That guy. He was so powerful. We were defeated easily!", I said in disbelief.

"That sick twist rat! He's back", graham said.

"You know him?", drake asked.

"His real name is Matt Fowler. He goes by Possessor. He used to work for us. His powers dealt with magic. He trained hard and practiced everyday. Till one day he got in an argument with me", graham explained.

"What happened?", I asked.

Graham put her left hand out. There was a red star on it.

"He attacked me with dark magic. I don't k ow how he did it. Then his body began changing. His teeth turned sharp and his face turned hideous. Like a donkey butt potato".

"What's a donkey butt potato?", I asked.

"Its a potato thats shaped like a donkeys butt I guess", drake said.

"Anyway, he put a curse on me. He said that the next group of super humans will be wiped out of existence. Luckily a group of superhumans helped defeat him. All of them lost their lives defending the Earth. Before he vanished, Matt said that he will rise again and take over Earth will his army of demons. He's back. This is bad news".

Drake and I stared at graham in disbelief.

"So he was good but turned bad?", drake asked.

"No he was bad then turned good", I corrected.

"We're any of you guys paying attention?", graham said annoyed.

Drake and I nodded.

"He is stronger than you three combined. He can kill you guys in a heart beat. I must warn you. He will try to get in your head. Don't listen to him! Once he has control over you, you will become his slave. He will use you to take over the world. When he is done with that or no longer needs you, he will then kill you", graham explained.

"Scary!", drake said.

"HELP!", ryein yelled.

Drake,Graham, and I practically trampled over to each other to get to ryeins room. She was shaking.

"RYEIN!", drake yelled.

Ryein's face was really pale. Her hair was snow white. 

"I don't feel well", she said.

"You look horrible", I said.

Graham slapped me on the head.

"Is there anything you need?", I asked.

"Energy. I need energy. I need help!", ryein said.


Arlis Peyton was a teenage girl. She was very popular when it came to gossip. She was the queen of rumors. Along with that, she was the most popular at Millbrook Highschool. Her long blonde hair matched her blue eyes and white skin tone. She was dating a guy named Iwan. He was a quiet guy with black hair and pale skin. He kept to himself a lot. They both had a secret. They were both SuperHumans. Arlis could heal and Iwan can Crush people by looking at them. They were crazy for each other. Something about them sparked. They fell in love at a school football game. They promised to never fight each other. They were talking on the phone constantly. 

"Babe want to go out tonight?", Iwan asked.

"As in a date?", Arlis responded


"Sure. What time?"

"At seven".

"See you then".

Once Arlis hung up, she went to take a shower. While she was in there, she let the hot water run on down her shoulders. To her it felt like a nice massage. She was chubby but very fit. She was on the track team. She could run a mile in seven minutes. She was pretty fast. Once she finished her shower, she dried off and put on a blue dress. It fit her perfectly. She then did her make-up.

"I wonder where he's taking me?", she asked herself.

She lived alone. Her parents died in a plane crash. She was 14 when it happened. Around that time she obtained her powers. She finshed her make up. At that moment, Iwan pulled up. Arlis ran out her condo. She was rich. Her parents Martha Petyon and Ryan Peyton,were famous actors. They starred in numerous movies. When they died, they left $500000000 million dollars in a bank account for her. She had her diamond purse in her right hand when she entered Iwans red Hybrid X550. The car could drive on water. 

"I hope you like Olive Garden",Iwan said.

"I love All Of Garden", arlis said.

"You're funny babe"

They drove off. That night would change Arlis forever.


Graham looked frightened. 

"She won't make it. Possessor put some demon in her when that ball of energy hit you guys. We need to find a way to heal her. All of our devices and gadgets won't help. Damnit!!", graham said.

"I was hit with the same energy. Why was I not affected?", I asked.

Something didn't seem right. Ryein was inflicted but I wasn't.

"Maybe she was hit harder than you", drake suggested. 

I pondered the whole situation. What if that did happen? 

"Possessor needs to be defeated!!", I said in anger.

"What can we do? We're no match for him. He is too strong!", Drake responded.

Graham paced back and forth. She looked really worried. 

"Graham you should breathe some. You look like you're about to explode", drake said.

Graham took a few deep breaths. She closed her eyes. She looked like she was going to have a heart attack. 

"Okay. I'm calmed", she said.

At that moment, an alarm went off. I looked around.

"What's that?", I asked.

"That means there's trouble", drake said as he turned his body into bronze.

Graham ran over ro a computer screen.

"There's a group of Teenagers. Their robbing a bank", she said.

"No problem. This should be easy", I said.

"Well its not going to be easy. They have powers as well. Proceed with caution".

Drake and I left. We flew right towards the Bank of Raleigh. There was a blue monster with sharp teeth picking up cars.

"HEY!", I yelled.

The monster looked at me.

"We have company guys", the monster said.

A guy with black hair walked out of the bank. He looked intimidating.

"I know who you guys are!", drake said.

"Taylor finish them", said the guy with black hair.

"Sure thing ryan", taylor said.

Taylor put her hands out in front of her. 

"She's going to cause an hallucination. Ignore it. But I must warn you, they can kill. So be careful. You take down ryan, and I'll handle taylor and enrique, the blue monster", drake suggested.

"Let's do this!", I said.

Ryan shot a ball of darkness at me. I shot a ball of light at it. When they both hit, a wave of energy pushed us back. I flew straight towards him. He shot five dark beams at me. One hit me in the shoulder. I hit the ground with force. I stood up holding my right shoulder with my left hand.

"What are you?", I asked.

"I am darkness. Who are you?", I asked.

"Darkness", ryan replied.

My body glowed blue. Ryans body glowed red.

"Return the money!", I said.

"Back away!", ryan said as his eyes glowed red.

"PUT THE MONEY BACK!", I demanded.

Ryan threw a punch at me. I recoiled. My eyes glowed blue. I shot blue energy beams at him. He dodged them. He created a ball of darkness. I created a ball of light. We threw it at each other. They collided. There was a huge explosion. The bank fell apart. Drake and enrique flew back. So did ryan and I. What was left was a pile of rubble. I was hurt. My right shoulder was swelling. I stood up. Draje stood up as well.

"We got ryan and enrique down. Where's Taylor?", I asked.

"She's nowhere to be seen. She must've gotten away. At least we got two of the top people", Drake responded.

There was movement from a pile of rubble. Enrique rose. He was in his human form. His clothes were ripped. He was bruised up and had cuts all over him. 

"You guys did this! You will pay! I will crush you!", he said

Drake and I just laughed.

"Not like that", I said.

Enrique staggered away with a limped right leg. He looked weak.

"Let's go back to base", I suggested.

"Which is?", said a voice behind us.

We turned around. A guy who looked like buddha was smiling next to a beautiful girl.

"Who are you?", I asked.

"You're fate. I'm trey. This is kiki", trey explained.

He stuck his left hand out. Drake and I both passed out.

"They took ryan out. We don't need him to ruin our plan. Now onto the others", trey said as he laughed.

Submitted: March 28, 2019

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