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Ryein was sweating profusily. Her eyes had a red glow to them. Her mind was going crazy. Graham stood by her. She had a red book in her hand. It was a spell book. She opened it up to the healing section.

"Ho taerg yloh eno, laeh reh", she chanted. 

A baby blue light hovered above ryein. Ryein let out a scream.

"NO! MAGIC WON'T WORK ON ME!", she said in a demonic voice.

A black demon escaped ryein. It had horns that were as sharp as a razor.

it said.

Graham pulled out a pistol.


The bullets melted before it hit the demon.

"What are you?", graham said.

"Hell", he said.

He grabbed graham. 

"Let go of me!", she said.

The demon began draining her life force. Graham's skin turned pale. Her hair began turning white.

"!", graham said," teg yawa!"

The demon was thrown back. It then vanished. Ryein began coughing. Her hair turned blonde and her skin color came back.

"What was that?", ryein asked.

"A demon was draining your life", graham said.

Ryein rubbed her head.

"Where are the others?", she asked.

"They went to deal with a new situation. There's a group of teens who have superhuman powers. They were robbing a bank", graham explained.

At that moment, Drake and I walked into the room.

"There's my favorite girl", drake said to ryein.

"Hi", ryein replied.

I was happy to see that Ryein was better. She still looked beautiful.

"Graham, we manage to take down Ryan. He was crushed under rubble from the bank", Drake said victoriously.

Graham put her left hand on her forehead.

"There were cameras. They saw you guys. The authorities will be after you guys", she said.

"They can't catch me", I said grinning.

"In your dreams big shot", ryein said with a laugh.

The alarm went off again.

"For Christ sake!", graham cursed.

I ran over to the screen. Ryan was alive. He had cuts all over him and a gash on his face.

"Lets go!", drake said as he turned his body into bronze.

"You guys go", I said.

"Why?", ryein asked.

"Its light versus dark. When our energy hit each other, there was a wave of pure energy. It leveled a building. It almost killed ryan. I don't want to risk hurting you guys. Especially you ryein", I said.

"What's that suppose to mean Michael?", drake asked.

"Now go", I said.

"Are you and Ryein dating?"

"What makes you say that?", I asked.

"I knew it! You guys are dating!"

"Calm down drake. I would never do that to you. You are like a brother to me".

I could sense drake's anger. I turned my back on him. He then lunged at me. 

"DRAKE!", graham and ryein yelled.

I was punched in the back. I landed face first on the floor. I quickly got up.

"You want to fucking hit me?!", I cursed.

"Yeah. You coward!", drake taunted.

My hands glowed blue.

"You've messed up big time!", I said.

I punched drake in the stomach. A piece of his bronze fell off. He fell straight to the ground and didn't move.

"I..I didn't mean to", I cried.

"You monster",Ryein yelled as she lunged at me. 

I moved out of the way. 

"Ryein please. Hear me out", I begged.

Drake stood up.

"You little bastard!", drake said as he returned his body back to flesh and bone.

"Drake. I've had feelings for ryein. But I would never do something like that. Why would I ruin our good relationship and hers?", I explained.

"Why would I do that to you drake", ryein asked.

"I don't know", he replied.

"Guys!", graham said.

"WHAT?!", all three of us said.

"Well excuse me. I just wanted to let you guys know that ryan just got up. He is joined by two other people: a giantic boulder and a young girl. They are going around burning buildings. They need to be stopped"

I left immediately. Ryein and drake followed me. Once we reached downtown, a wave of demons were awaiting us.

"Aw crap!", Ryein said.

I put my hand on my head. I could hear a voice.

I need you to set me free. Free me from this hell!

The demons came running at us. I began shooting tennis ball size light at them. Each one fell. After one fell, another one came. I looked around. I saw taylor hiding behind some rubble.

"HEY!", I yelled.

Taylor didn't hear me. She looked really beautiful. My heart skipped a beat. Was I really in love? I made my way over to her. She didn't notice me creeping behind her.

"You're so clever. Just surrender", I said.

Taylor turned around. She stuck her hands out. I grabbed them. 

"I don't want to fight you. You're stunning. Really beautiful", I said.

Taylor blushed.

"So what do you say?"

Taylor kissed me. 

"DIE!", she said as a centaur appeared. She winked at me then left. I had to deal with an axe weilding mythical beast. 

"Hey ugly, what gives?", I taunted.

The centaur then vanished. I was confused at first. Taylor was sitting a few feet from me. Her long black hair made her look sexy.

"Want to go on a date?", I asked.

"Sure", Taylor said.

"YOU!", Ryan yelled.

"What do you want Ryan?", I asked.

Ryan shot black electricity at me. I was hit in the chest. I began shaking.

Ryan let out a laugh.

"You fell for the trap! Taylor was bait. We lured you in!"

I couldn't move. All I could do was talk. Ryan looked pure evil.

"Darkness won't win. You will not win you little-".

Ryan shot me again.

"This is quite shocking", Taylor said laughing.

"AAAAAAAAA!", I yelled in pain.

"You had the chance to be the hero  Michael Fletcher. But you blew it. It's honestly a shame to have to see you die like this. I wonder how ryein would take all this in. She would be so upset", ryan taunted.

"If you touch her, I'll rip the darkness out of you!", I warned.

"You won't do crap!", Taylor said as she walked away.

"Ryan. Think about what you're doing. You can stop this. Don't do this!", I pleaded.

"You're right. I can. But I don't want to. I need to take over the world. This world is mine for the taking. I'm going to have control over everything".

I just closed my eyes in defeat.

"You won't get away with this! You will pay! The whole organization will be after you!", I threatened.

"Oh shut up and get what's coming to you! Wimp!", ryan said as he created a ball of red energy. 

I looked up at it. I could feel my heart pounding through my chest. I knew that death would come quickly. All I had to do was take the pain. My body glowed green. 

"MICHAEL!!!!!", I heard ryein say.

"Ryein stay back. Tell drake i'm sorry. I should have never fought him. You guys are like family to me. I couldn't have asked for better friends. Get out of here!", I said.

Ryan threw the ball at me. I closed my eyes. I waited for the impact. Nothing happened. I opened my eyes. There was a guy wearing a black stealth suit. He had a machine gun in his hands. It was smoking. Ryan was laying flat onthe ground.

"You killed him", I said in disbelief.

"Yes", said the teenage boy.

He had dirty blonde hair, green braces, and white skin. He looked about fifteen.

"Why?", I asked.

"He would have taken over the world".

I slowly felt my sense of touch return. I slowly stood up. 

"We need to help Ryein and Drake!", I said as I ran over to them. 

Drake had taken a beating. His bronze was falling off. Ryeins clothes were ripped. They were fighting Enrique. He had somehow regenerated his health. He looked really angry.

"Enrique, you need to chill!", the boy said.

He shot a bullet at enrique. It froze him on impact.

"Who are you?", ryein asked.

"The name's Anthony Ferguson", Anthony replied.

"Where did you come from?", I asked as I rubbed my right arm.

"Heroes Angels Normals Demons".

"So are we", ryein said.

"We need to leave. This area isn't safe", drake said.

possessor said.

"Oh no!", I said.

Twenty demons appeared. They were black and had swords in their hands.

"I should have killed you when I had the chance! But I'm going to make you suffer at the hands of my demons! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!", possessor said laughing.

"Drake and Ryein, take out those demons. Anthony and I will get Possessor", I instructed.

We then split up. Possessor was smiling.

"I could have killed you Mike. But I spared you. I need you to do my bidding".

"Just admit it! You're scared of me", I said.

Possessor laughed. He lifted me off the ground.

"Put me down you fruit loop dingus!", I demanded.

"Okay!", possessor said as he threw me to the ground.

I landed face first into the hard earth. Possessor was stronger than me. He could kill me with one blast. One measly energy blast.

"Hey buddy, take on someone your own level!, Anthony said as he shot at possessor.

"Those bullets won't hurt me!", possessor stated.

"Michael we need to get out of here!", anthony said.

I stood up and ran.

"Weaklings!", possessor said.

At that moment, there was an explosion. Possessor vanished.

"Explosion bullets", anthony explained.

A black helicopter flew by. Bullets rained on us. Anthony and I dove under some rubble.



What else can go wrong?", I said.

Military men in blue stealth suits aimed Automatic Rifles at us. A white man in a red stealth suit and a fresh crew cut walked up to us. He was limping on his right leg. He looked at Anthony and I.

"You kind of creeps disgust me. You're in deep shit now", he said.

"Who are you?", I asked.

"General Patrick Roberts", Roberts said.

He looked intinidating. His men had their guns on us.

"Don't even think about fighting us. We have snipers around the perimeter. We know who you guys are. Mutant freaks! ARREST THEM!"

Anthony reached in his pocket.

"He's pulling out a weapon!", yelled a soldier.

They began shooting. I stuck my hands out. A shield of blue light appeared.

"Michael hold the shield!", Anthony said as he took out a device with a blue button on it. 

He pressed the button. A red mustang GT appeared. Him and I got in it and drove away.

"We need to get Drake and Ryein!", I said.

They were surrounded by demons. 

"Too many of them!", anthony said.

"We can take them", I said determined.

Anthony stopped the car. I jumped out. The demons turned around and faced me. They looked disgusting. As if a baby had pooped on their face and then threw corn on it. 

"You guys are hideously creepy. Leave now or I'll force you", I threatened.

", all the demons said in sync.

My hands glowed white.

"Do what he says!", drake said.

"Shut up bronze. Your powers are stupid. Bronze can't do much", Anthony said.

Drake ran towards Anthony. Anthony smirked.

"Fool!", he said as he tripped him.

Drake landed hard on the ground. He quickly stood up.

"You bitc-".

Anthony punched drake. Once again he fell to the ground.

Drake was bleeding from his mouth.

"eiD!", drake said.

Anthony fell to his knees. He held his stomach.

"My stomach! What are you doing?", he asked.

"What I should have done a long time ago".

I jumped on drake.

"Chill drake!", I yelled.

He elbowed me in the stomach.

"teG yawa!", he said.

I was thrown back twenty yards. I landed in a building. Debris scraped my skin. Drake threw ryein back a few feet with an invisible force.

"RYEIN!", I yelled.

I flew towards drake at full speed. He raised his left hand in the air. A black shield of darkness covered him. I landed on it. Darkness went through my body. My energy drained.

"You're evil. All this time. You were evil!?", I said in a whisper.

Ryein stood up and ran over to me.

"I didn't know michael", she said.

"Now we know. We need to get anthony!", I said as I tried to stand up.

Anthony was taking a beating. His face was bruised and his left eye was swollen.

"Feels good doesn"t it Drake? All that power", anthony commented.

"More than you'll ever know", drake said as he grabbed anthony's arm.

"Your soul is mine".

He began draining anthonus soul.

"uoY kcis krej!", ryein said as a ball of blue energy shot out of her left hand.

Drake was thrown forward. He began laughing. I noticed his eyes were black.

"He was evil all along", Anthony said.

Drake's body was shaking. His skin began turning white. 

"YhW?", he said.

He grew sharp horns on his head. His muscles ripped through his shirt. Sharp teeth filled his mouth. 

"We need to leave. He can take us down if he wants", ryein said.

Anthony and Ryein ran inside the car.

"Mike c'mon", anthony yelled.

"I'm going to stop him. You guys head back to base", I instructed.

Anthony sped off. Drake on the other hand was turning into a demon. A different type of demon.

"I'll get you!", drake said as he lunged at me.

I was tackled to the ground. He began throwing punchs at me. I blocked them.

"Drake snap out of it!", I said.

He punched me in the face. 

"I'm going to take over the world! I just need to get rid of you. The strongest superhuman in the world!", drake said as he punched me.

"You and what army?", I said.

One hundred demons appeared.

"One hundred measly demons is an  army?", I taunted.

Drake got off me. He then picked me up and threw me into a pile of debris. I stood up and dusted myself off.

"You've had your fun", I said.

My body glowed white. Light escaped my eyes. 

"Hey look guys. A fire fly!", drake said.

"That doesnt make any sense", I said. Drake appeared behind me. He grabbed my arm. 

"Your life force is mine!", he said.

"Well looks like you need to LIGHTen up!", I said as I elbowed him in the stomach.

He stumbled back. My fist glowed with light. Drake and I threw a punch at each other. Our fists collided. At that moment we went all out on each other. Punch after punch. We kept hitting each other. We were going so fast, our bodies began glowing. Mine glowed white. His glowed black. The demons looked confused. It was dark versus light. I eventually hit drake to the ground. He tried getting up but he couldn't. 

"I knew you were evil from the start. You betrayed us", I said.

"You are nothing to me. Ryein is mine", drake said.

I got angry. I ran over to drake and put my foot on this chest. Drake was coughing up blood.

"Finish me! I know you want to", drake pleaded.

I took my foot off him. Although I'm mad at him, I'm not a killer. I walked away from him. I didn't know he stood up. He let out a laugh. I turned around. A ball of black energy came at me. I created a massive ball of light and threw it at him. His black energy ball vanished. Drake was hit. He vanished.

"Jerk", I said as I left.

Submitted: March 28, 2019

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