Sword of Fire

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: December 03, 2011

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Submitted: December 03, 2011





Blake awoke with a start. His eyes widened and perceived that he was rested upon a animal skin and a crude wooden bed. A fire crackled to his right, casting warm shadows across the walls of the small room and a pot of boiling water bubbled above it as it swung gently, supported by a small tree branch upon metal supports. Before the fire, shrouded in shadow, the young figure of a woman crouched, bare foot and scantily clad, as she stirred the water quietly and rhythmically. Blake reached for his forehead where a strip of animal skin, soaked in warm liquid, nursed his aching temples. His eyes stung and his limbs throbbed and screamed with sharp surges of intense pain. He was unable to summon the strength to move his limbs or raise his head. He could only turn from side to side to examine his surroundings.


Blake opened his lips to speak but no sound came forth. Only the laboured croak of a sickened soul rolled from his mouth. The girl turned her head to meet his watery gaze and smiled warmly. She did not speak but simply reached for some strange ointment in a dish beside her and smeared the mixture across his trembling, cracked lips, urging him with a nod to swallow the sour tasting balm. Blake did as he was instructed and felt the mixture move down his throat, warming him and filling him with a feeling of contentment. Next, the girl dipped a ladle into the boiling water and brought the liquid up to his lips as her other hand raised his head. As the fluid met his lips he realised that it was a meaty broth with a spicy tang. It was the best broth his lips and tongue had tasted.


The Corinthian groaned as his head sank back onto the bed and his eyes blinked a silent note of thanks to his female attendant. The girl smiled once again. It was a beautiful smile full of compassion and care. Her soft, long blonde hair cascaded down her face and teased her slender shoulders as she turned again to the boiling pot and continued her stirring. Blake closed his eyes and felt a warm glow coursing through his veins. Through trembling lips he tried to speak again but no sound came. His head spun and he sighed and slipped back into unconsciousness.






When he awoke for the second time he felt refreshed and alert. His hands now moved and his arms supported his weight as he pulled himself to a seating position and once more examined his surroundings. The small room was empty now and silent. The pot still warmed above the crude fire in the corner of the room. The girl was nowhere in sight. Had he dreamed of her existence? Was she real or some vision of his dreamed imagination? His belly ached and his breath smelled sickly and foul. He coughed and swung his legs over the side of the simple bed and rested his feet on the warm rug that lay on the floor.


How long had he slept he wondered? Was he even alive? Perhaps he had passed to some in- between place that lay before the great doors of the Kingdom of the Gods. Was he to be prepared for his final journey to stand before the ancient rulers and be judged on his mortal deeds? But no, he sensed that this was not some supernatural limbo between life and death. He sensed that he was still very much alive but how? The serpent's poison had surely been potent enough to render his senses, reactions and bodily functions paralysed. The serpent's poison was surely powerful enough to stop the beating of his heart and the activity of his clouded brain. How in Ishtar's name had he managed to survive?


Blake knew that he did not have the answer to his questions. He also knew that he needed to find his weapons and clothing and leave this strange place before he was discovered. He scanned the room and saw that his sword and the remainder of his belongings were resting against the wall. Quickly he rose from the makeshift bed and hurriedly dressed and gathered up his sword, bag and water bottle. As he walked to the door of the room and reached for the handle the door suddenly opened inwards and the girl walked in.


Blake gasped and stepped back. She was real , and even more beautiful to his recovered vision. This time the words slipped easily from his lips.


“ Who are you girl and how did I come to be in this strange place? “ he demanded.


“ Is that the way to address the woman who has preserved your life? “ she answered with disappointment in her eyes.


“ You should have left me to die girl. You know not who I am or what I stand for.” his burning gaze moved up and down her lithe body.


“ True. I know not who you are warrior but I would wish to learn of you if your wish is to confide in your saviour.”


“ Saviour!” Blake laughed and gripped his sword. “ For what purpose or gain have you saved me girl. Who is your master? “


The girl's eyes flashed with anger. “ You should know who my master is. Did you not come here like a thief in the night to steal from him? Did you not murder his pets and companions? “


“So you are the slave of Yidiz, girl. That black whore's spawn and the devil's own brother! Would that I could have him taste the kiss of my blade instead of his serpents! “ Blake's fire filled eyes bore into hers. “ What is your name girl and how did you bring me to this chamber ? Tell me, what sorcery have you employed to raise me from the icy grip of death?”


The girl smiled and ushered Blake to sit on the bed as she closed the door. “ My name is Simone and yes I am the slave of the great Yidiz. I carried you from the serpents chamber with the help of one of the man servants. He is loyal to me and will not speak of you. Why did you come to take the Sword?”


Blake examined the girl. She seemed to speak truth and he was thankful for her act of kindness. His barbarian existence rarely encountered such charitable acts and his only friend was the horse that had carried him across the endless stretches of barren desert that he had crossed to reach this fabled, ancient building.


“ I desire the sword for my own ends. I am not on a quest for any other man or demon. I planned to keep the sword as my own until such time as I would have need of funds to survive in my travels. A vagabond in the filthy streets of Peth had told me of it's existence after I pummelled the story out of him. The fool had tried to rob me in a stinking alley and had offered the location of the sword in return for his miserable life. He was lucky that I had drunk my fill at the tavern I had left or I would have slit his scrawny throat despite his fable.”


The girl eyed Blake inquisitively. “ Then you also knew of the twin pythons who guarded the sword and the many fools who have perished attempting to take it from it's chamber of rest. You would have died too barbarian had I not fed you the antidote to their deadly poison.”


Blake grunted. “ I am thankful to you girl. Now tell me, how do I leave this place unnoticed so I might journey again?”


The girl laughed. “ You cannot leave yet, warrior. My master's elite guard are at this moment searching for you. Yidiz desires to roast your chest severed body over the hottest coals and has offered a rich reward to those who capture you. You are safe here though. Only I have the key to this remote tower of the house. You must stay here until he is satisfied of your escape.”


Blake shrugged and slouched on the bed. “ So what do you propose we do to pass the time while his fools search in vain for me?”


The girl bent and ,sitting on the bed beside him, slipped a slender arm around his neck to bring his lips close to her own.


“ I am sure we can think of some way of entertaining ourselves barbarian”.


With a satisfied moan the two lovers rolled upon the hard bed, hands speaking in desire as the light of the fire traced silhouettes across their naked bodies.




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