Fixated in Time

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - The Message From the Angel

Submitted: September 25, 2012

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Submitted: September 25, 2012



Chapter Twelve

My feet stumble across the scorching sand and onto the pavement that leads up to my house. I can hear Kevin calling after me. He must think I’m nuts. But of course he cannot see those angel eyes in the sky. If he could, he would be running for his life, no doubt. With trembling hands, I open my front door and close it behind me.

The ocean water drying on my skin is now being replaced with a layer of sheen, slick sweat. I lock my front door and tiptoe to my bedroom. All I want to do is escape. I bite my lip, clearing my mind to see if the eyes are following me.

They are.

Oh, God. What does he want from me?

I crawl into bed like a child, hugging the covers up and over my head. The eyes are drawing nearer, coming closer and closer to my soul. I am shaking under my covers, my Evil side now succumbing to the fear as well. She is nowhere to be seen and is hiding for her dear life.

And then I hear light footsteps treading through my living room. My bedroom door slowly opens, and the footsteps come right to the edge of my bed.

I feel a hand touch my shoulder and the touch is so strong, so powerful that all I can do is whimper in response.

“I’m not here to hurt you, Demon,” the booming voice says. “Please come out of hiding.”

Despite my instinct to disobey, it seems my limbs are acting of their own accord. I push myself into a sitting position and pull the covers away from my face. My jaw drops as I see the angel, in human form, standing right in front of me.

I have never seen him human before. I’ve only seen him in the sky, mysterious, frightening and powerful. His chiseled face is masculine, yet the lines of his cheeks and jaw are soft. His eyes are so light, as if two squirts of fluffy clouds were injected into his irises. His hair is so golden and thick, its curliness giving him a boyish quality.

He is too beautiful to be real. His skin is pale and glowing. The demon inside me thinks this angel is filthy, disgusting, and undeserving of my attention. The human in me can’t seem to get enough of him.

The angel continues to gaze at me, his face impassive. It’s like he’s looking into my soul, scanning all my sins and misdoings over the last millennium. I have neither felt more naked, nor more ashamed in my entire life.

“Demon, you surprise me,” the angel says, his voice low and powerful.

I am too scared to respond. My eyes move away from his face and down his body. He is wearing a plain white robe, its length easily covering his arms and torso. I follow it down and see that it ends at his ankles. I can’t help but take a moment to wonder what he looks like…without his robe.

The angel cocks his head to the side, studying me. My eyes snap up to his face and I can feel my cheeks blistering from embarrassment. Did I just mentally undress an angel? My demon is a sexual being. Sex is like breathing to her. But even she would draw the line at an angel. So who is it having these thoughts about this angel standing before me? My Evil side? Or just plain Stella?

“You are frightened….yet you desire me, Demon?” the angel asks, genuine curiosity in his voice.

My mouth flops open and closed, my trembling nerves causing my body to begin shaking once again. Can he read my thoughts? Feel my emotions? I close my eyes and take a deep breath. I suddenly feel the overwhelming urge to cry. Tears bubble up inside me and pound against my shut lids. I blink them away. I refuse to let an angel see me cry.

“Demon, do you know why I’m here?” the angel asks, the hardness in his voice returning.

I shake my head.

The angel pulls out my desk chair, gracefully settling into it and resting his elbows on the arm rests. It’s such a common action, but looks so absurd with someone so ethereal doing it. I just watch him wide-eyed, wondering what he will say next.

“The human man you are seeing. He is destined to be a warrior. An angelic warrior.”

Is he talking about Evan?

“He is tempted by you, Demon. Much too tempted,” the angel says.

He says it like it’s a fact, not something to be negotiated. It’s a flattering thought, though he makes it seem like this fact is a thorn in his side.

“You may not see him or tempt him anymore, Demon. That is why I am here, to keep an eye on you. To make sure you keep away from him. He needs to remain pure, unharmed and untouched. “

I try to muster up some confidence at his statement. I know how terrible I am, I know all of the evil that resides within me but still…. I’m not a demon. I’m really not! I have so much good in me! Surely the angel can see that, right?

“Do not question my orders. You will let him be,” the angel says.

The force behind his words are stifling and demanding. But I know there is no use in arguing. No one can win a battle against an angel. Period. My shoulders sag in defeat and I nod my head in compliance. This day just keeps getting worse and worse.

I feel so alone, so scared. I want to crawl in my bed and cuddle under the covers and sleep for hours. When is this angel leaving? My sub-conscious gets brave and wonders if I should ask him if he’d like a cup of tea. Do angels even drink tea? Oh Stella, you’re such a loon sometimes.

I look at the angel but he remains in my computer chair, his eyes fixed on me, his face remaining emotionless. There is a change in his demeanor though, a shift that is ever so subtle. Maybe it’s just the way he is sitting in my chair but he almost looks – relaxed.

Not knowing what else to do, I muster my courage and ask, “Is there anything else I can do for you?”

The sooner he leaves the better. God knows the angel is a beautiful being to look at, but he makes me feel like a child. I feel undeserving just being in his presence.

The angel looks at me and his passive face changes for just a slight moment. He frowns and then looks at me, confusion in his face.

“Watching over you is outside of my normal duties. I was put on this task for a specific reason, I just do not know what it is yet. Until I am honored with that answer, please do not prove problematic to me. This is my one and only warning to you, Demon.”

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