Fixated in Time

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Chapter 36 (v.1) - The Man in the Gray Pin-Striped Suit

Submitted: January 04, 2013

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Submitted: January 04, 2013



I don’t wait for Gavin to introduce me.  My feet automatically move to the exit door where I confront the bastard face to face.

“And who is this lovely young woman?” pin-striped suit asks, his loathing eyes not matching the tone of his question.

“You know who I am,” I snap.

Gavin raises a brow to him and then to me.  He gently pats my shoulder and tries to calm me down.

“Stella it’s ok.”

“No it’s not!” I shriek.  “This is the asshole that poisoned my drink!  He’s the reason Connie’s in the hospital right now!  Did you know that?!”

Gray pin-striped gives me a disgusted look.  He glances around the waiting room and I can tell from his body language that we are attracting a lot of unsolicited attention. 

Whatever, I don’t care.

“Yes Stella, I know.  But, he came here to apologize.  He didn’t mean to –“ Gavin starts.

“Gavin, could I please step out and have a word with Stella?” pin-striped asks, cutting Gavin off mid-sentence.  “Just to explain what happened, of course.”

Gavin seems baffled at the question and he looks at me, gauging my reaction.  My face remains stone-cold and my irises pool with fury.  Eventually he gives a small shrug and opens the door for us.

“I’ll be watching from the window, Stella.  Holler if you need me.”

Pin-striped leads the way and I follow suit, allowing the door to close behind us with a soft click.  He turns to me and his eyes are filled with such hatred I nearly back-pedal in surprise.  His face is wiped clean of his fake smile and he takes a step closer to me.

And he is huge - at least 6’5 and with the broadest shoulders I’ve ever seen on a man.  He towers over me and puffs out his chest. 

“W-who are you?” I stammer. 

Damn, where was my confidence? 

Pin-striped lets out a soft chuckle. 

“Who am I?  My dear, I am your worst nightmare.  And to save ourselves from a lot of mindless questioning…Yes, I am the one who sent you the email.  And yes, I am the one who poisoned your drink.”

My scalp prickles as I digest the malice in his voice after he makes his confession.  A shiver dances down my spine and I take a faltering step backward.

“I have been searching for you for quite some time, Stella.  And now that I found you, I will make sure you are dead as quickly as possible.  I’m what you call – a demon hunter.  And I’m fully aware of who and what you are.”

I’m so dumb founded by his words that all I can do is gape.  Where are you, my guardian angel?  I need you…

I take a deep breath and stand confidently, remaining silent in an attempt to collect my thoughts.  Millions of questions tumble through my mind as I try to put together all the pieces to this very psychotic puzzle.

“Ok….so….then where does Evan fit in with all of this?  Was there a specific reason you hired him?  Or….?”

Pin-striped frowns at my questions, crossing his massive arms across his chest.  “What are you talking about?”

His threatening façade falters and it is evident that he has no idea what I’m talking about.  I know I should be relieved, but the thought only terrifies me more.  If he isn’t the one who hired Evan, that means there’s not just one, but TWO people out there trying to make my life a living Hell.

 “N-nothing,” I stammer.

Quick movement catches the corner of my eye, and I glance up to see Gavin closing the waiting room drapes.  His body is hidden once again behind the curtain but when pin-striped gives an irritated sigh, I realize Gavin’s ‘sneaky’ attempt to check up on me has been for naught. 

“Well.  I don’t want to make a scene.  Not yet anyway.  So I better be going,” Pin-striped says with a grunt.  Then he lowers his voice and adds, “And I wouldn’t run too far if I were you.  I’ve gotten pretty good at tracking you down.”

His words send another chill down my spine and I swallow down the desire to vomit.  I numbly nod my head and try to relax my body language.  The last thing I need is for Gavin to come out here and attempt to rescue me.

Pin-striped moves away from me and goes for the door but Gavin is a step ahead of him.  He swings the door open and helps me back inside.  Gavin keeps it open for pin-striped but he shakes his head and holds up a hand in surrender.

“Thank you Gavin, but I need to be going,” pin-striped says.

He gives us a slight nod of his head, and after an awkward moment of silence he makes his way to his car.  Gavin and I watch as pin-striped drives away in his dodge caravan.  I memorize his license plate number, chanting it over and over again in my head as if willing my memory not to forget it.

“You ok, Stella?” Gavin asks me under his breath.

“Yea.  I’m fine.“

I think.

“I know he comes off kind of creepy Stella, but at least he came in here to apologize.  Ya know?”

Did he?  That’s news to me.  And then I realize that through all the commotion, I never even got pin-striped’s name.

“Did he introduce himself to you at all?  I mean - do you know anything about him?”

I try to sound casual when I ask the question, but I know I sound like a nosey detective.  Internally I am screaming for more answers.  The more I know about this guy the better chance I have to take him down.  Because if he knows how to kill me, my demon and I will be separated forever…….which will land me in an eternity of Hell.

I shudder at the thought.

Gavin shrugs and starts making his way back to his waiting room chair.  “Well, he said he’s from Indiana originally.  He moved down here a year or so ago for work.  Don’t remember what he does though.  I asked if he was single, seeing as he bought you a drink - which, by the way, he told me he had no idea the drink was tampered with when he sent it to you.  But I’m sure he explained all that to you.”

I raise my brow.  What a load of bull shit

“But yea, he said he sent it to you just as a kind gesture since he was dating your friend.”

“My friend?”

“That’s what he said anyway.”

The only female friend I have is Connie.  Unless…

“What did you say his name was, Gavin?”

“Ahhh, Richard.  I believe.”

I run the name through my mind, my blood running cold when I realize who it is.  It’s a name I’ve heard for only a short time but one that I’m not likely to forget.  Richard isn’t just a demon hunter that’s been on my trail for years. 

He’s also Grace’s new boyfriend.

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