Fixated in Time

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Chapter 16 (v.1) - A Special Dinner

Submitted: November 26, 2012

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Submitted: November 26, 2012



The next two weeks of work are brutal.  I purposely do what I need to do to avoid Evan.  I ignore his calls, don’t respond to his texts, and come straight home every day after work.  But my reason for avoiding him isn’t because I don’t want to see him anymore.  Because of course I do. 

I just want that stupid angel to stay away from me.  This is all his – Tobiah’s – fault.  If it weren’t for him, Stephan would still be alive and I would still be allowed to date Evan.  And I miss Evan, so much.  But I refuse to see him at the risk of those angel eyes following my every movement.  I just cannot handle it.

I file away my last bit of paperwork and look over my schedule for next week.  After a brief meeting with my boss this morning, I agreed to take on a few more clients for next week.  No harm in being a driven employee, right?  I pull out the piece of paper containing the names of my new patients.  I still have to study their cases and put together their charts before Monday.  I glance at the clock and see I have another hour left.  I let out an irritated sigh and reluctantly begin to make their files. 

To staunch the heavy silence, I browse the web to find some music I can play softly in the background.  Nothing drives me crazier than silence.  My eyes scan my new clients’ history information, and I jot a few notes here and there before filing them all away in their prospective folders.  I grimace at the thought of shoving more folders into my overly stuffed drawer.  I think it’s high time I start moving my paper work into a larger holding unit.

“Knock, knock.  Special delivery.”

My head snaps up in hearing that familiar voice that has a way of making my heart skip a beat.  I lift my eyes to see Evan standing in the door frame of my office, holding a big bouquet of multi-colored flowers.  His dark hair shines against my office lights and his green eyes glow as they look down at me.  He’s dressed casually, in jeans and a light sweater.  Just his presence alone makes my gloomy office brighten to life.

My sub conscious kicks away the many tear-streaked tissues scattered around her feet and skips into the fore front of my mind.  She has a big smile on her face and is reaching out desperately to get a hold of this hunk in denim. 

Evan glances to the floor and then back at me, hesitation playing across his features.  He takes a cautious step into my office, and then another, his eyes never leaving mine.  He sets the flowers on my desk in a gentle manner and clears his throat.

“Stells, I’m sorry for barging in like this at your workplace.  I was in the neighborhood and thought I might drop by to see you….to see how you are. “

I pull the flowers up to my face and inhale their sweet scent.  I push my nose in deeper, trying to consume my senses.  And then I feel my stomach tighten as I remember how similar the angel smelled to these flowers.  I keep my face neutral as I set them back on my desk.

“Thank you for the flowers,” I say weakly and give Evan a small smile.

He nods, stuffing his hands into his side pockets.  I can tell he wants to say more, but he just stands there.

“Is there something else you needed?” I venture to ask.

 Evan glances behind him, checking to see if there is anyone within hearing distance.  When he decides the coast is clear he turns back to me.  His face is tense with worry and I feel guilty for avoiding him all this time.  But the fact that he is here, with flowers no less, is a pretty big indication that he has thought of me as much as I have thought of him.  I grin at the thought.

“I guess I just wanted to know why you haven’t returned my calls.  Listen, I respect if you just aren’t interested in me Stella.  I do.  But I really thought we were hitting it off.  And when you just fall off the face of the earth….well, it’s only normal for a guy to wonder what went wrong.”

I bite my lip, so frustrated with myself and for that stupid angel for trying to dictate my future.  A future that could very well include Evan.  I begin to shut down my computer, lifting myself out of my chair and grabbing my purse that’s resting against the window sill.

“You did nothing wrong Evan,” I say, grabbing my flowers and heading out of my office door.  “Are you hungry?  Dinner is on me.”


All Evan needs is a quick apology and the weak excuse that ‘ I’ve been busy lately,’ and he seems to be appeased.  He eases into a casual conversation, filling me in on what he’s been up to, this new job he is applying for, and his plans to go on a trip in a few months to Europe.  I can’t help but feed off his energy, laughing at his witty jokes, returning his breathtaking smiles, and staring at him like a young girl in love.

When the server clears away our food plates, Evan pulls out his wallet.  I stop his hand from across the table, silently protesting for him to put the wallet away.

 “I told you dinner was on me, didn’t I?” I ask.  “Plus, it’s the least I can do.”

Evan frowns with displeasure.  But before he can argue, I put my credit card into the black folding case that holds our bill and wave down our waitress.  She sees me and hustles over, a fake smile plastered across her face.  This is the fastest she has moved since we sat down at our table.  I roll my eyes. 

Evan puts his wallet back in his pocket.  “Thank you,” he mumbles.  “But the next time I’m paying.”

I try to withhold a laugh and nod in compliance.  “You got it.”

I drop Evan off at his motorcycle and wave him good-bye as he slips out of the front seat of my car.  I let my eyes trail down his chiseled body.  He really does have the nicest butt I’ve ever seen on a man.  And boy, does it look good in jeans.  Evan moves around to my driver’s side window and leans in to place a light kiss on my lips.  I am so taken aback by this gentle sign of affection that I jerk back in surprise. 

Evan throws me a wink and pats my car.  “So I’ll see you tomorrow, right?”

And as soon as he asks the question, the familiar feeling of being watched descends upon me once again.  The angel - I can feel his anger, his frustration.  You’re a little late, angel.  I’ve already had a romantic evening with him.  I can hear a masculine voice growl through my head.  I don’t know if I am imaging it or if the angel is reacting to my taunting mental words.

I return Evan’s wink and smile broadly.  “Of course, Evan.  I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

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