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Arlis opened her eyes. She was in her bed. Her hair was a mess. She had never looked like this. She went to the bathroom. While she was in there, she washed her face and combed her hair. Her eyes glowed pink. They looked terrifying. She screamed as she ran out of the bathroom. 

"What has happened to me?", she asked herself.

Her hands glowed light pink. They were very bright. Her hair glowed white. A light of purple energy escaped her body. 

"What is this?!", arlis asked.

The purple ball of energy vanished. Arlis's body glowed blue. She suddenly felt powerful. Her soul was filled with so much energy. 

"What happened?', she ask


I awoke to an alarm clock. It was really loud. And very annoying. I got up to go find it. It wasn't in my room. I went out the room and towards ryeins room. She was sound asleep. I walked over to the alarm clock and turned it off. 

"Ryein", I whispered.

"Mmrph..huh?", ryein replied.

"Its eight o' clock".

She sat up. Her hair was a mess and her eyes were half open.

"Thanks. I must've been really tired".

I nodded and left the room. I made my way down the hall to the bathroom. I turned on the hot water and let the hot water run. I splashed hot water on my face. I looked in the mirror. Possessor was smiling there. 

"What are you doing here?!", I asked in a panic tone.

"Your soul will be mine Michael Fletcher. You will suffer pain. I will take you out. Then everyone else in this filthy organization", he said.

I stepped away from the mirror. I turned around. Possessor wasn't there. I looked in the mirror. He was still there. He looked really evil.

"You won't win!", I protested.

"I will!!", possessor said as he stuck his hand out.

I began feeling weak. He was draining my soul. 

"RYEIN HELP!", I yelled.

Possessor was laughing hysterically. I felt really drained. My soul was dying out.

"SOMEONE HELP!", I pleaded.

Possessor came out the mirror. He looked really sinister. I was terrified. He grabbed me and threw me out of the bathroom. As I laid on the floor, he walked up to me. 

"You won't win possessor!", I said as my eyes glowed blue.

Possessor put his right foot on my chest. His right hand turned into five sharp claws.

"I'm going to enjoy this!", he said as he scratched me.

The pain was unbearable. His claws cut into my skin. Blood trickled down my stomach. I let out a scream. 

"Music to my ears", possessor said.

"What did I ever do to your fugly self?", I insulted.

"You're the strongest human in the world. Possibly the solar system. I want you dead".

"How's that possible?", I asked.

"You were struck by an ancient blue lightning bolt. It has been legend that whoever obtains it, has legendary power. Now that you have it, I can destroy you before you use it to defeat me".

"So I'm the strongest one?", I asked.


My body glowed blue. Possessor let out a scream. He began burning. 

"I'll be back!", he yelled as he vanished. 

I stood up. The floor began shaking. Then It vanished. I began free falling.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!", I yelled as I sat up.

Sweat was dripping down my face. Anthony and Ryein came running into my room. They looked terrified.

"Possessor. He was in my dreams. He tried killing me", I said.

Anthony looked terrified. Ryein was concerned. I looked at my left arm. There were three scratch marks on it.

"He has left a sign. He can enter your dreams", I said.

"Ryein go get Graham!", Anthony said.

He then examined my arm. The marks hard become permanent. They were glowing red and purple with a hint of black. 

"This can't be good", Anthony said.

"He was so vicious. So terrifying", I said.

"That's possessor for you. He could have killed you. How did you escape?"

"My body glowed blue. The light burned him. He then vanished".

Anthony nodded in agreement. He looked worried.

"He told me that i'm the strongest being in the Solar System. He said that I was struck by a ancient lightning bolt", I explained.

"I see", Anthony said.

At that moment, Graham walked in. She was wearing her usual stealth suit.

"What's wrong Michael?", she asked.

"Possessor is whats wrong. He visited me in my sleep. He then left me a nice little "tattoo' on my left arm", I explained.

Graham examined my arm. Her ehes widened.

"He gave you the Mark of One Thousand Demons. This isn't good", graham said.

"Why not?", I asked.

"During the days of Ancient Egypt, there was a king named Cryo. He was a ruthless king. Had thousands of people killed. He was known to work on Dark Magic. Magic that could destroy worlds. Many brave fighters took a stand against his army of Demons. He was eventually destroyed by a group of 10 fighters. Before he died he chanted a spell that would Cause the "Chosen One" to be possessed with an army of One Thousand Demons. Possessor, being the leader of the Underworld, put it on you."

Everyone was quiet. I was in shock.

"So possessor has all of Cryo's spells?", I asked.

"Must be", Anthony said.

I stood up. Graham looked really troubled.

"There's something else isn't there?", I asked.

"I'm afraid so. If you don't take the Curse off you within two weeks, you will...die".

Ryein let out a cry. Anthony looked pissed.

"I'll find him. I'll make him pay!!!", I said as I clenched my fists.

"He's too strong for you. He could kill you in a heartbeat", Graham informed.

My eyes glowed blue. I was filled with anger and fear. Fear that I would lose. Fear to let everyone down. Anger filled my body. My body glowed blue. 

"He can't get away with this!!! I won't let him! It's not fair", I whined.

"Don't worry Michael, we're here to fight by your side. Together we can do anything", Ryein said.

Anthony and Graham left the room. That left Ryein and I. 

"You need to calm down some. Anger isn't the way to fight", she suggested.

"I just don't want to lose. I don't want to let everyone down. I don't want to let you down", I stated.

Ryein looked at me.

"You won't mike. Don't think of it like that. You are obviously the "Chosen One". You have great power. If you just train, you could be the most lethal human ever. Besides from what you are now. All I'm trying to say is to not think you're in this alone".

"'Dem some heavy words", I said.

"Them", ryein corrected.

"What time is it?", I asked.

"Seven thirty. We need to get to school".

Ryein and I got ready for school and left headquarters. Anthony met up with us on the drive to school.

"Hope you guys studied for that quiz today", he said.

Ryein and I looked at eachother.

"No we didn't", I replied.

We arrived at school. The first bell rung. 

"See you guys later", ryein said as she left.

"Dude she's so hot", Anthony said.

"Really dude?", I said as I walked away. 

Anthony just shrugged his shoulders.


Solar System. I am. I'm the strongest one. I will have my revenge on that little bastard!!! He will know the meaning of pain. Or my name isn't Possessor!!!! What I need is a way to get rid of Michael's powers. What can I do though?",Possessor asked as he paced back and forth on top of a Bank of America Building. 

"I can possess someone who despises Michael!"

With that, possessor vanished. 


"Okay class, take out your text books and turn to page thirteen", Mrs. Pope said.

I let out a sigh. English class was boring. All we do is read passages from a thirty year old textbook. I raised my hand.

"Yes Michael", Pope said.

"Why do we always use the textbook? Isn't there a movie about this?", I asked.

Mrs. Pope, annoyed, shook her head.

"The passage is always better. Now class, you will read from page thirteen to eighteen and answer questions one through ten. This will count as a quiz grade".

With that, everyone went to work. I decided to get it over with. The passage was from a book called "The Raven" by a guy named Edger Allen Poe. I didn't really understand it. The room was quiet. Everyone working diligently. As I was reading I heard a noise coming from outside the classroom. Some people turned their head to the door. Mrs. Pope walked over to the door. She slowly turned the handle. I knew something was up. She just stood there. I got up from my desk and walked up to her. She was standing still. 

"Mrs. Pope", I asked.

She pointed. I looked outside the classroom. Enrique was there. He was in his monster form. Mrs. Pope wanted to scream. I calmly walked out. 

"Michael get back here!", Mrs. Pope whispered.

"I'm going to the bathroom", I replied.

At that point Enrique saw me. He let out a grunt. I felt a lump in my throat.

He came running at me.


Everyone in the classroom began panicking. They ran over to the door to see what happened. When they saw Enrique, they screamed and ran out the classroom. Other classes came out into the hallway. They were screaming as well. 

"Everyone calm down!", I said.

No one heard me. I began running down the hall. Enrique followed me. The moment I turned around, he grabbed me. The grip was really tight. 

"What do you want from me?", I asked.

"I don't like heroes. You killed Ryan!", he said.

I tried to break his grip. But it was impossible.

"He tried to kill everyone. Plus he was buried under rubble. The rubble killed him. Possessor was behind it", I pleaded.

Enrique threw me against a wall. I slowly stood up. I heard a pop in my back. 

"That can't be good", I said.

Enrique lunged at me. I jumped out of the way. He let out a scream of frustration. I ran back down the hall. He was following me. At that moment police officers arrived. 

"Get out of here kid", said a bearded officer.

"You guys might want to get out of here. There's a mythical beast there", I said.

An officer grabbed me and escorted me out of the building. Where were Anthony and Ryein? They should have been notified already. Kids were panicking. Two officers crashed through a window. There were three gun shots. Three more officers flew out the window. Everyone scattered like ants. I looked around for Anthony. I didn't see him.

"Time to be a hero", I said.

As I ran inside the building, I heard an officer yelling for back up. Enrique was walking towards him.

"Hey Enrique!!", I yelled.

He looked at me. At that moment I knew I had messed up. He charged at me. I stuck my right arm out in front of me. He was hit with a green ball of light. 

" sick twisted potato chip!", he yelled as he grabbed his chest.

"Really dude. Is that the best comeback you have for me?", I taunted.

He threw a punch at me. I was knocked to the ground. The wind left my body. Everything was spinning. Another punch came my way. Luckily an officer was behind him. Bullets pierced his skin. He let out a roar. As he was distracted, I kicked him in the scrotum. He screamed and fell down. Military men ran towards me. 

"Hands up!", said one of them.

"What did I do?", I asked.

"You shot light out of your hands. You're not a human!"

"Really dude?! Really? You don't want to go there. I just saved your life. And this is the thanks I get? This is the fucking thanks I get?", I cursed.

They pointed their guns at me. 

"You seriously going to shoot me? For saving you guys?"

"We have been ordered to bring you in dead or alive!"

"By who?", I asked.

"Me", said a mans voice behind me.

When I turned around, I nearly collapsed. I couldn't believe who it was. 

"It can't be", I said.

"Believe it. Son", the guy said.

"No! THIS ISN'T REAL! THIS IS NOT REAL!!", I said as I came running at him. 

He grabbed me and threw me to the ground. I got back up.

"You were suppose to be dead years ago. How are you alive?", I said in tears.

"Son, I never died. I simply faked my own death. But for your mother. Lets just say she did the best she could", he said with a laugh.

My heart skipped a beat. She was...killed? He killed her?!?!

" killed mom?", I asked.

"Guilty as charged", he said.

The military men still had their guns on me. Enrique stood up. He looked at my dad. Then at me. 

"Good job Enrique for distracting him. Now we can carry on with our plan", Dad said.

I stood up. He was grinning from ear to ear. I then punched him in the face. He recoiled. Two soldiers grabbed my arms. Dad was bleeding from the mouth. 

"Take him away while I call Alex. 

"Who's that?", I asked.

"My sidekick in crime", he said as he pulled out an Itouch34i.

"You murdered my mother!!! I will find you and make you pay!!", I said as I was led out of the building. 

Kids saw me and we giving me dirty looks and booing.

"Oh boo yourself", I said.

As I was being led to a military humvee, I saw Anthony. He was on top of a roof with a Sniper. I tried to get his attention but I guess he didn't notice. I was put inside the humvee. The vehicle started up. As it pulled away, a bullet hit the back right wheel. Then another hit the left wheel. The humvee stopped. The passenger and driver left. They were holding Uzi's. Bullets sprayed down on the humvee. The soldier beside me was pulling out a hunting knife.

"Now you're going to tell us where you reside", he said as he wiped off the knife.

As I opened my mouth, my body burst into yellow light. The soldier screamed as he disintegrated. So did the Humvee. The two soldiers shooting vanished as well. At that moment, Graham pulled up in a black SUV. I got in. So did Anthony. Then she drove off. 

"We have some bad news", she said.

"Me too", I said.

"My dad isn't dead. He faked his death and killed my mother. He now is trying to take over the world".

"That's not good. How did he find you?", Anthony asked.

"I don't know".

Graham was speeding.

"Ryeins dead", she said.


I was interrupted. The car had exploded . All three of us were thrown out of the car and into the air. I remember seeing an angel. She was beautiful. I then hit the ground. 

"Got 'em", Ryan said.

"Now all of them are dead sir?", Trey asked.

"Yes. Yes they are".




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