My Love Is Yours

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Jasper met Bella when she was a child. He saved her from a nomad vampire trying to eat her. He knew she was his mate but couldn't be with her just yet. Cullen's don't know. He makes monthly trips to see her and has eyes watching her. What bad could happen

Chapter 1 (v.1) - My Love Is Yours

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Jasper POV:

I was sitting in the Cullen living room in Forks, Washington. It was rainy and cloudy out, nothing out of the normal. It was night time and you couldn't even see the stars. The mated ones were all separated with the respective mate in their bedrooms. Carlisle and Esme, were more respectable and didn't really let anyone else hear what was going on. Emmett and Rosalie though, probably let the whole town know what they were doing. Alice and Edward were my best friends in this house and very much in love.

They saved me from the life I lived. They found me one night while I was out hunting and told me I could live another way. Alice's vision's showed me living with them and who was I to tell by Savings Sidekick">a psychicshe was wrong? Edward and I had a strange relationship, he was my brother in every sense of the word but he wanted more information than I was willing to give. He tried to use his telepathy to get what he was curious about and I found it to be an invasion of my privacy, if and when I wanted to share that information I would. I knew I was a monster, I didn't need them to point that out to me. I didn't need the people I had come to care about to pity me. I had lived in this family for over fifty years and still I felt like an outsider sometimes.

I couldn't blame them though, the Southern Wars were hell, in the literal sense. I will forever be grateful for my friends, Peter and Charlotte. I let them escape together before my Mistress Maria wanted me to kill Charlotte. Peter begged me for days before we actually knew it was going to happen. He says he doesn't have a gift, it was just logical, but I don't believe him. He tends to know lots of things before they are going to happen. So I let them go, and I was punished severely. A few months later though, they came back and got me out. That's why I had them watching over the most important…

I stopped my thoughts as I saw Edward coming down the steps, "Jasper, why won't you just share with us? You said the most important….most important what brother? You can tell me."

I was about to answer him when a knock at the door surprised both of us. Edward went and answered it as I sat contemplating whether or not to tell Edward about….that.

I heard her voice and thought I was hallucinating, "I need to speak with Major Jasper Whitlock. Now." She demanded.

"I'm sorry but who are you?" Edward asked.

"None of your business. Find me the Major. NOW." She was scared, I could feel the fear coming off of her.

"Okay then, let's go get him. He's just in the living room." Edward ushered her in here and I just stayed locked in place.

She saw me and started running, "Oh Jasper!" and jumped into my arms and wrapped her tiny arms around my neck.

"Bella sugar what are you doing here?" I asked placing kisses on the side of her head.

"Something's happened Jasper….well…..lots of things actually. Maybe we could have a little privacy?" she said eyeing Edward.

"No way brother, what is this human doing here." He was frustrated and I wanted to know why.

"Do you think you could stop it?" Bella asked him.

"Stop what?" He said innocently.

"Trying to use your power on me, its annoying." She glared at him and I growled.

"Dammit Jasper tell me who she is!" he nearly roared. My anger was fueling his and it wasn't a good combination.

"She's his mate." We heard Alice's voice ring out, "This is what you do once a month isn't it Jasper?"

I just nodded my head and pulled Bella closer to me. "Jasper please I need to talk to you." She whispered.

"Bella they are my family. It's okay to share with them." I said pushing a stray piece of hair behind her ear.

"Okay. I guess it will be better. Because you are going to be mad and they can hold you back." She shrugged.

I called the family down and introduced them to Bella. "You guys, this is Bella Swan. She is my mate and has been since she was eight years old. I found her when that nomad Randall tried to feed from her in Arizona. It was when I went to go see Peter and Charlotte and I protected her from him. I knew then she was my mate. I have been to see her once a month for the last decade." I paused letting them all take it in.

"This is why we moved to Forks." Alice whispered. "Bella's father is the Police Chief."

"You guys know my dad?" Bella asked and then giggled.

Everyone nodded and waited for me to continue but I didn't really have much else to say. "When I can't be with Bella, I have Peter and Charlotte watching over her. Her mother is…..sorry sugar, but she's an idiot that doesn't really pay much attention. So I have them watching her." I looked at Bella and she knew what I wanted.

She sighed, "Are you sure you want to know?"

"Bella you just came to our house at 3 in the morning and you're human. I think I would like to know what's wrong with my mate." I growled to her.

She dropped her eyes to the ground and rolled up the sleeve of her long sleeve shirt what I saw made me see red. It was a vampire bite mark, but overlapping with the different people, there were at least 7 different indentations. "Who did this Bella? Where are Peter and Char? Why aren't they with you?" I demanded.

"Jasper, these….vampires came to town and caught your scent in my room and on me and…well….they basically were using me as a blood farm. They had friends who had friends and so on. You haven't been to see me in almost six months Jasper. So the visits got more frequent. Peter and Charlotte went away, I don't know why or where, but they showed up last night at my house and told me to pack and bag and to get to you. They would handle everything else." She rushed out the last part because she knew I would be pissed at them.

I hadn't realized it had been six months since I had seen her last. No wonder I had been in a nasty foul mood with everyone. The last time I was in Phoenix to see her, I wanted to fully mate with her. My need to take her was getting stronger the older and more beautiful she got. I wanted to mark her, marry her. Everything to prove she was mine.

"Dammit, I said to stop trying to use your power on me. Now stop!" Bella yelled. I turned and growled at whoever was antagonizing my mate.

"I'm sorry Bella, its just habit." Edward whispered and he was remorseful and for that he was lucky.

Carlisle the forever scientist and doctor looked at Bella, "How do you know he is trying to use his power Bella?"

She looked at me then back to Carlisle and back at me again and stared into my eyes, "The one man that comes, he says that…..there has been small amounts of venom pushed into me with each bite that is allowing my gift to expand. He calls me a shield. I can feel when something is trying to get in. It doesn't hurt…its just…annoying. Like a humming."

I roared out in anguish and ran out into the trees to smash them. I felt someone coming up behind me and crouched down, "Easy Jasper, it's just me and Alice." Edward called.

I slammed another tree and sat down on a large boulder, "Is she okay?"

"Yeah Jasper she's fine. Carlisle is trying to get her to go to bed, but she says she has to wait for you." Alice said she was also feeling frustrated.

"You can't see her can you?" I inquired.

"No, that's why I didn't know what you had been doing. I always thought it was Peter blocking me. You said he was strange so I figured he knew how to block me. I'm trying to get a look at who these people are that have been hurting her Jasper, but I just can't. I'm so sorry." She bowed her head and sniffled. "I think she's going to be my friend." She whispered with a small smile and she started to feel a bit optimistic.

"I bet she would like that." I placed a hand on her shoulder and gave my brother a nod, "I'm heading back. Thanks guys."

I ran back to the house and found my mate sitting on the couch with Emmett playing some video game, "Jasper." She whispered without even turning around. I loved how she just knew when I would walk into a room, or if I was near. She said her heart sped up and she got butterflies in her stomach. I remember trying to get that information out of her, she blushed a deep red and was so embarrassed.

"Come on sweetheart, you need to sleep. You are exhausted." I picked her up and carried her to my room.

"This is very you Jazz." She said examining my room.

"I was wondering why you were calling me Jasper down there." I said with a raised eyebrow.

"I wasn't sure if you wanted your family to know your nickname." She giggled and went to my drawers and found a t shirt to wear to bed.

"Bella, sugar, go into that bathroom and change, please. I really…really….don't know how much longer I can hold back with you." I almost begged. Me deadly Major of the South was begging an eighteen year old human girl.

"Sorry Jazz." She came over and stood on her tip toes and kissed the corner of my mouth. "I'll be right back." And she disappeared into the bedroom.

I sighed and fell backwards onto my bed. She was going to kill me. I knew I loved her, she was my mate after all. But what I couldn't wrap my mind around was why she wanted me around. For the first few years I visited her in Phoenix, we would meet at the library. She would sit in a comfy chair and read for hours on end. He mother never came and checked on her or walked her there. She was all alone in the big city.

By ten years old she was cooking full meals for herself and her mother and cleaning the house. It was like she the mother and not the child. She started to realize I hadn't aged when she reached twelve and that's when I decided to tell her everything. I told her who I was and what I had done. Peter wanted to kill me, he said she wasn't old enough to understand. He said that no human teenage girl would take to our lives well. But Bella surprised him, when they met and she went up and hugged him and thanked him for saving me. I didn't tell her about the Cullen's I don't know why I didn't. I guess for the same reason I never told them about her. Even though I still wasn't sure what that reason was. Peter loved Bella like a sister and I wondered what could have taken him away that would leave her in danger. I wanted to kill him, but I needed the story first.

I was pulled out of all my thoughts to see Bella leaned against the bathroom doorway just looking at me with tears in her eyes. "What is it sugar?

"I thought…..They said….." she cried and sank to the ground. I ran over and pulled her up and laid us down on the bed.

"Bella Sweetheart, tell me…please." I kissed her forehead and her cheeks.

"I thought you weren't coming back. That you didn't love me anymore. They said if you hadn't come back by now that you wouldn't ever come and that you didn't care." She cried into my chest. "Then Peter and Char were gone and…..I was so alone. Mom's getting married. I was just…alone."

I hadn't realized I was hurting my mate and I was so angry with myself. She was alone, even though I still didn't know why, but she was. Bella ended up crying herself to sleep not allowing me to make her negative thoughts go away. I wanted to tell her that I loved her so much that I was scared I was going to hurt her. I needed her and now that she was here with me, I don't think I could let her go back to those monthly visits. I needed her always.

Alice popped her head into my room and whispered, "Is she asleep? We wanted to talk but we were waiting until she was out."

I nodded and disentangled myself from Bella and gave her a kiss on the head and whispered an "I love you" to her. I walked at human pace down to the living room and awaited the firing squad.

I sat down and waved my hand at them to get on with it. "Jasper, I am very disappointed in you. I thought we were your family. Why wouldn't you tell us about your mate? Do you not trust us?" Carlisle asked.

"I'm sorry Carlisle, really I don't know why I didn't tell you. Just as I never told Bella about you guys. I just…don't know." I replied.

"But she knows about Peter and Charlotte? You trusted them to protect her and now she's been hurt. She could have been here the whole time. We could have protected her." I was surprised to hear this from Rosalie, she hated humans.

"Rose I can't say anything else besides I'm sorry. What do you want from me?" I growled out.

"Jasper maybe you should…try calling Peter and Charlotte." Alice suggested.

She was right. I needed to speak with them but I wasn't sure I could do it without wanted to murder him. Alice handed me the phone and I dialed the familiar number.

"Um…Hey Major." Peter replied cautiously.

"Wanna tell me why my mate just showed up in Forks covered in vampire bites Peter?"

"So she's there? And safe?" Char said in the background.

"Why do you care? Where have ya'll been? I trusted you to take care of her!" I yelled back.

"Man, I'm sorry. We had to…..Dammit. We'll be there in the afternoon. Gotta clear up some stuff here. I wanna see Bells too. So we'll all talk together." he finished and hung up. Bastard hung up on me.

"Well that was productive." Emmett muttered.

Esme had been quite throughout since Bella had arrived. She was contemplative and worried, "What is it Esme?"

"Um…Bella….will she be staying here or going back to Phoenix?" she asked.

"She's staying here. Maybe…..maybe she could move with her father. She said her mother was remarrying. So this could be a 'trip' she took to ask him about it. We can go do that tomorrow before Peter and Char get here." It was a good idea. She could be in the same town, go to the same school. When we moved here I had Alice put me in the same year Bella was so that we would be done at the same time. We were getting ready to start our senior year. Emmett and Rose had already 'graduated' again so they were 'going off to college.'

We sat around for a while longer and they all asked me questions about Bella. What she liked and disliked, the things she was passionate about. Alice nearly fell out of her chair when she learned that Bella hated shopping. Edward though, loved the fact that she liked classic novels and music. She had told me once that it calmed her down. If she was anxious or nervous she could put on the classical music and she would calm right down. Edward suggested that maybe he could teach her some on his piano.

Edward was never good at making friends. He and Rosalie didn't get along until she found Emmett and Emmett's attitude was not up to Edward's Victorian ideals. Somehow though, we understood each other. Except for the whole privacy thing. He was excited to make a new friend as was everyone else in the house. Esme was excited to spoil someone else and Carlisle wanted to work more with her shield. I had to admit I was curious about it too. I wondered what else she could do with it besides block gifts.

Bella came down the stairs around eleven in just my shirt and Emmett let out a wolf whistle. I growled and carried my mate upstairs and waited for her to put some clothes on."Bella what were you thinking?"

"I forgot. I wasn't really awake. You know I'm not awake until I have coffee. I was on the hunt." She giggled at her own little joke.

"Sugar you cant go walking around like that. I'm gonna end up killing someone." I warned.

"Alright Jazz….I'm sorry." She looked down, "Umm….what are you gonna do with me?"

I gave her a smirk, the one she liked and whispered in her ear, "There are plenty of things I'm gonna do with you doll."

She shivered and her lust skyrocketed. "Go get my coffee Major. I'm gonna shower and put some clothes on." She shooed me out of the bedroom and I let out a laugh.

I went to get Bella's coffee from the diner in town. It was the weekend so some of the students we went to school with were also eating at the small diner. They all just stared and didn't even try to cover it up. They had open mouths and looked like a deer caught in headlights. I found it humorous. I heard the whispers as I was leaving about how 'hot and 'yummy' I was. Bella was probably going to kill these girls. As I was driving out of the lot, I saw Chief Swan's police cruiser pulling in. It wasn't a secret that the man couldn't cook to save his life, I think that Bella moving in with him would be good all around.

I was only gone for fifteen minutes so when I returned Bella was just getting out of the shower. I stayed downstairs so I wasn't tempted to do naughty things to her like I wanted. I heard her come out of the bedroom and when she came down the stairs Emmett found it necessary to say, "Hey Bella, nice stems."

"What decade are you from? You do realize it's 2010 right? Who says that?" she said not skipping a beat. Rose hit him upside the head and Bella giggled.

"Bella here's your coffee….I thought I could…introduce you officially to everyone. So you know who everyone is. I saw your dad at the diner, we can stop by and see him this afternoon after his shift, if you want." Then I realized she didn't know what I was talking about. "We um thought that since your mom was getting remarried that you could…..maybe move up here with your dad. That way we could protect you and you and I would be closer to each other."

Bella nodded and said, "Okay so I know this one is Edward, he has the hair. I would assume his mate is this bouncy one here, Alice…..the big lug is Emmett because I keep hearing him get yelled at. I know that Rosalie is his mate. Carlisle is the doctor and his mate is Esme? Right?"

"Wow sugar you are good. I thought maybe we could hang out. They all asked about you while you were sleeping so maybe you could ask about them and we could all just..spend some time together." I reached over and grabbed her hand and placed a kiss on the top.

"Jasper, man, how can you of all vampires not want to eat her? Dud she smells amazing, and when you got her all hot early…" Emmett said letting his eyes roll back in his head. I let go of Bella and was growling in his face.

Bella was shocked. That was all she was feeling, "What do you mean of all vampires?" she whispered.

"Bella, you know who he is right? Plus he's the last one to get on this diet of ours and he slips from time to time. I was just curious." Emmett said holding his hands up in surrender.

"Jasper can't hurt me." She said firmly. "It's not possible. I've cut myself before and he's put in the stitches, what are you people talking about? He has the strongest willpower."

Carlisle decided to change the subject, "Jasper, does the Volturi know about her?"

"You mean Aro? Oh yeah. That Randall guy, went and tried to tattle tale on Jasper. He came and saw me and checks on me once a year. Usually Jane and Alec come to say hi and stuff." Bella replied with a smile. I knew she and Jane got along no matter how strange that sounded.

I felt the emotions of the room. Most of them were hurt. I had spoken to vampire royalty and not told my own family about my mate. I was a horrible person. Bella looked around the room, "What's wrong?"

'They are just upset sugar. Don't worry about it." I said with a small kiss.

"I'm sorry you guys, but it's not like he told me about you guys either. I knew he was with a coven, but I didn't know about you guys. I always wondered why he didn't just stay with Peter and Char to be close." She said felling a little sad. I knew she missed me and once a month wasn't enough. As she got older her longing and need for me grew exponentially.

Alice decided to change the subject, "Bella do you think you could tell us about the people that hurt you?"

Bella took a deep breath, "Um…well….at first there were only three. Two men and a red haired woman. The first man had a long blonde pony tail and he was mated with the red haired woman. Then there was another man, he had dark skin and dread locks. He brought his mate with him and her sister. He spoke French. I know that, but I didn't understand any of it."

"Bella that is only five people and I counted at least seven. Who were they?" I demanded.

"Randall came back and he brought his mate." She whispered.

Edward was freaking out. I could feel it. "Bella…..what did the French speaking man's mate and sister look like?"

"Umm…they were very pretty. One had blonde hair and the other strawberry blonde. Why?" she answered.

"Dammit." He yelled and stood up and smashed the chair he was sitting it. "Irina just mated with a man, Laurent a few months ago."

"You mean to tell me the Denali sisters are in on this?" Rose asked.

"Well probably not Kate, she's the normal one." Alice replied.

"Okay so we have Randall, his mate, Irina, Laurent, and Tanya. Bella honey do you remember the blonde man's name or the red haired woman?" I asked softly.

"It's James and Victoria, Major." I heard Peter's voice ring out from the doorway. "Hey Bells." He took a step towards her and I stepped in the way.

I went up to him and punched him square in the mouth, "If you cared one bit about her, you would have stayed to watch her and this wouldn't have happened. What was so important?"

"There was a bounty on our heads Major. Someone wants us and I was trying to figure out who. I thought if I could take them out then we wouldn't have to worry and I thought that you would be taking Bella away from where she was soon, so she would have been okay." He replied sheepishly.

"Stay away. I don't trust you yet." I grabbed Bella and ran up to my room.

"Jazz….I'm fine." She said putting a hand in my hair to calm me down.

"Bella, I just…I want to kill someone for hurting you."

"Well I'm fine okay. Let's get ready to go see my dad and then we'll deal with all this okay?" I nodded my head and we got ready to go to her fathers. I drove us to the small homey like house and opened the door for her and we knocked.

"Bella? What are you doing here? And with Jasper Hale?" Charlie asked from the door. Bella gave me a look and then recovered.

"Um…Dad….can we come inside?" she asked.

"Oh sure kid." He showed us inside and gave Bella an awkward hug.

"Dad…Mom's getting remarried and….well I want to move up here." She blurted out really fast.

"You want to leave bright and sunny Phoenix to move to dreary Forks?" he asked with suspicion. "And how does Jasper Hale fit into this?"

"Um well I know his….cousin. In Phoenix. And he came to visit and said he knew you. I asked him to pick me up at the airport so I could surprise you." She lied. I think she was going to say brother but since I had a different last name here she changed it up.

"And are you two, dating?" he strangled to get out.

She looked at me and I looked at her, "Um sir, I wanted to ask permission to see Bella before I started anything with her." Bella surpressed a giggle and the Chief looked like he wanted to pass out. I sent him some calming vibes and he loosened up.

"Well, you are a good kid. I just…..don't want your life to be all about him Bella." He eyed her and I didn't like him telling her what to do.

"Dad its not just him. I met the whole family and I love all of them." And that was true. She did love my whole family and I'd have to share that information with them when we returned.

"Okay kid. You can move with me. I'll see what needs to be done for school and we'll update your room. I'm actually really happy you are coming." He was happy. I almost felt bad that I would be stealing his daughter away ninety percent of the time.

"Thanks Dad." She said and gave him a big hug.

We talked for a little while when Bella said she had a flight to catch early in the morning, which was a lie, and wanted to head back to our house and crash but that she would be back in a few days to move in. We could still be together but I'd have to keep her out of the public's eye.

Alice and Edward were playing a game of chess when we walked into the house. Alice playfully growled and glared at Bella. I guess she lost all her visions. "Alice do you want me to move it?"

"You can do that?" she asked excitedly.

"Wait will mine work too?" Edward asked just as excited.

"No Edward. Sorry. You're not getting inside my head." He pouted, "But Alice I can move it for you. I know the difference between a threat and a non threat and yours isn't a threat so I can let you in." she giggled and gave Alice a hug. "I moved it for Jasper, didn't you wonder why he could use his on me but no one else could?"

I was glad she didn't block me. But it scared me to know that she could. If she was angry or scared and didn't want me to know she could block me. I didn't like that one little bit.

Alice sat and I guess let her visions catch up or something. She was glazed over for hours watching visions of Bella and the family. Peter and Charlotte decided to go to a hotel until I cooled off. When Alice came out of her vision haze Bella poked her shoulder raised an eyebrow and they had a silent conversation.

"Oh my Carlisle!" Alice squealed. Bella giggled and Edward and I looked really confused because we were. Alice continued though, "Come on Bella. I totally know what you are looking for. I didn't know why I got it when I did but now I do." She was talking in circles and that drove us all nuts. Bella gave me a kiss and whispered in my ear, "meet me in the bedroom in twenty minutes."

I gulped and nodded. When they went upstairs I looked at Edward for help. "I don't know Jasper, she sings Barbie Girl when she doesn't want me to know."

"I'm scared to be with her. She's human and a virgin and I want to…" I was frustrated so I threw my hands in my hair.

"Dude Alice and I were virgins too you know. Two fumbling vampire virgins." He was trying to make me laugh. "You did tell her about Maria right?"

"Yeah I told her. She knows I'm not pure like her but I want it to be perfect." I sighed.

"Alice says it will be perfect because it will be you. She is herself to you as a gift. Now I have to go kick Emmett and Rosalie out. Carlisle and Esme are in Seattle and Alice and I are going to head out on a hunt. Go and have fun." He patted my shoulder and left me on my own. I went up to the bedroom and laid on the bed with my hand covering my face. I wasn't breathing but I heard the door open and then I sat up and when I did I was in total shock.

"Jazz, now I know you have been trying to stop yourself, but don't. I'm yours. I've always been yours and I'll always be yours. So take me and make me yours fully. Please. If you reject me, you'll break my heart." She whispered.

I looked her over and she was in a short sexy black robe and she had untied it while she was talking. Under it she had on a set of blood red lacy panties. The ones that hugged her little butt so nicely and let the bottom of her cheeks stick out. Her matching bra pushing her breasts up even more than usual and I just wanted to latch my mouth to them.

She shifted on her feet nervously. "Jazz?"

I held me hand out to her, "Bella, sweetheart, I love you." She grabbed my hand and I pulled her close to me. "I have loved you since I met you." I pushed the robe down off her shoulders and it caught on her elbows. I placed kisses along her shoulders and up the base of her neck. She moaned out and then tried to cover her mouth.

"The others are gone for the night Bella." I whispered but never took my mouth away from her body.

"Jazz," she moaned, "please."

We had kissed and semi explored before, but we'd never brought each other to release. I know I had a lot of self release after spending time with her. I grabbed her breast and squeezed her nipple. She let out a loud wanton moan and her legs started shaking. She was pushing out so much lust and desire and need, my knees started to feel weak. I pushed the robe down to the floor and unhooked her bra and laid her down on the bed. "Bella, are you okay?"

"Perfect." She replied.

"You tell me when you want to stop okay?"

"I don't want to stop Jazz." She rolled her hips into mine and I let out a moan of my own.

Bella's eyes about bugged out of her head, "Jazz?"

"It was a good noise Bella." I kissed her with everything I had and she reached her hands up to take off my shirt but I stopped her and pushed her hands down to my pants. She pushed them down to my ankles and I kicked them off. She reached her hand under my shirt again and I grabbed it to stop her. "Jazz it's okay. Remember I know and I love you for it." She placed her own set of kisses on my shoulders where my scars from the Wars were cluttered the most. My shirt was still on but she was trying to tell me she didn't disgust me and she actually felt proud of me.

"Please Jazz." She reached to the hem again and I didn't stop her this time. When she took it off and sat up and pushed me so she could sit on top of me. She kissed all over my bare chest and along every scar she could. Her kisses trailed down my arms, across my shoulders, my collar bone, even up my neck and to the one on my eye. i was almost in a frenzy with how much I wanted her. Our combined lust and desire and love was driving me insane. I needed her. Her kisses made their way back down and then I noticed she wasn't just kissing my scars, she when further down and licked the v shape of my hips. The had pushed herself between my knees and took my length in her mouth. I was surprised at first. As she took me closer and closer to the edge I was letting out strings of curse words and gripping her hair. I felt horrible that she was doing this, but I didn't want it to stop. I reached my climax and Bella sucked all my seed greedily.

"Bella, where the fuck did you learn how to do that?" I was angry. She shouldn't be that good.

"Cosmo Jasper. Lots of tips." She giggled.

I mock growled at her and flipped us over so she was under me. It was time to repay the favor. I followed the same path she had with the kisses and then when I reached her hot center I kissed along her thighs and just inhaled the aroma of her arousal. I nibbled on her thighs once more before diving into her center like a starving man at a buffet. It was a horrible metaphor, but that's how I felt. She was so wet and I just wanted to lick up all her juices. She kept calling out "Oh God." So I stopped.

"Bella, honey, I'm not God. My name is Jasper." I smirked and resumed my position and then I heard her scream my name as she finally let go and released. I lapped up her juices on my tongue to savor them just a moment.

I climbed up between her legs and positioned myself at her center. I didn't enter her, but I waited. She was blissed out and had a small smile on her face. "Bella are you okay?"

"Oh geez Jazz I am amazing." she giggled.

"Do you want to stop?" I asked testing her emotions, that's when she freaked. She didn't want to stop.

"No I said to make me yours and that's what we are going to do. Can I ask you something?" she was embarrassed and nervous.

"Anything Bella." I let my hands rub on her thighs, I had to constantly be touching her.

"Are you going mark me?" she whispered.

"Do you want me to?" I answered.

She nodded and pointed to her heart. "There?" I asked. And she nodded again. "I love you Jazz. So make me yours."

I entered her slowly and reached her barrier and sent her only happy emotions. I took in all her pain for myself and let out a whimper. When I was fully inside her I thought I would be the first vampire to pass out.

"Bella sweetheart, you feel so fucking amazing." I growled out with clenched teeth.

"Oh Jazz, harder please. You're not going to hurt me." She knew I was holding back, I wanted to just pound into her so hard, but her human body couldn't take that.

I thrust a little harder and heard her moans get louder as a result so I kept trying harder and harder just to test and see how far I could go with her. I never felt any pain from her all she felt was pleasure. When I tried to go even harder than I was I instantly found my own climax so I pinched her clit and she followed right after me. As she was experiencing hers I bit into the spot she pointed to and let out a loud "Mine" and started thrusting again. I only last for two minutes after that before I found a second release and my mate was coming undone underneath me.

I removed myself from her and got a washcloth to clean up the blood and other bodily fluids. When I came back from the bathroom Bella was tracing the scar on her arm. "Do they smell like the others that bit me?" She asked.

"It's hard to distinguish them but I know it's not my scent." I replied glumly.

"It bothers you?" she asked. "If you bit into it, would you cover all those scents?"

"Um…yes I guess it would, why are you asking?" I didn't want to bite her again tonight. She tasted better than anything I had ever tasted in my whole vampire life.

"Please? I know you hate it. I don't like having the mark of another on me. I'm yours." When she said 'yours' I couldn't help myself and without any warning I bit into the mark and covered it up, but as I did with her mating mark, I didn't release any venom.

"You are mine sugar and no one is going to take you from me." I assured her and she fell into a deep sleep, but not before whispering, "love you Jazz."

I laid with my mate for the night and pulled out my phone to call Peter. I told him we could talk in the morning and we were going to end these fucks that thought they could touch my mate. It may not be this week or this month, soon I would be the one to end them, one by one.

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