Fixated in Time

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Chapter 46 (v.1) - Evan's Question

Submitted: January 28, 2013

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Submitted: January 28, 2013



By the time Evan and I arrive back at my house I am wiped out.  After a full day of work, hours of lapping up the sun, a near-death experience with a plastic water slide, an evening filled with wine and dancing, and then a full three course meal my mind and body are ready to collapse.

I thank Evan for the wonderful evening and trudge my way up the stairs.  My feet somehow manage to drag my body into my bathroom.  My skin still smells of sun screen and chlorine.  I smile as I inhale the scent even deeper.

I look at myself in the bathroom mirror, pleased with how tan my skin is getting.  Even my dark hair has seemed to lighten a shade from the intensity of the sun.  I have to admit, I like it.  I strip out of my casual clothes and then shimmy out of my tiny black bikini.

My naked body hasn’t changed for so many years.  It is flawless, not a scratch or scar to call my own.  Most people would want something like this.  But with every scar comes a memory. And with every memory comes a chapter in someone’s life which they can reflect upon over the years.

And then there’s me.

A freak. 

A woman whose body remains unchanging to the battering hands that accompanies everyday life.  With a sigh I hop in the shower, turning the water to a level that is hotter than sin.  The scalding water careens over my smooth skin.  My nipples harden from the sudden change in temperature and I bite my lip at the pleasurable pain it causes.

The bottom of my stomach clenches and I can feel a warm, tingling sensation in the core of my being.  The smell of soap lingers in my nose.  I pour a small squirt of body wash into my palm.  After rubbing my hands together, I bring one hand across my breast.  I pinch my hardened nipple, making it pucker even more.

A low moan emits from my throat.

My other hand travels down to the region that is now aching for release.  I brush my thumb across my clit, savoring the touch.  I plunge one finger deep inside me and groan.  I push in a second.  I pump my fingers in and out, indulging in my need for self-satisfaction.

I can feel myself ready to bubble over with satisfaction, but am interrupted with a sharp knock at the door.  My heavy breathing slows and I huff out a frustrated breath.

“What?” I call out.

“I have a question for you Stells.”

“Ok….what is it?”

“Well, uhm, I – can you just come out here so I can ask you in person?”

“Can you give me like – five minutes?”

There’s a pause at the door and then I hear Evan let out a nervous laugh.

“Actually Stells.  It’s kind of urgent.”


I slam my palm against the water faucet, effectively ending my pleasurable shower time.  The steam rises all around me.  I snap a towel off the rack and wind it around my body.  I grab another and twist it around my hair.

I’m ready to tear Evan’s head off, but when I open my bathroom door my breath catches in my throat.  My mouth flounders open and closed, all words fleeing my mind. 

The lighting in my room is dimmed.  Two candles are lit on my nightstand, their summery scent permeating the air.

A single rose lies against my pillow.  But what catches my attention the most is the naked man lying in my bed.  My sub-conscious squeals with delight.  Even my demon has no opposition to the sight before me.

Evan’s body is….heavenly.  Every inch of him is toned and utterly delectable.  My hands twitch at my sides, wanting to ‘have a go’ at this delicious man.  I let out a ragged breath as my eyes sweep over Evan’s manhood.  He is HUGE.  And hard….so hard and ready for release of his own.

I hear Evan chuckle under his breath and my eyes snap to his face.  His lips form a lazy smile and he gives me a playful wink.  His face looks so relaxed, so at ease….which surprises me given the current circumstance

I start making my way to the bed and the closer I get, the more I can see the fiery passion and insurmountable desire that are burning in his eyes.

“W-what are you doing?” I finally mange to ask.

Evan pats the empty space next to him.  He licks his lips and takes a deep breath.

“I heard you in the shower.”

My cheeks flush with embarrassment. 

“Heard me….?  What do you mean –“

“-I heard you pleasuring yourself, Stella.”


“So, I’m sorry that I interrupted.  And if you think I’m being a crazy bastard for being here, just say the words and I’ll get out of your room – no questions asked.”

My body seems frozen as his words seep into my brain.  Evan runs a hand through his hair and his face tenses as he waits for me to speak.  He’s nervous, I realize.  Nervous of rejection.

“I’m not usually this bold, Stella.  You know that,” Evan continues. “But I have a feeling that if I don’t take my chances with you while I have them, I’ll be kicking myself later.  So my question for you is this: would you allow me the incredible honor of being the man that gets to pleasure you tonight?”

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