The Separation of Darkness and Light

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*Warning* - This does contain some explicit things at times, and it does contain some fanfiction.

This story is of how life was created, and all the creatures of your imagination has come to life.

The twins have been separated by an unseen tragic event, will they ever meet each other again in life? What kind of creatures and beasts will they encounter? What kind of troubles will they encounter as they seek out this new world?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Prologue

Submitted: May 14, 2014

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Submitted: May 14, 2014



The Separation of Darkness and Light

By Shadow Sen



Before the earth was formed, there was the realm of the spirits. The realm of the spirits has always been there, always moving and ever so present. This realm hosted the God of all Gods, the Almighty creator as they call him. He looked upon his land with a grim expression. He felt a pain in his heart that he could only describe as loneliness. God walked around his realm for a long period of time, wandering aimlessly until he had a brilliant idea to end his loneliness. He raised his hands up into the bright blue sky and called out, “I call the power of the basic elements; of light and darkness. Here my call! Create for me two beings that will guide us through the years with no more loneliness!” His raised hands began to shake violently, creating an outer glow of pure light from his right hand and a glow of black from his left hand. The ground shook with his almighty power, and the earth opened before him. From within the crack a luminescent white ball appeared and landed on his right hand. Water appeared before God and entered the white ball of light. The sphere pulsed several times in quick succession until it settled down seconds later but the color shifted from white to blue. The sphere pulsed several times again and reverted back to its original color. The wind picked up and swirled around him, violently hitting his legs, his back, his head, and his arms to finally rest at his left hand. The wind enveloped his hand, filling him with calmness at its touch. The wind collapsed on itself to create a velvet black ball that shined with the dim light emanating from the white ball. The black globe landed gently on his left hand, just as the white ball did. God could feel a pressing heat start to rise from the soles of his feet. He stared down at the ground to see what was causing the increasing heat, as he did so he saw a giant flame leaped from the ground, into the black ball causing the ball to turn a bright red. It seared the flesh of God’s hand and left them red with bubbling blisters but he ignored the pain. The ball stayed in this state for several seconds, it eventually returned to its natural state.

God brought down his arms to take a closer look at the newly made creations. He smiled beautifully at them. God said, “Thank you very much, my elements. You’ve served me well. May these newly created creatures rest until I find a suitable host for them.” He held on tightly to his creations as he walked off into a vast field towards a small lake that reflected the sky so perfectly. As God came closer to the lake, he slowed his pace and kneeled down by the lake bed. God stared out at the body of water, his smile never faltering from his face. He opened his right palm, and said, “You will live here, in your element until we find you a perfect host. Be thee well until then.” He released the white ball into the deep-blue lake. The surface of water shimmered with a luminous white light until fading back to its deep blue color.

His smile broadened as his first creation slept deep within the expanse of water. He raised himself from his kneeling position and walked the opposite direction of the lake to a field of lava that disrupted the beauty of the land. His smile wavered only in the slightest at the sight of the destructive area. He knew that this creation would have a difficult fate, but he knew that life needed both the good and the bad to survive. With a long drawn out sigh, he walked towards the searing lands of the dead; he called this place the lava pits. He felt the heat searing at his clothing before he was in the heart of the pits. The heat was excruciating, his skin under his clothing started blistering from the intense heat, but he had to bear it in order to finish his duty to make sure that this one survives. He carefully jumped onto the rocks that were untouched by the lava. He found a section that he could kneel down on the rock, but not directly touch the lava. He wiped the sweat off of his forehead as he gingerly kneeled down on the hot stone. “I bid ye well, until we find a suitable host for you to live on earth. You will live among your element, child.” He threw the black ball into the deepest lava pit. As the ball hit the lava within the pit, the heat increased and God couldn’t handle it anymore. He unsteadily got up and tried to leave as quickly as he could without risking himself going into the lava. He gently whispered to himself, “It may take many years to find a host, especially for the black one, but it is possible. I will try my hardest.”


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