Fixated in Time

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Chapter 44 (v.1) - Fun in the Sun

Submitted: January 28, 2013

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Submitted: January 28, 2013



Evan takes me home after work and believe it or not, I’m relieved that Todd is the one who hired Evan to date me.  Part of is it is the sheer liberation of finally knowing who it is.  The other huge part is knowing that the person who hired Evan doesn’t want me dead.

And that’s always a good thing…

“Why didn’t you just tell me about Todd when you told me everything else?” Evan questions as we pull into my driveway.

“I told you all I could without breaking my code of ethics as a professional psychiatrist.”

Evan rolls his eyes.

“Yea.  I think that ethics code is thrown to shit when one of your patient’s brothers is trying to kill you.”

I chuckle under my breath and stop Evan from turning off the car.  Aside from the fact that my heart is still in shambles over Jeremy and there is a crazy demon hunter on my trail, I feel oddly happy. 

Now that I know the last piece to the puzzle, I think I can start getting everything sorted out.  And with Todd and Evan on my side, I have protection… just in case anything goes wrong.  It’s just uphill from here.

Pffft.  Famous last words.

Evan gives me a questioning look and I give him a broad smile in return.

“Let’s go do something.”

“Uh, sure?  What did you have in mind?”

I shrug.

“I don’t know.  I just want to do something FUN!  I’ve been cooped up in this damn house fretting over ‘this and that’ for too many days now.  I need a break.”

Evan’s eyes move forward and his lips twitch upward into a smile.  He puts his car in reverse and starts moving out of my driveway.

“Stells, I think I have the perfect idea.”


“A water park?” I ask as Evan parks the car in an overly-crowded parking lot. 

Mini-vans seem to be everywhere.  Families, teens and young children filter into the water park.  The smell of chlorinated water and sunscreen hits my nose as soon as I open the car door.  I haven’t been to a water park since….well, ever.

I tilt my head to the side, studying the dangerously tall water slides that look like to be made of flimsy plastic.  I have never been too keen on rides, especially when they look like they will fall apart with the flick of a finger.

“C’mon Stells.  It’ll be fun!” Evan urges.

I look at the sun and know we still have a few hours before it gets dark. 

“What time does this place close?”

“Ahhh I don’t know, Stells.  Like seven or eight?”

“But it’s already 4:30.”

Evan gives a hearty laugh and swings his arm across my shoulders.

“I know that.  C’mon.  It’ll be fun.  We’ll just go in for a few hours.  We’ll go on a ride or two, get some sun, and work up a nice appetite.”

I take another nervous glance at the massively large plastic water slides.  Evan is all but bending over backwards to keep me safe and try to make me happy. 

The least I can do is try.

“Ok,” I finally say with a courageous deep breath.  “Water park it is.”

Evan finds us a sunny, secluded corner to put our things and after a few minutes splashing around the wave pool, I ease my body onto the lounge chair to soak up some rays.  The sun caresses my skin in a warm, tender way and I can practically feel my stress and worry seeping from my pores.

A few drops of water land on my stomach and I crack open my eyes to see Evan hovering over me.  He gives me a playful smile and nudges my leg with his.

“Can I help you?”

Evan rolls his eyes.  “Yea.  Get up and come on a ride with me.”

I adjust my lounge chair to a sitting position and grab for my sunglasses.

“I thought you wanted to have fun, right?” Evan questions in a teasing voice.

“And what makes you think I’m not having fun?”

“I don’t know Stells.  How about the fact that we’re at a water park full of awesome rides, and yet you’re over here doing the same damn thing you do when you’re out on your secluded beach every stinkin’ day?”

I tip my head back and a soft laugh emerges from my lips.

“That’s not entirely true, Evan.  When I’m at home, I don’t bother with a bikini.”

Evan’s cheeks redden as his eyes hastily look over my chest and curves.  His gaze snaps back to my face and his blush deepens.

“You just pictured me naked, didn’t you?” I ask, surprising myself with my boldness.

Evan’s jaw drops a notch and his lips fumble for a good response.  I give his arm a soft punch and try to stifle a laugh.

“I’m just teasing you, Evan.”

I take off my sunglasses and stand to stretch my limbs.  Evan watches me from the corner of his eye.  I know I’ve embarrassed him and the thought makes me giggle. 

He’s not easily thrown off guard, so I have to cherish these precious moments whenever they come along.

“Alright,” I say in defeat.  “You win.  Let’s go on one of these magical rides you keep building up.”

Evan’s eyes sparkle with delight.


I give a dramatic sigh and give him a hand gesture that indicates for him to lead the way.

“And I’d hurry if I were you, in case I change my mind.”

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