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What if the RDA had more than one camp, on Pandora?

Chapter 1 (v.1)

Submitted: August 01, 2013

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Submitted: August 01, 2013




“We sent in miners and ex-soldiers, to Pandora. They were ill equipped to fight a war,” said a vice president.

“It was a mining operation, the soldiers were only there to provide security and protect company interests,” replied a project manager.

“Pandora is the only known source of unobtainium. Yet many here have suggested, we should abandon our operations, because of a few skirmishes with the local native populations,” roared a director.

The general had been watching this little drama play out. He’d watched the videos of the compound being over run, and the battles in the jungles of Pandora. He wasn’t impressed with the arguments given by either side of the table about the inevitable outcome. The company wanted unobtainium, they needed it to survive, and he loved a good fight.

The general stood up, not to leave, but to address the room. “My sources tell me there is an island, a few kilometers from the compound that was overrun.”  He paused, “It’s a defensible position, and there are no natives, or large predators on the island.” He smiled, “The trees there don’t even connect to those on the mainland”.

The general had struck a nerve, with that last comment. Everyone there had their suspicions, about the supposed planetary tree network, and the natives ability to use it to their advantage.

“I propose we establish our base of operations, on the island. Out of sight of the natives, away from the jungle, where we can avoid being caught in a stampede caused by them, again,” said the general.

The island in question, is Elpis. The island has no mountains, floating or otherwise, and is very remote. The waterways between Elpis and the coast are treacherous. There are large rocky shoals along the coast of the mainland and larger beasts inhabit these waters.

“General, we are aware of the island,” chuckled the lead engineer. “On our first expeditions to Pandora, we set up a base on Elpis. But as it turned out, the jungles of Pandora were more hospitable than the waters surrounding Elpis!”

The general barked back, “I’ve heard the tales of sea monsters and of the dangers crossing the open waters, to get to the mainland.” He shook his head and addressed the director, “Your people lack imagination and leadership.” The general gestured to a member of his staff, to queue up the displays at the front of the conference room.


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