My Love Is Yours

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

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Jasper POV:

I felt my mate lay her hand on my shoulder before I could pounce on the visitor. "I asked you a question Denali scum."

"Oh Jasper do not link me into the same category as my sisters." Kate scoffed.

"Fine Katarina, state your purpose." I growled at her.

"I came to warn you Jasper. My sisters and their friends," she spat, "Are looking for your human. So I wanted to warn you." She shifted unnecessarily on her feet.

"What else is it? Your hiding something." I accused.

"My mating pull, well pulled me here." She said sheepishly. "He's close, but….I feel….something for your human. I just don't know what."

"She's my mate Kate, don't call her my human." I said defensively and then I reached out to her emotions. She was conflicted and she was longing for something else I assumed it was towards Bella.

"I'm sorry Jasper, I meant no disrespect." she walked away and Alice and Rose followed, I guess for a hunt.

I then turned to my mate, "Bella, why don't you go call  by Savings Sidekick\">your mother. I'd like to speak to Edward." She agreed and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

I looked at Edward, "Do you understand her longing that was directed at Bella?

He looked down at the floor, "My theory is, that Bella is related to Kate's mate."

"But Bella only has one living relative in Forks….its…" I trailed off….and the light bulb went on, "Holy Shit, It's Charlie!"

He nodded and the rest of the guys cracked up. "How do you like your mother in law there Major?" Peter chuckled.

"Bella is going to kill her." All of a sudden I heard my mate yelling.

"No you listen Mother, I am moving in with Charlie. I don't care what you do. No, you can't make me stay. Don't threaten me mother."

We all sat there listening for the response. "Isabella this is stupid, tell me where you are and I will come pick you up."

"Mother I have been in Forks for two days and I left Phoenix the day before that. Did you seriously not notice I wasn't home?" she was angry and upset. I seriously wanted to rip this woman's throat out.

"Bella, you are seventeen, I don't need to know your every move, and I was busy with Phil, you know how we get." She gave a girlish giggle that a woman of her age should not be sharing with her daughter.

"Yes Mother, I know, I've walked into the house countless times to see you both. Especially that one time he asked if I wanted to join you!" she yelled.

I was along with my family growling and snarling at the bastard that thought he could touch my mate and the scum of a mother she had that condoned such a thing.

"Oh really Bella, you need to get laid, it might loosen you up some. Your so uptight." She huffed like a toddler being put in time out.

"Just tell me when you won't be there and I'll come get my stuff." Bella was starting to lose her patience. Her mother never answered she just hung up.

Bella started crying and as I was about to go up the stairs I was stopped by Kate and Esme, "What's wrong with your….I mean Bella." Kate asked.

That's when it clicked and I understood, Kate saw Bella as her daughter and the longing was for a child. Esme on the other hand asked, "Jasper, maybe the girls and I should go up there. You go for a hunt. She'll be fine. Just needs some mother's love."

"And some sister love too!" Rose exclaimed as she followed Esme and Kate upstairs with Alice and Char.

Emmett clapped me on the shoulder, "Come on man, let's run it off." Apparently I looked like I was ready to kill someone.

We took off into the woods, each going out separate ways, with plans to meet in the clearing where we played baseball. I took down a few deer, it was enough to fill me up. When I met back up with the others in the field, Emmett tackled me. He wanted to wrestle out my anger and I was all for it. He would always come at me but I would move out of his way before he could take me down. I'd spin around and have his arm pinned behind him. It was very predictable.

After Emmett surrendered, Edward stood up off his rock her was perched on, "You don't have a shield covering you out her Jasper."

"You sure about that?" I chuckled. I could still feel her presence so that must be her shield.

"I can hear you Jasper." He stated.

"Yeah, but maybe she just pulled you under it too." The look on his face was hilarious. So I tackled him.

We had a good laugh. Then macho Peter stood up, "Wanna go brother."

"I think your mate would have my ass if you come back with a missin' limb." I coaxed.

"Hmmm Major, I don't think so. I think you'll find your mate will be bitching me out for making you cry like a girl." He challenged.

We circled each other and I waited for him to make the first move, but before he could, Rose came running into the clearing, "Jasper….Bella needs you."

I took off faster than I had ever run and went to find out what was wrong with my mate. "Bella?" I yelled as I entered the house, "Bella are you okay?"

When I entered my bedroom she just sat there, in the middle of the bed clutching a phone in her hand. "Bella?" she wasn't responding and no one else was around. I idly wondered where they were and why they left her alone like this.

I sat in front of her and reached to take the phone from her. It had an opened text message on the screen that read, "I can't wait to taste you again. Soon my pet."

She was clearly in shock. I was pissed as hell. I wanted to slam something or someone I really didn't care at the moment. "Bella sweetheart, come on, snap out of it." I placed kisses all over her face and even tried to nuzzle my head into her neck. When I let out my contentment purr was when she finally broke. She clung to me and sobbed.

"Oh Jazz, what am I going to do?" I wasn't sure what she meant but I'd deal with it.

"I'll keep you safe. I promise." I assured her.

"I'm not worried about me. I'm worried about my mom." She took the phone and opened another text message.

"Do you think your mother tastes as good as you?" It read.

I really couldn't find it in me to care. I hated that woman with a passion, but I didn't want Bella to be filled with guilt for her mother's death. "I'll send Peter and Char to go get your things and to check on her what do you think?"

"You think they are enough?" she sniffled.

"What do you suggest?" I rubbed my hand through her hair, trying to settle her crying.

"Well, I know you would probably be happier if Alice and Edward stayed here with their gifts, but Rose and Emmett could go." She offered. She was a genius. No wonder she was my mate.

I kissed the top of her head, "Perfect. You wanna come downstairs now? I think everyone's back and we need to explain some things to you." I really wasn't sure how to tell my mate that her father was going to be mated to a succubus.

"Is it bad? I mean I can't take anymore bad." She shook her head.

"No sweetheart, well I guess it's good. I'm not sure how you will take it. But it's not bad." I offered her my hand and she took it without thought.

We walked down stairs and everyone was paired off except for Kate, she stood by the window watching the drive way. She looked like she was waiting for someone, and I guess she was, but she looked sad and Bella noticed. She went over and took Kate's hand and pulled her to couch to sit next to us. She curled into my side but kept one hand in Kate's.

"Bella, we think we know who Kate's mate is." I felt no surprise from Kate, so I guess the others had already informed her.

"Oh yeah, do you know them? Do they go to school with you?" She was excited for Kate, I wondered how long it was going to last.

"Well, um…yes we know them. When Kate went to leave for her hunt earlier I felt her emotions and she was longing for something." I was interrupted by my mate, "Yeah her mate duh Jazz…geez…" she scoffed.

"Well, it was directed at you." Her eyes got as big as saucers.

"Sorry Kate, you seem nice and all, but I'm not a lesbian. No offence, you're pretty and all but I just…don't swing that way. Jazz here is enough for me to handle." She giggled.

"No…Bella…stop interrupting and I can finish." I paused waiting to see if she would hush and she did, "Okay, so Edward and I hypothesized that her mate, was related to you."

She sat silent for a moment then she yelled out, "CHARLIE! Oh God, that's the only person I'm related to in this town. Holy Shit. You and my dad?" she jumped up pacing around the room. "I…holy…." She started muttering to herself but no one could hear it.

"Bella, do you hate me?" Kate whispered.

"God no. As long as you don't eat him, I'm fine. Oh and I don't want to know about the sex or see it…ever." She shivered in disgust.

"Bells, you know what Katie is right?" Emmett asked trying not to laugh.

"A vampire duh." She huffed at him.

"Well…..there's that, but I am also known as a succubus." She said shyly and I swear she would have been blushing if she was human.

"A succubus." Bella repeated. "Okay. I'll stick to the 'I don't wanna know, hear or see anything to do with sex with my dad' comment from earlier."

"Really? You're okay with your dad and me…." She trailed off.

"Oh yeah. I think you'll be great. Just…..umm…you should tell him before you start anything. I don't want you to lie to him." She sighed. I knew that she hated that I lied to her for so long, but seriously how are you supposed to tell an eight year old that you are a vampire and that they are destined to be your mate.

"Maybe we can invite him over tomorrow." Carlisle suggested. He turned to Alice for conformation.

"Yeah, he'll come. And it'll be fine." She giggled and Edward full out belly laughed when she replayed it for him. Those two knew everyone's secrets.

Peter cleared his throat unnecessarily, "Um….Kate, dear did you know what your sisters were doing to Bella?"

Her excitement went right out the window and she looked down at her lap, "I'm sorry Bella. I did know. They invited me. They said that…..that you enjoyed it, that you were a sex freak and you liked having them drink from you. I know that's not true now. I overheard Tanya and Irina talking to Randall and he said that it was payback to Jasper for what he had done. I didn't know what it meant so Randall went on to explain how you guys met and when they said that they wanted to take you out before you got back to Jasper, I knew I had to tell you. They fear for their lives now. They have always feared Jasper. I don't know many who don't." she was talking a mile a minute and at first I wasn't sure if Bella could keep up.

Bella had tears running down her face, "They were going to kill me?" Everyone in the room growled at the thought of her being dead. "If Peter and Char hadn't come back that night, I would be dead?" She was talking, but mostly to herself. "Um….Jazz, I need some….alone time okay? I'm gonna go take a bath and just… alone okay?"

"You don't have ask sweetheart. Go on, I'll be up in a little bit." I kissed her cheek and she walked up the stairs but turned and mouthed "I love you" to me. I sent her waves of my love for her and she let out a contentment sigh.

"Alice do you have an idea who has the bounty out for Peter and Char?" I asked.

"Um….Jasper, actually its, You, me and Char." Peter shifted on his feet.

"Me? There's a bounty on my head? Who the fuck is stupid enough to come after all three of us at once?" I mused to the room.

Alice gasped and fell into a vision. We waited patiently (or at least we tried to) for both Edward and Alice to analyze the vision before we asked questions.

"Jasper…that man…..James, that's what Peter called him. The one with the redhead? He…..he…..knows me." She whispered and Edward growled.

"He plays with his food Jasper. He likes the hunt of it. But he's into the torture too. Like they've been doing to Bella, he also did to Alice before she was changed." He was pissed that his mate had been used that way, yeah well welcome to the fucking club brother.

"How do you know that Edward? Is Alice having visions of the past now?" Carlisle asked.

"No….He told me so. He….we chase him and he…." She started sobbing, "He gets passed Edward and says he wants to keep Bella and me as trophies of his accomplishments."

I let out an angry roar and smashed the coffee table sitting in the living room. "I want this fucker dead. Now! Where is he right now Alice?"

"Jasper, I can't see them that well. Irina and Tanya know about my gift, they know how to get around it." she said feeling defeated.

"It's fine Alice. I'm sorry for yelling." I gave Edward a nod for an apology. He returned it and wrapped an arm around Alice's shoulders.

"I'm gonna take her upstairs. I'll still listen to everything else, but….." he trailed off and picked Alice up bridal style. I'd never seen her look so week and I was worried about her mental well being.

"Jasper, you said that Aro knew about Bella? Do you think we should call him as well?" Rose asked.

"Um….I'll have Bella call Jane, they are really close." I sighed and ran my hands through my hair. This was a fucked up situation.

If I was smart I would have told the Cullen's about Bella and when we moved here two years ago, I could have gotten Bella here too, and we would have been together the whole time. None of this fucking mess would be happening because if Randall came after her I would have been close enough to do something about it. I was so angry with myself for not taking care of my mate. I let her get hurt. I broke her heart. I just….fucked it all up. She's so perfect and I'm flawed in every way.

"Dammit Jasper, stop the self loathing." I heard Peter yell.

"I'm fine." I growled.

"Well, I have to get to the hospital. I have the night shift tonight." Carlisle said.

"Be careful." Esme whispered, "Keep your eyes open and call if there is any trouble." She gave him a kiss on the cheek and retreated to her room.

"Peter, Char, you guys need to go get Bella's stuff from her mom's. This bastard text her asking if her mother would taste as good as she did. I know we all hate the bitch, but I need you guys to make sure she's alright. Bella would like for you to take Emmett and Rose with you. It'll work out because they aren't expected at school on Monday. You guys can leave after Charlie comes tomorrow." I took a deep unnecessary breath, "Kate, I want you to hunt. You can't put your mate or mine in danger. Then when you get back, maybe Rose, Alice and Esme can help you pick out an outfit for meeting your mate." She gave me a big smile and nodded. "Don't go alone." I warned her.

Emmett and Rose offered to go with her and Peter and Char went up to the guest room Esme had set up for them. I heard Bella humming in tub. I knew she liked to listen to music or read when she relaxed in there. I wanted to join her but I had to check on Alice and Edward first. I approached the door with a small knock.

"Come in Jasper." Edward called. They were huddled on the bed and if I didn't know any better, I'd think Alice was asleep.

"How's she doing?" I asked nodding my head towards Alice's limp body.

"She's scared and worried, I'm sure you can feel that," he raised an eyebrow and I nodded, "But…her thoughts are so jumbled. She's trying to find a solution but she can't and she's trying to find out about the bounty on your heads. It's just too much for her when she can't figure it out. She feels….helpless." he placed a kiss on her forehead and I heard her purr come from her chest. She was in good care with Edward. He'd gladly give up his life for hers, just as I would for Bella.

"Well, I'm going to bed with Bella. I'll see you guys in the morning." He chuckled and said good night.

I walked into the bedroom to see Bella getting out of the tub and drying off. "Well isn't this just the sight." I drawled out for her.

She jumped in surprise and I was in her face at vampire speed. "Can I do that sweetheart? Will you let me take care of you?"

She idly just nodded her head and stared at me. Her lust was almost crippling. "Hi Jazz." She finally answered.

"Hi to you too doll, now come here, let your Jazz take care of you." I purred against her shoulder. Her knees got weak and I reached out to catch her.

"What are you doing sweetheart? Can't have you fallin' down now can we?" I let out an amused chuckle and finally pried the towel from her hands. She had one wrapped around her hair and the other her body. I rubbed down her arms and her legs and around her round booty giving it a squeeze for good measure.

"Jazz," she breathed out, "Please."

"Please what doll?" I feigned innocence.

"Take me…." She begged.

"And why would I do that my Bella?" she huffed in annoyance.

"Fine, you don't wanna take me Jazz? I'll take you." She giggled and pushed me towards the bed. Of course I had to let her, because honestly her human self could not move me.

She gave me a good shove and my knees connected with the bed and I fell flat on my back. Bella dropped the towel I had wrapped around her body then she bent over (purposely showing me her ass and giving it a little shake) and shook her hair out of the towel in holding it up. Her wet tendrils were wrapped into almost perfect curls and she smelled so sweet. She climbed on top of me and I couldn't stop my eyes from watching her breasts bounce up and down.

"Mr. Whitlock, you have on too many clothes." She purred out seductively.

She stripped me of my two t-shirts and my jeans and boots faster than I had ever seen a human do. "Anxious much?" I joked.

"You have no idea." She grinned evilly. Then without so much as a word to me, she reached into my boxers and pulled out my cock and closed her mouth over it. She bobbed her head up and down and I grabbed onto the sheets of the bed to prevent my hands from going to her hair so I could go deeper. But as if she could read my mind, she took me as far as she could. She didn't even gag. I felt her moved to hover my one leg and she started to move her sex against my thigh as she bobbed her head. She was getting off too!

"Do you like that Bella?" she hummed against me and I almost lost it.

"Come here my naughty girl." I pulled her away from me and spun us around so I was on top of her. I entered her slowly trying to sense any pain she may have been in. But my girl surprised me and dug her heels into my ass trying to push me further.

"You want more doll?" I kissed the mark on her neck and up to the shell of her ear.

"Please Jazz….please." she moaned. So I pulled out of her and put her up on her hands and knees.

"Stay like that…." I ordered and I smelled her arousal grow. She liked being ordered around. We might have fun with that later. I entered her again and she pushed back against me so I gave her a swift slap on her ass, "Stay still sugar….I know what you want."

She wanted more and I gave it to her. I probably would be yelled at by the others for taking her too hard later, but she enjoyed it and never complained. Her hips and thighs might be sore after but she'll be fine.

"Please Jazz….." she wanted to come and I was holding her release in the palm of my hands. I thrust into her hard, repeatedly and finally felt her clamp down and let myself follow after her. She collapsed against the pillows and started lightly snoring.

I cleaned her up and snuggled into bed against her but not before throwing my t-shirt from earlier on her. I laid with her for over an hour before someone came to bother us. I should have known it would be Peter.

"Well Major, I think she got the point." He scoffed.

"What point Peter?" I really wasn't trying to prove one.

"Who's' in charge Major. She tried to control you, and you took it and showed her exactly who she belonged too." He chuckled. Oh Dear Lord, he was going to tease her mercilessly for this.

"Don't say a word to her Peter." I ordered my oldest friend.

"Wouldn't dream of it." he chuckled and walked away. Bastard.

Bella slept peacefully until the next morning. When she woke up, she stretched like a cat and then I felt the pain coming from her and I freaked out.

"Oh Bella, what hurts sweetheart?" I said frantically searching for the source of her pain.

"Oh Jazz," she mocked, "Calm down, I'm fine, just a little sore." She blushed.

She took another shower and I joined her, without any funny business. No doubt she tried but I refused to take her when she was in pain. She pouted, but I won out overall.

As we were getting dressed she asked, "Do you think I can go check on Alice?"

"Sure sweetheart, you go check on Alice and I'll make you some breakfast. You're hungry right?" She made an ugly face at the mention of food. I hated this. She was too damn tiny.

"Maybe just some fruit Jazz?" she gave me her pout again and this time I consented. As I walked down to the kitchen Char caught me.

"She needs to eat real food Jasper." She chided.

"I can't force her Char, she'll get sick if I do." I rebutted.

Edward came down the stairs with a smile on his face, "Hey Jasper that was really nice of Bella to want to check on Alice."

"Yeah I thought so too, how is she?" I asked ignoring Char's stares.

"She's better. Bella asked her to help pick something to wear to tell her dad. I started to crack up and Alice kicked me out." He chuckled.

Bella was really great for the family. I'd never really seen Edward so laid back. Rose was acting…different too.

"Anyone heard from Carlisle?" I asked noticing everyone was in the kitchen watching me hunt for some fruit for Bella.

"Jasper I put the fruit in the microwave….." Esme interjected, "And he said he'll be home in an hour and he saw Charlie and invited him to lunch here."

"Lunch!" Kate screeched. "That's not enough time. Oh boy, what if he doesn't like me? What if he hates me? What if he runs away? What if he takes Bella? Oh God I think I'm hyperventilating." We all stood around staring at her probably all wondering how a vampire hyperventilates.

"Kate…." I said in my calm voice, "You'll be fine. I think Swan's are made for this life." I told her honestly spotting the love of my existence coming down the stairs with Alice.

"Okay, should we make him something to eat? What does he like?" She rattled off more questions and Bella just looked at her and flat out laughed.

"You'll be fine Katie, calm down. My dad likes anything." She kept chuckling and was clutching to Alice to stay upright.

Once she composed herself she came over and gave me a kiss on the cheek and I wrapped my arm around her waist. "Let's watch a movie til the Chief comes." Peter suggested.

So we popped some horror movie in and Bella flipped out every five seconds. She kept hiding her face in my shoulder asking if the bad part was over yet, but as soon as she would look another scene would start so she'd go back to hiding. I didn't mind having her wrapped around me like that, so I couldn't even be mad at Emmett for choosing the movie.

Around eleven Bella and Kate took off to the kitchen. They were going to make the Chief some lunch while the rest of us talked strategy about telling him.

"Hey thinks Bells is back in Phoenix. What are we going to do about that?" Emmett asked.

"Well she can sit on the steps, close enough to hear what's going on but far enough that he wont see her." I suggested.

The others agreed. "So do we let Kate answer the door and see what happens?" Rose asked.

I turned to Alice. "No Kate stays upstairs with Bella. Carlisle explains about our family, then Charlie asks what he has to do with it and Jasper says 'two reasons, your daughter is my mate and yours is sitting right on those steps with her.' Then Kate and Bella come downstairs and…..I'm not sharing the rest." She giggles.

"Fair enough." Carlisle said, contemplating what he's going to say probably.

"Peter, Char, why don't you guys go do a perimeter check." I suggest. They nod and take off.

"Why them Jasper?" Edward asks knowing he's a better tracker.

"I don't want you and Alice to run into these guys Ed." I said sympathetically. He wanted a piece of these guys as much as I did.

"Did Bella call Jane?" Rose asked.

"Not yet." Actually I had forgotten to ask her to call when we….were occupied last night. The chuckles went around in the room. Before I knew it the door bell was ringing and Kate was racing Bella up the stairs, "Love you Jazz." She yelled out as she buzzed by.

I chuckled and yelled back a "love you too."

Esme went to answer the door while the rest of us settled into our positions in the living room. "Hey everybody, I don't wanna sound rude or anything, but…what's going on." He asked the room and eyed me suspiciously.

"Charlie, there are some things we need to share with you. Why don't you come and sit down?" Carlisle was so diplomatic, I bet if they sent him over to the Middle East he could stop all that fighting.

Charlie nodded but didn't say a word. He sat across from me and kept his eyes on me. "Okay, well, I guess we'll come out with it. Charlie do you believe in the supernatural?"

"Like ghosts and stuff?" He asked, (still eyeing me) he was creepin' me out.

"Something like that." Carlisle relented and sighed, "We're vampires Charlie. We are blood drinking vampires."

He let that settle and just like Bella he shrugged and gave Carlisle a look that said carry on. "Well, see I was born over three hundred years ago. Jasper here was a Major in the Civil War. Edward and Rosalie are from the Victorian era and so on and so forth, do you understand Charlie?"

"Are you going to drink my blood? Is that why I'm here?" Charlie asked.

"No Charlie, my family drinks from animals. That's why we have gold eyes. Other's have red eyes. Like Jasper's brother Peter and his mate Charlotte." I felt Carlisle calm down exponentially when Charlie didn't flip out.

"So what's this gotta do with me?" he asked again, then it was my turn.

"Charlie, there are two reasons. The first is that Bella is my mate. I've been with her on and off since she was eight years old and attacked by a nomadic vampire. The other is that your mate is here and wants to meet you. She's right up those stairs with Bella. Would you like to meet her?"

He just stared at me, his emotions ranging from anger, hate, then finally changing to acceptance. "How long has Bells known?"

"Umm since she was…..twelve?" I answered like it was a question. I was scared he would think I told her too soon.

"And how long have you been…..together?" he asked cautiously.

"I didn't kiss her until her sixteenth birthday, Charlie. I promise." I held my hands up in innocence. I thought I did really well. I went almost a decade without claiming my mate.

"And you said I have a mate, and she's here? Do I have a choice?" I felt Kate starting to freak out.

"You have choice of course, why don't you just meet her and see what happens." I called out lowly to Kate and asked her to come down the stairs. The rest of the family was sitting on edge waiting to see what happened. "Charlie, meet Katarina Denali, or Kate as we call her. Kate, this is Charlie Swan, he's Bella's dad."

Charlie and Kate just stared at each other not saying a word, but I felt the lust rising and I was seriously grossed out. My mate's parental lusting was almost as bad as Esme and Carlisle lusting after each other.

Bella came up and sat in my lap and snuggled into my shoulder. "Dad are you okay?" she asked.

"Angel, you're an angel." He said to Kate. He reached to offer her a hand to shake but he ended up groping her breast. Not sure how that happens but he did. He blushed a red I hadn't even ever seen on Bella and the others chuckled to themselves.

"Bella and I made you some lunch Charlie, maybe while you eat, we can talk…" Kate suggested nervously.

"Anything you say Angel." And he followed her into the kitchen.

Bella giggled and the others couldn't help themselves. "Charlie's got it bad!"

"You know we need to tell him the bad stuff too right?" I said to Bella.

"You're going to tell her how bad my mom was to me aren't you?" she questioned.

"I have to Bella, I'm sorry. He needs to know that I can take care of you when I need to, like I have been doing." I was getting mad, why did she want to protect the insufferable woman?

"We need to be easy on him. Monitor his emotions and don't let him have a heart attack Jazz." She chided me.

"Okay sweetheart. I think Peter, Char, Rose and Em, should head out now." I told the room. They agreed and Peter pulled me aside.

"You ashamed of us brother? You keep sending us away." He pouted like a child.

"No I trust you the most, that's why I ask you." I assured him.

Charlie and Kate returned to the living room after eating holding hands. Bella squealed and went to hug them both. I couldn't hold back a laugh and neither could the others.

"Charlie, we need to tell you some other things." Edward jumped right in.

"Okay hit me with it Edward." He said never taking his eyes off Kate.

"Well first off, some of us have gifts. I can read minds, Alice can see the future, Jasper can feel and manipulate emotions, Kate can put an electric shock through her hands, and Bella," he was cut off by Charlie.

"What do you mean Bella? Bella isn't a vampire yet." I loved hearing 'yet' coming out of his mouth.

"That's the part I'm trying to get to sir." Edward tried again. He knew I couldn't get through this without flipping out I had to tell it.

"Dad, there are like seven vampires who have been…..hunting me in Phoenix. They used me like a farm, they would bite me, drink from me and seal the wound. When they did, they left a little bit of venom and my gift started to show. I can block mental and physical attacks." Bella announced. Physical attacks? She didn't tell us that part?

"And are these people dead?" Charlie glared at me.

"Not yet sir, I promise you, they will be. There is more to be told Charlie about me." I looked at my mate's father and was actually scared he would take her away from me when he heard the story of my past.

So I started out slow, telling him what I knew of my human life. He enjoyed those facts, but when I got to the Vampire War's, his eyes got really wide. He never interrupted but he cringed back at certain points.

"Are you telling me all this, so I know that you can protect my daughter?" he asked.

"No sir, I just wanted you to know the truth." I said full of shame. Bella, though, wasn't having it. She put her hand under my chin and lifted it.

"Jasper Whitlock, don't you dare be ashamed of your life. You did what you had to do. You didn't know another way!" she exclaimed. "I am so thankful to Edward and Alice for saving you, but don't be ashamed."

"So wait, Jasper, you and Rosalie aren't brother and sister?" Charlie asked.

"No sir, we just pretend, to keep up appearances, just like Emmett and Edward aren't siblings either." I explained.

"So your actually older than everyone but Carlisle?" he eyed me.

I nodded and Bella hushed him, "Why don't you ask Kate how old she is Dad?" he blushed and turned to Kate.

"Oh Charlie, I'm…..even older than Carlisle. My sisters and I are part of the succubus legend." She offered and I forgot we didn't tell him that part.

"Succubus?" he stuttered.

"Yeah Charlie." She battered her eyelashes and he just caved in.

"Now what about these people that messed with Bells, do you know them?" he asked the room. Kate's eyes got really big.

"Charlie, two of them are my sisters. Another is my sister's mate." She looked ashamed.

"Katie bug it's not your fault." Bella looked at me and mouthed "Katie Bug?" I shrugged and we both tried not to laugh.

"I'm sorry Charlie, I already love Bella and I can't stand to see her hurt." Kate confessed. Bella gasped and looked at her then back to me for a conformation and I gave it to her. The tears welled up into her eyes and she ran to them for another hug.

She pulled away and came back to my lap (damn Charlie was still eye balling be) and Charlie cleared his throat, "So you guys are going to protect her right?"

"With my own life" I answered.

"I'm sure that won't be necessary, I'm guessing you'll want her hear at night? Should we even move her stuff to my house?" Charlie questioned.

"Dadddy," Bella exaggerated out, "Maybe I can stay here with Jazz and everyone and Kate can stay with you and keep you safe." She was so damn smart! I get to keep her and her dad and Kate don't have to be getting busy in the same house.

"Bells, I just met the woman today." He whispered not knowing we could hear him anyway. "Shouldn't we go on dates and stuff first?"

"Charlie maybe I could interrupt," Edward asked, "If you think about not ever seeing Kate again how do you feel?"

Charlie's face got really pale and he looked sick. He was starting to panic. "Kate….purr." I suggested knowing it helped calm Bella.

When she did he clung to her and wouldn't let her go. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. Don't leave."

Bella was freaked out too, obviously not used to seeing her dad so unhinged. "Bella sweetheart, why don't you girls go upstairs and clear some space in my room for your stuff. Oh and make a call to Jane and let her know what's going on okay?"

I was politely kicking her out and she knew it. Each of the girls gave their mate's a kiss and went upstairs. Bella lingered, "Be careful with him Jazz, I mean it. I don't care what you tell him, but don't blurt it all out without making sure he's okay first." She gave me another kiss and went up the stairs.

"Charlie, there are some other things I need to tell you but I didn't want Bella to hear." I pulled him to the side. The others all took off to their separate ways.

"What is it Jasper?" he asked full of curiosity.

"I need to tell you how Bella really grew up….." and I told him every single detail I knew and didn't spare him any of the horrible things his ex-wife did. I even included the phone call from earlier in the day. When I finished, he was bordering on murderous with his anger.

We all relaxed the rest of the day Charlie and Kate went to his house to settle in. Bella went to bed early since we all had school in the morning. I just hoped those stupid girls didn't try anything, well…..stupid. It was going to be an interesting day.

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