Fixated in Time

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Chapter 8 (v.1)

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Submitted: August 23, 2012



Chapter Eight

My minions see me and squeal with delight. Their scaled bodies glitter against the flames and their forked tongues swivel out of their mouths with fervor. They draw closer to me, reaching out with their thin fingers and razor sharp claws to touch me.

I allow their affection, internally cringing at the way it feels against my smooth skin. I look over to Stephan, who is standing back from me, admiring me at a distance.

“I’m proud of you Stella. I know this isn’t easy. But can’t you see how much they’ve missed you?”

I turn back to my followers, disgusted with his thoughts. I don’t care how much they missed me. In fact, I don’t even think they’re capable of feeling such a human emotion. They can only feel negative things like jealously, obsession, hatred, and anger. So perhaps they’re obsessed with me and feel a need to see me. But to miss me? I just don’t think it’s possible.

“Massssster,” the minions start to chant, their forked tongues providing them all with an audible lisp.

I think if snakes could talk, this is what they’d sound like.

“Presssent, for massster,” one of the bigger minions says, shoving his way through the crowd.

He is a taller minion, almost four foot nine, and clearly male. As he draws closer to me, I see an erection forming and a lustful desire burning in his beady eyes. I have to swallow down a mouthful of bile at the sight. I forgot how intrigued, how obsessed they are with me. To think I used to love this attention from these evil creatures makes me sick with embarrassment.

He kneels when he reaches my feet, bending down to kiss each of my toes. His erection grows bigger at the action. An unstoppable shiver shudders through my body and I’m only too glad when he moves away from me.

I can hear Stephan laughing in my mind and I throw him a scowl. There is nothing funny about this. He refuses to meet my gaze, but I see his lips quirk up with a devious smile. I loathe him right now.

The minions continue to stare at me, all of them reaching around my feet and calves just to feel a piece of my body. There was a time, long ago, that I used to let them ravish my body. When I first had become evil, I had this sexual desire that never seemed to be fulfilled.

Foolishly, I allowed my minions to please me, to take me on my command. And while it helped to stifle my ever growing lust for sex, it made their obsession grow too strong. Each of them wanted to be the only minion allowed to touch me. They became jealous of one another, turning against each other and killing their fellow minions left and right.

“Pressssssent, for my massssster,” the minion repeats, pointing his hand to the corner of the room and smiling with pride.

My eyes focus on the flickering flames, their yellow and orange hues ever consuming my mind. I see more minions entering the room, their eyes on me, but their attention focused elsewhere. And then I see why.

They are pulling a shackled man and a woman into the room. Both are human and both are naked. The humans fight against the minions, their bodies streaked with dirt and blood. I can see the terror in their face and eyes and my heart picks up speed.

My evil side sits up, licking her lips and leaning in to get a better look. This is what she thrives on – others’ pain and fear.

The minions drag the human couple to the middle of the room, nailing their shackles to the floor and forming a circle around them. The tall, male minion looks to me for my reaction. I struggle with the excitement I’m feeling, not wanting to succumb to the evil that is so wanting and willing to go free.

I nod my head at him with approval. And he is so pleased with himself, so proud that I am accepting of his gift that me moves back into the crowd and begins to pleasure himself. His eyes stay trained on me though, and it’s nearly impossible for me to look away.

The other minions start to circle around the humans in captivity, poking them and laughing at them. These humans, they are my gift, the minion’s sacrifice to me. And it is now my duty to watch them die.

The human female looks up at me, fear and hatred etched all over face. Her eyes widen as she sees me, taking in my dark, silver splendor. My wings arch back with pride and before I know it, I am smiling down at her.

My evil side springs from her chair and attacks my mind, wrestling and pinning it into a submissive position. With my mind now under Evil’s command, I summon one of my minions over, demanding a chair so I can enjoy the show.

He runs away and a moment later he is back, a cushiony chair in his outstretched arms. He sets it behind me, and I allow him to kiss my hand as a sign of my appreciation. Stephan comes to sit beside me, his hand reaching out for mine. I look at him, and I see him gasp as he focuses his attention on my eyes which are now a glowing red.

I hear my prisoners start to cry and I revel in the sound. Mmmmmm. My minions are staring at me with excitement, all of them pushing each other out of the way at a chance to be chosen. I point to two minions near the back. They have green scales and longer horns than the others. I can feel their desire to do this.

They bow to me in thanks and then approach my prisoners, rubbing their hands together with anticipation. As a pair, the minions each get behind one of my prisoners, hardening themselves before raping my victims. Both the male and female human cry out with pain, their behinds not used to such aggressive use.

As the minions sate their lust, they both bring their claws down on human flesh, scratching and digging at their backs. Blood pours from their bodies and their cries of pain increase in volume. They start to beg for freedom, for help.

My evil side throws her head back and laughs. I watch as the life drains from the human bodies and I drink in their souls, their energy. It feels so good I nearly orgasm. Their lifeless bodies slump to the ground and my evil side sighs in satisfaction.

Stephan is tugging at my arm, mentally telling me it is time to go. His wings flap open, and mine follow suit. I can hear my minions stifling their cries. They do not want to see me leave. They beg me to stay, their claws digging into my ankles and feet.

“Pleasssssse Masssssster, don’t leave usssss,” they shout. “You jussssssst got here.”

I refuse to acknowledge their weakness and follow Stephan through the dark corridors. Up, up, up we climb, the temperature dropping with every step we take. The further away I move from Hell, the clearer my mind becomes…and the heavier my guilt weighs on my conscious.

Did I really just watch two innocent humans die?

When we reach land, Stephan turns to me and runs his fingers across my cheek. His eyes are filled with love and satisfaction.

“See?” his mind purrs to me, “that wasn’t so bad was it?”

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