Fixated in Time

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Chapter 7 (v.1)

Submitted: August 21, 2012

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Submitted: August 21, 2012



Chapter Seven

Sulfur and smoke starts pumping through my lungs as the transformation continues. I try to hold on to the light, but my subconscious is running to the farthest corridor of my mind and cowering, too scared to do anything else. The evil within me purrs with delight. It has won and is basking in its triumph.

Mmm it feels so good.

My body temperature continues to rise and I’m acutely aware of the pleasurable pain now ripping apart the flesh on my back, making way for long, forgotten black wings. I can feel them growing bigger, longer until their tips reach the floor. I reach my hands to feel them and revel in their satin texture against my fingertips.

My wings.

They’re the one and only thing that I miss when I am human. Because they are so very beautiful. Black as night, silky as churned butter, and more durable than a cement building. I stretch my wings out and crane my neck back to look at them. My eyes devour the sight. They sparkle now, I notice. Gorgeous.

I hear Stephan’s deep voice, his timbre lower now that he has been transformed.

“Stella…” his voice trails off.

My name sounds seductive as it rolls off his tongue and my lack of self control demands me to return his gaze. And as our eyes lock, I can feel my mind connecting with his. I try to fight it, but I can’t. An influx of his thoughts enters my mind.

“I’ve missed you Stella. I need you, Stella. Come back home where you belong. Nothing is the same without you.”

It’s too much. The connection is so strong. I can practically feel our combined energy buzzing around our auras.

Stephan’s wings expand, even longer and wider than mine. They are black too, with a few random red feathers throughout. I love the red.

Stephan extends his hand out to me, and I take it without thinking. But something is tugging at the back of my mind and I stay where I’m standing trying to rid the feeling before we continue.

My subconscious looks up tentatively from her corner and bravely shouts the name “Evan” through my mind. Evan…oh that’s right. The handsome man that left. Why did he leave?

I shrug off the thought as I maneuver my wings through the front door. I feel the sea breeze as it rustles the feathers of my wings. It’s soft, intimate, and glorious. My wings are so sensitive and it takes all my will power not to topple over with pleasure.

Stephan is next to me in an instant and smiles, his eyes glowing with a wicked gleam.

This is your most flattering form you know,” Stephan murmurs mentally, engulfing my mind. “You are irresistible.”

Am I? That’s news to me. Because the last time I looked in the mirror after a transformation I wanted to cry. Long brown hair, black beady eyes, a silvery swirling color just underneath my skin, and black sparkling wings jutting out from my back. I look like a majestic evil fairy. Yea, that’s real irresistible, my subconscious snorts and rolls her eyes.I let my wings expand and I start gathering the energy around me - from the wind, the oceans, the waves, the moon and the stars. I command it into my body, and with it I can feel my feet lift off the ground, my wings preparing for flight.

Stephan hovers fifty feet above me, wings flapping. He looks down at me patiently and smiles. I know he wishes I would stay like this, this curse of a creature.

When I reach his height, he leads the way, taking me to a place I only visit now in nightmares. I follow close behind him and I allow myself the luxury of looking at the beautiful city, their night lights twinkling at a distance. My senses are heightened so even at this distance I can hear the occasional laugh or drunken shout passed from one stranger to another.

We fly on through the night, and when the time comes to eventually descend, my wings ache with fatigue. They are not used to this, not at all. I lower my body, trying to maintain the same level of grace and composure as Stephan does.

My feet hit the ground harder than I anticipated. A small whimper of pain escapes my lips and before I can take another step forward, Stephan is at my side. His eyes are glowing and his chest is puffed out with pride. He looks strong. Powerful.

Why am I here?!

Stephan snakes an arm around my waist, pulling me next to him. I feel my stomach quiver and my arms start to shake. I can’t believe I’m scared. But I am.

“You’re here because I need you with me. I can no longer accept your gifts as my own. Your followers worship you, Stella. They cannot handle you not being around…it’s too much on them,” Stephan says, his face taut with determination.

I close my eyes and take deep breaths as Stephan leads me lower and lower into the ground. The temperature is rising, and the smell of smoke is all around me. The feeling of evil curls around my body, enticing me and taunting me. My dark side loves it, is so aroused by it. But my good side – the piece of me that longs to be free - is crying.

I can hear screams of agony and tortured voices, pleading for forgiveness. My evil side claps her hands and throws her head back with laughter. I am nearing my followers now. I can hear their thoughts and feel their emotions.

They are excited and have missed me so very much.

Stephan and I round the corner and as soon as we do, I take a final deep breath, trying to prepare myself for all the misery, all the pain. My evil side gets comfortable and relaxes, a sinister smile creeping onto her lips. This is where she feels most at ease. This is where she belongs. In Hell.

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