Fixated in Time

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Chapter 40 (v.1) - Telling My Secrets

Submitted: January 21, 2013

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Submitted: January 21, 2013



My demon wails against my temples as I leave the fiery pits of Hell.  My black wings ruffle against the cool wind, a refreshing change to the suffocating smoke that filled my lungs only minutes ago.  The moon shines brightly against my sparkling skin.  And for the first time ever, I feel rejuvenated after leaving Hell.

Who would have thought handing the reigns over to my demon for a few hours would give my mind the ‘breath of fresh air’ it needed to reload?

My demon hisses a handful of insults at me before my sub-conscious – now strengthened – enforces her to be silent.

After the day I had, first with seeing Todd, and then learning of the new information on Richard, my brain melted down into a puddle of confusion.  I couldn’t shake the feeling and the harder I tried to sort it out, the more lost I seemed to feel.

And when my mind was most vulnerable, my demon pounced, demanding it was time to visit her home.

 The trip was longer than the last, giving my demon time to bask in the glory of seeing her worshipful followers. 

I guess for once, being in Hell wasn’t so –

My body hits hard against a low palm tree and I grunt as I fall to the ground.  I really need to stop making it a habit to day dream when flying so low.  I glance around at my surroundings and see I’m just a short distance from my house. 

The waves lap at the beach’s edge, seducing the sand to allow its waves closer to shore.  The salty breeze tickles my face as my wings fold into the slits on my back.My skin turns to its normal, human skin-tone and my eyes swirl back to their original shade of chocolaty brown.

I see a small sports car pull into my driveway  just up ahead and frantically go through my mind to try and identify the owner.  I jog the short length to my house and make the climb up to my front door.

Evan, dressed in black pants and a dress shirt, turns to me with a winning smile.

My breathing has picked up just slightly.  Whether it’s from the jog or from seeing Evan, I really don’t know.  I give a sideways glance to the car parked in my driveway and put my hands on my hips.

“New car?” I ask.

Evan’s flawless face moves closer to mine.  He gives a small kiss to the tip of my nose and then backs up step to admire the car from my angle.

“Yes.  Do you like it?”

I shrug and move to the front door, suddenly aware that my attire only consists of a low cut tank top and very tight sport shorts.  Evan is just a step behind me, closing the door as soon as he’s inside my house.

“Why are you here, Evan?”

My tone comes off more irritated than I intend.  I shake my head and rub my temples using the first two fingers of each hand.

“I’m sorry Evan.  I’m not trying to be rude.  I just have a lot of work to get done.”

“Do you not remember calling me earlier and asking if I’d give you a ride to Connie’s boat for dinner?”

Oh.  Crap.

Seeing the look on my face, Evan’s smile falters. 

“You forgot, didn’t you?”

Evan’s red shirt gleams against the low lights of my living room.  His dark hair is just as I remembered the first time we met – styled and not a piece out of place.  His shimmery eyes gaze down at me and I have to look away. 

Evan’s brings his hand up, tracing his fingers across my cheek.

“You’re always so beautiful, Stella.  It’s like I can’t stay away from you.  But ya know, something has changed with you.”

I jerk away from his touch and give him a questioning look.  “What do you mean?”

“I just mean you’re so uptight now.  It’s like your head’s always in the clouds and no one can get through to you.”

Even sighs and shrugs his shoulders. 

“I just want to make sure you’re ok, Stella.  I know I’m probably the last person you would want to trust – with anything – but I’m here for you.  I’ve got your back, more than you know.”

And then he adds quietly, “I’d do anything for you.”

The honesty in his voice makes me slump into the couch and put my face in my hands.  I do feel alone.  So alone.  And stuck.  Stuck in a place that will never allow me to move forward with my life.

Evan sits next to me and slides his arm around my shoulders.  I lean into his body, my muscles relaxing at the protectiveness of his touch.

“It will be ok, Stella,” he coos in my ear.

I take a choppy breath and nuzzle into his touch, deciding now that all this information is too much for one person to bear. 

So I tell him.  Everything.

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