Fixated in Time

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Chapter 22 (v.1) - The Inevitable Trip to Hell

Submitted: November 29, 2012

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Submitted: November 29, 2012



My wings flutter in the wind, their durable strength never faltering.  I can see them sparkling out of the corners of my eyes, and I’m once again dazzled by their beauty.  My demon sighs with content, her Evil ways leaking from my mind and oozing into my veins and extremities. 

After my intimate walk with Evan, I knew that I could not hold out any longer in seeing my minions.  My human side wanted to stay with him forever, to walk along the shore and let his fingers stroke my hand as the minutes flew by as carelessly as the wind.  And when he asked me to be his, just his, I nearly bubbled over with joy in accepting his offer.

But all the while my demon clawed at the back of my mind, insisting that I bestow upon her the attention she deserved.  I kissed Evan a sweet good-bye, his decadent lips tantalizing my senses into a blissful peace.  And after he drove away, the pull of my demon assailed me full force.  No more delay; it was time to go to Hell.

My heart hardens to the ache of missing Stephan while I make this journey alone.  He was always my Hellish calendar, his visits my only physical reminder that my presence was needed down below.  And now the duty falls solely on my shoulders.

At my last turn, I plunge down towards the ground, spiraling and twisting as I make my descent into the fiery gates of Hell.  Thank God my wings are fire-proof, I think as a burning ball of flames slams into the right side of my feathery wing.  Cries of agony and moans of pain assault my ears and my demon claps her hands with glee.  This is her welcome home.

Just make this quick, I tell myself.  Announce that Stephan is no longer with us, and head back home.  It’ll all be over before you know it.

My feet hit the hard dirt floor and I quickly descend the staircases that lead me to my minions.  They are waiting for me; I can feel it.  I go to the end of the hall and turn the last corner, overwhelmed with the sight that meets my eyes.

I’ve only been away for a month and yet number of my minions has seemed to grow ten-fold.  Their forked tongues slap out of their mouths, drool trickling down their charred lips and scaled skin.  Their bright eyes stare back at me full of devotion and pride.  I am their leader.

Ok, demon.  Do your thing. 

“Took you long enough you stupid bitch,” my demon scoffs in return.

Her sinful soul encapsulates my vocal folds, my words now under her control.

“My minions,” I say, my voice scratchy and low.  “It has been too long.”

“Massssster,” the minions chant, each bowing and inching closer to me.

“I have news from above.  I have disposed of my counterpart, his evil soul not strong enough to keep up with my deadly ways,” I say, deftly explaining Stephan’s disappearance in a way that would be acceptable to my followers.

“Kill him masssster, kill him!” a few minions shout from the back.

“He has been killed,” I reply, trying to fulfill their vengeful desires.

And my demon, despite being in her warm home and amongst her loving followers, struggles to keep her sadness at bay.  Of course she had no attachment to Stephan as a human, except with his physical attributes which she found sexually irresistible.  No, it was Stephan’s demon, her true sinful soul mate that she was still mourning.

“There is much work to do on earth,” I say. 

My minions wait with bated breath, hanging on my every word.  Their devotion and attraction for me practically pulsates through the room.  My demon whines at me, demanding that we stay longer to give her ego a proper feed.


“I need to leave now,” I say, my voice steady and firm with command.

My minions wail in protest, their arms flinging forward to scratch at my ankles and feet.  I turn to leave but before I do, I grab the bag I have been carrying with me since before I entered Hell.  It is both my food and my gift to them: two humans – both of them scared and in need of proper punishment. 

I had selected them carefully as I flew through the air.  I heard their thoughts, watched their violent actions as they molested and robbed an older woman in the alley.  After watching for a short time from above, I descended upon them, snatching them up and holding them hostage for the last few hours of their lives.

I look at the men now, both in their late twenties.  They are scruffy men, their mangy hair falling haphazardly across their face and into their eyes.  They are leaning against one another and I notice a small trickle of urine escaping onto the floor.  I follow the trail, seeing the darkened spot on the crotch of the man on the left. 

I mentally pull the two men from behind me and set them on the floor in front of my minions.  Their legs kick and flail as they try to make a feeble escape.  Tears of worry stream down their faces and screams of fear escape their lips.  But they should know by now that they are doomed.

My minions are inching closer to the men, shooting me furtive glances and obediently waiting for my permission to attack.  They are like dogs, I realize.  Just simple-minded pets waiting to bed fed and awarded their treat. 

“Until next time,” I whisper.  “Enjoy my gift.”

“Thank you masssster, thank you!” the minions squeal, pouncing on the two men and sacrificing their bodies to the sinful ways of Hell.

Ok, I say with a guilt-ridden heart.  It’s time to go home.

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