Fixated in Time

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Chapter 6 (v.1)

Submitted: August 09, 2012

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Submitted: August 09, 2012



Chapter Six

Evan offers me his jacket as we walk up to my house. Goosebumps reign all over my legs and arms and I’m surprised at how rapidly the temperature dropped from earlier today. Perhaps we’ll be in for a storm later. I always love a good storm.

I accept Evan’s jacket, and his body’s warmth envelops my shoulders. I am touched by his chivalry and smile wistfully as he gives me one of his infamous winks. He allows me to move ahead of him as I put my key into the front door.

I try to suppress the anxious feeling that is now bubbling up to my throat. Is my ex here? Has he done anything to my house?

I walk inside and compulsively start to look around, scrutinizing every nook and cranny. Everything seems to be just as it was. Good. I’m very proud of my house and my decorating skills. Every time I move to a new house, I go with a different theme, a different style of decorating.

This time, I’m rolling with the times and am going modern. Every room has the most up to date furniture, state of the art technology, and fancy paintings by famous artists lining all the walls. The only difference between one room and the next is the color scheme. If I only had one or two colors in the entire house, I’d go nuts.

So I chose white and blue for the living room. I thought they were the softest colors and complimented the view of the ocean impeccably. Looking at it now with the sun setting in the background, I feel I’ve made the correct decision.

I sigh in relief and shrug off Evan’s jacket, hanging it in my front closet.

“Would you like a tour?” I ask slipping out of my shoes.

Evan’s runs a hand through his short hair, his eyes taking in every piece of furniture in my living room.

“Damn Stella, did you decorate this yourself?”

I blush and then nod, my sub-conscious clapping with delight.

“It’s gorgeous. And it must have cost you a fortune,” he murmurs under his breath.

Well it didn’t. I could buy a million houses and decorate it exactly as I did in this one and it still wouldn’t make a dent into my bank account.

But I nod anyway.

“It was worth it though,” I say straightening the middle painting on the wall. “I like to always have my house feel like a home. And taking the time to decorate it myself always gives me that feeling.”

Evan leans his head to the side, question burning in his eyes.

“Do you move often?”

“Yes, she does,” a masculine voice responds.

My head whips around and I see my ex waltzing through the kitchen and entering into the living room. He stares at me, his eyes intense and refuses to look away. When he reaches me he leans forward, placing a kiss on my forehead and bringing his arms up to rest on my shoulders.

“Stella, we need to talk,” he says, his voice firm and commanding.

I move away from his touch and steal a glance at Evan. He’s looking at my ex, his eyes cold and full of anger.

“I-uhm,” I sputter, trying to regain my composure. “Stephan, I think you should leave. We can talk later.”

Stephan frowns, looking to Evan and then back at me. He seems to be contemplating something and eventually shakes his head.

“I’m sorry Stella, it has to be now.”


I stifle a scream as I watch Evan pull away from my house. I haven’t had company in so long. And up until tonight, I'd forgotten how much I missed human interactions.

I turn on my heels and narrow my eyes on Stephan. “This better be good,” I growl.

Stephan cocks his head to side, studying me as if I’m some strange caged animal in a zoo. He looks so handsome, still…after all these years. My subconscious whimpers and begs for me to touch him. She remembers how soft his skin was, how intoxicating his smell was…

My eyes snap forward, brown eyes clashing against green. His hair is out of its ponytail now, it’s full length cascading down his neck and shoulders. I never thought I’d be one of those girls that liked a man with long hair. Usually I don’t. But when a guy has good hair….I seem to crave it.

Stephan seems massive, his muscles larger and more toned than when I saw him last. He brings his hand up to his face, inspecting his neatly manicured nails. The thought of Stephan getting his nails done in a feminine salon makes me crack a smile. The thought is just so – odd.

Stephanraises his eyes to me and sucks in a breath. His eyes shift from their normal shade of green and begin to swirl into a beautifully dark mix of gold and black.

“That smile…” he murmurs,moving closer to me.

I bite my lip and my stomach quivers. It’s times like these that I force myself to remember all the reasons I left him. It surely wasn’t from a lack physical attraction, my subconscious snarls.

Well, that’s true. Stephan and I never could seem to keep our hands off each other.

I close my eyes briefly and chant a mantra in my mind of all the reasons I can’t be with him. He’s evil, he’s poison, he hates all things good, and he wants to kill the human race.

I feel Stephan’s hands on my shoulders, his heady scent fighting its way to seduce my senses. It doesn’t take much. When I finally look at him, my gaze locks with his, and I can feel my eyes begin to change as well, their chocolate brown color swirling into a mix of silver and black. This is what happens when Stephan is around. This is what I become. A monster.

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