Fixated in Time

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Chapter 47 (v.1) - My Bad Decision

Submitted: January 30, 2013

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Submitted: January 30, 2013



“Evan, I….”

But no other words come to me.  My cheeks flush with desire as I sit on the bed next to him.  I look at Evan, his eyes brimming over with longing.  But as I continue to gaze into his breathtaking green eyes, I can see an additional emotion pushing to the surface.


The thought is heart wrenching.  How badly I wanted Evan to love me just a few short weeks ago.  But now...

Everything changed after my night with Jeremy.

 “I-I’m so sorry Evan.  But I can’t have sex with you,” I say with a quivering breath.

Evan scoots closer to me and puts a reassuring hand on my bare shoulder.  His touch sends warm tingles down my spine as his fingers caress my arm.

“Talk to me, Stells.  I won’t be offended if you don’t want to.  Really, I won’t.”

I remove the bulky towel from around my head and toss it on the floor.  Then I remove the towel from around my body and allow it to fall to the floor as well.  Evan’s hungry gaze consumes every inch of my naked body.  My nipples harden instantly and I hear a low grown emitting from Evan’s throat.

He runs a frustrated hand through his hair and sighs.

“Stells….I’m only human.  If you don’t want to have sex, I’ll be a gentleman and back off.  But I can’t make any promises if you keep flaunting your insanely hot body in front of me.”

I bite back a smile and shimmy under the covers.  And then I realize I too am affected by Evan’s body and pull one of the towels up from off the floor.  I hand it to Evan and close my eyes.

“Along those lines…would you mind covering your uh – manhood up?  It’s distracting.”

Evan grabs the towel from my hand and chuckles.  “Alright, alright.  I’m covered up.You can look now.”

I turn my gaze back to him and my shoulders slump with disappointment.  Why did I ask him to cover up that glorious body again?

“Now.  Remind me why we can’t have sex?”

“ You’re gonna freak when I tell you.”

“Ha.  Stella I haven’t freaked out with any of the other things you’ve told me – what makes you think this will push me over the edge?”

I shake my head and my head droops against the pillows.

“Ok.  Here goes.  See, I made a pact with Jeremy.  I told you about how you’re destined to be that angelic warrior or whatever, right?”

Evan’s face is serious and he gives me a single nod of confirmation.

“Well….Jeremy knew how bad I wanted you.  But he also knew how much I cared for you.  So we made a deal.  I could keep ‘dating’ you without interference from him as long as I didn’t have sex with you.”

Evan’s eyebrows furrow together.

“And what will happen if you do have sex with me, Stella?”

“My demon and I both will be cast down to hell. For eternity.  And there’s no way around it, Evan.  We shook on it and everything.  A bond with an angel can’t be broken.”

I hang my head in shame and can practically feel Evan’s anger emitting from beside me.  After a minute of silence, my eyes venture up to his.  He’s staring past me, looking out the window, his eyes trained on some immovable object outside.

“Evan please, say something,” I beg.

Evan gives me a calculated look and his lips purse downturn into a scowl.

“Correct me if I’m wrong, Stells.  But you and Jeremy had sex, multiple times.  Correct?”

I cringe hearing the words come out of Evan’s mouth, but nod in validation.

“So then the deal has to be voided.  The agreement says that as long as you don’t have sex with me, Jeremy has to butt-out of our relationship.  Correct?”


“Well I don’t know what you kids are calling it these days, but when someone has sex with my woman, I’d put that into the category of “butting-in.”

I glance at Evan’s face and see his anger has softened.  A small grin pounces onto his lips and I breathe a sigh of relief.

“So you’re not mad about the deal, then?”

Evan shakes his head.  “Of course not.  In a way I should be flattered.  The only reason you did it was to get more time with me.”

And more time with Jeremy, I silently admit in shame.

“It’s my own fault for not coming clean with you sooner.  I practically led you right into Jeremy’s arms.  Either way, the deal is voided, Stells.  So there’s nothing to worry about now.”

“But – are you sure?  Because if for some reason you’re wrong and  –“

My statement is cut off abruptly as Evan’s lips mesh against mine.  His kiss is rough at first, his lips demanding all my attention.  But as we ease our way into the kiss, his touch lightens.  His lips part and I can feel his tongue probing for a way in. 

Our tongues press together and I succumb completely to Evan’s seductive charm.  He manages to remove the blankets from off my body and settles himself on top of me.  His hard body presses against me and I push my tongue further into his mouth.

His hands reach up to cup each of my breasts, his fingers playing with my aching nipples.  My spine arches into him.  Evan moves his left hand down my body and starts to masterfully play with my clit. 

A moan escapes my lips and our kiss is severed just for a moment.  Evan continues to excite my senses and in adding to the pleasure, inserts two of his long fingers deep inside of me.  I can feel myself tighten around his fingers and this spurs him on to pick up his speed.

Faster and faster he moves, and with every stroke I can feel myself getting closer to the edge of release.

“Feels. So. Good,” I say with a staggered breath.

“Mmm.  Are you about to orgasm, baby?”

I give my head a jerky nod.  But Evan doesn’t let me finish.  He withdraws his fingers and gives me a wicked grin.  I open my mouth to protest but stop when I feel the tip of his erection grazing against my wet opening.  Already I can feel his bigness and my stomach tightens with anticipation.

“Can I make love to you, Stells?” Evan whispers against my lips.

“Yes.  Please.  I want it.”

I wait for him to plunge into me but when he doesn’t, my body squirms in frustration.  I open my eyes and see Evan staring down at me, his green eyes practically glowing.

“W-what’s the hold up?” I say, my mind intoxicated with lust.

“Nothing now.  I just wanted to look into your eyes the first time I did this.”

I give Evan a weak smile and run my hand down the side of his cheek.  He moves his hands down the length of my body, latching onto my hips in a possessive manner. 

“I love you, Stella,” Evan whispers. 

And with that he thrusts deep inside me, stretching me out and pushing me over pleasure’s edge…

…But the feeling doesn’t last long.  A searing pain shoots through my mind and my demon squawks with fury.

Oh God.  It’s happening.  Please.  Please God, no….

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