Fixated in Time

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Chapter 26 (v.1) - An Unfolding Truth

Submitted: December 06, 2012

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Submitted: December 06, 2012




I nestle into Evan and he wraps his arms around me, drawing me closer to his body.  His skin is so warm and he smells so decadent.  I know we shouldn’t be in my bed.  Every time we’re here together the envelope is pushed farther and farther.  If his desire for me is anywhere close to where mine is for him, then we’re in for a world of trouble.

Evan pulls away from me slightly and grabs for the remote.  At the touch of a few buttons he switches the input from ‘movie mode’ back to regular TV.  Whistles and cheers erupt from the surround sound system and I shake my head.  Men and their sports.

“Well that was a piss poor call,” Evan mutters under his breath as he watches the television.

I sit up in bed and feel that my face is still flushed from our prior make out session.  All this foreplay is going to make me combust, I swear.  Evan tilts his head up, his emerald eyes devouring me.  He hasn’t shaved in a few days and he has a defined strip of facial hair along his chin and jaw line.  He looks like a sexy lumber jack. 

I pick up my fingers and trace them along the contours of his face.  The rough texture of his facial hair pricks my finger tips.  He watches me as I touch him.  There’s no smile on his face but his eyes are full of passion.  I can read every emotion that passes through his mind as he gazes into my eyes; happiness, confusion, loyalty, lust …and dare I hope a hint of love?

“What are you thinking?” Evan asks me in a whisper.

I shrug and let my hands fall to my lap.

“How sexy you are.”

I grin mischievously at him and wiggle my eye brows.  Evan huffs out a deep breath and rolls his eyes.

“Next to you Stella, I’m nothing.”

I blush at his indirect compliment and he reaches his hand up to brush his knuckles against my cheek.  I swallow down a gulp of saliva and my palms start to sweat.  Will this man ever stop making me nervous?

“Evan - before I forget.  I have a question for you that’s been…..well, gnawing at me for quite some time now.”

My breathing is uneven and my voice comes out weak and staggered.  Evan pulls his body into a sitting position, clicking the OFF button on the remote.  The room becomes silent.

“Shoot, Stells.  I’m all ears.”

My fingers knot together in my lap as I try to find the right words to say.

“Well – uhm.  Ok.  You know how we met in the very beginning?”

Evan nods slowly, scrunching together his eyebrows in concentration.  He’s searching my face to figure out where I’m going with this.

“I mean, you bombarded me at my house, just randomly showed up at my work….and then when you asked me out on our first date you already had my cell phone number.  I didn’t ask about it then because I was just so excited to get the chance to date you.  But now that some time has passed, I wonder why you pursued me as hard as you did.  And more importantly, how you got my number in the first place….?”

My voice trails off when I notice his look of concentration is transforming into one of guilt.  His eyes cast downward and it’s the first time he’s ever looked away from me.  A knot forms in the pit of my stomach and I know that Evan is keeping something from me. 

“Stella – I….”

Evan looks so uncomfortable.  His face contorts and his mouth moves but no words emit from his lips. My excitement and lust for him cools instantly.  I can’t possibly imagine what he’s hiding form me.  He’s lined up to be an angelic warrior, I remind myself.  So whatever it is, it can’t be too bad, right?  My sub conscious stays in Evan’s corner, her boxing gloves on and her fists at-the-ready to take me down.  She has grown so attached to him that no matter what he’s hiding, she’ll refuse to let him go.

“I can’t lie to you anymore Stella,” Evan says with genuine sorrow in his voice.  “I was paid to find you and take you out.”

Except that.

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