My Love Is Yours

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Jasper POV:

Alice sent out the invites and the RSVP's were in. This event was more talked about than even the prom. Sometimes I thought that the students of Fork's High School thought they were attending a meeting with the Queen of England instead of a birthday party at the Cullen Mansion.

The girls had gone out during the weekend and all got dresses. They were locked up with more security than Fort Knox. I wanted to see Bella's but Alice swore I couldn't see it before the party and then I was stupid enough to say "that's her wedding dress" which brought on the million questions about when the actual wedding and what she could do to plan it. She wasn't even done planning one event and she wanted to do another.

The family decided to give Bella her birthday presents at a 'family dinner' where only Charlie and Bella would eat but we could all sit and have conversation like a normal family. I was nervous to give my present. It was sentimental and significant at the same time. I talked to Charlie and explained the reasoning behind my gift and he stared at me in awe and put me through the embarrassment of explaining the practices of mated vampires, which I gladly answered after he hit me with the whole, "you asked my daughter to marry you without my blessing" thing and made me feel guilty.

We walked in from school and Kate pounced on Bella with a hug.

"Oh my baby is getting married!" she squealed. All the ladies looked at her and I felt Bella's heart sore.

Bella's eyes were full of tears threatening to shed when Charlie glared at me, "You asked my daughter to marry you son?" I really fucking hated that 'son' thing.

"Yes sir I did. I've been in Bella's life for the last decade making sure she was taken care of and loved, all I did was promise to keep doing that for eternity." I countered back to his nasty attitude. He was feeling straight out hate but he was angry.

"Don't fight." Bella whispered from Kate's arms.

"Charlie Swan, don't you try and intimidate that man, you know his history, I don't think he's really all that afraid of you. I think he pretends for your sake." Kate chastised her mate.

"Well I guess I can't say anything but "Welcome to the Family son." He sighed.

"Charlie, you do know that I'm over 100 years older than you right?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, but you are marrying my daughter, so unless you want me to call you a creepy old man, I am going to call you son." He shrugged.

"Alright Chief whatever you say." Then I looked at him seriously and said, "Chief you know that vampires have um…mating practices?" I asked hoping Kate helped me out a bit.

"Um, I don't wanna hear about your sex life with my daughter Jasper." He shivered in disgust.

"No, sir, I mean, um….well, we lay a claim on our mates." I started, "like I bit Bella when we first…um..." I coughed to cover it, "Anyway, if you notice, Esme, Alice, and Rose all have Cullen crests somewhere on their person at all times. Usually their necklaces or Esme's ring. Anyway, um, Peter and I, as Whitlock's have our own thing. We just….well we just give our mate a necklace with the name "Whitlock" on it. It's to the point and obvious but…"

He cut me off, "I got it Jasper, I take it you want to give Bella her's for her birthday?" I nodded and we chuckled and just like that everything was okay.

Bella wasn't into the whole 'getting dressed up' thing so she talked Alice into letting the family dinner be just jeans and such and promised to let her do whatever she wanted when it came to the party. That was Bella's mistake, I tried to warn her but she gave me that look that had me quivering in fear. So I put on some jeans and a white t-shirt and threw a red flannel over it, added my boots and I was ready to go. I had taken all of five minutes to pick all my stuff out and Bella was like me in that way, we were low maintenance. I bet Edward was still trying to figure out which of his many collard shirts to wear. I let out a low chuckle and picked up Bella's present from my dresser.

Esme and Kate were working together in the kitchen to make Bella and Charlie's dinner. They wanted easy and the mother's of the group wanted something served in a five star restaurant. I wondered when this family would realize that the Swans' weren't like that? I gave Esme and Kate each a kiss on the cheek and asked if I could help. They told me to set the table which was easy enough at vampire speed.

The others were finally starting to join us when I finished and everyone took a place at the table. My girl though deserved a special entrance and Alice was giving it to her. She cleared her throat unnecessarily and giggled, then she spoke like a runway commentator, "Today we have Isabella Swan soon to be Whitlock wearing her favorite worn in jeans and a green checkered flannel shirt, you'll find that she will match her fiancé with his red flannel, they are two peas in a pod wouldn't you say Rose?"

"Yes Alice, I think I just might, although, our girl Bella is rocking her high top converses while Jasper over there has on his signature cowboy boots, what ever will we do with these two?" Rose chuckled.

"Ha ha I get it guys, I hate all the fashionable ness-ness stuff and I like my comfort. Oh the blasphemy. Can we eat? And be nice to me it's my birthday." My beautiful Bella smirked. "Hey Jazz, I missed you today." She gave me a small kiss and I led her to the table.

Bella and Charlie ate and we all small talked. The girls were excited about the up coming party, I think even Bella was or maybe she was just excited to see Alice so happy. I wasn't sure and made a mental note to figure that out later.

Carlisle stood at the end of the table and clapped his hands together. "Alright Miss Bella, as the birthday girl you get to decide, cake or presents first?"

Bella blushed and chose presents. So Alice flittered to the small table she had set up for everyone's present and handed Bella a box. "Hmmm whatever could this be?" Bella giggled. When she opened it she was confused. She picked the item up and looked at Alice, "Hangers? You got me hangers for my birthday?"

"No silly, I got you clothes and they were on those hangers. But I put them on better ones in your closet." She stared at Bella like it was obvious, "Oh yeah there maybe be a few teeny tiny accessories added in your closet along with some um more shoes."

Bella glared at Alice then turned to Edward, "Will you please take away her credit cards or call Shopper-holic's anonymous?"

Everyone got a good laugh out of Bella's joke and Emmett and Rose handed Bella their present in a small box that looked like jewelry. Bella opened it and then closed it really fast before I could sneak a peak over her shoulder. "You get this one Jazz."

"Why?" I turned to Rose, "What did you get her?"

"You'll see Jasper, have patience." Emmett chuckled and I felt his mischievousness levels rising. I opened the small box and inside was a sketch with my initials inside a heart with stars around it.

"What is this?" I turned to look at Rose and Emmett and then to Bella. She used her finger to summon me over to her spot in the kitchen. She pulled the left side of her jeans down from her hip and pointed. "Um Rose and Emmett took me earlier this week." She said nervously.

I looked down and there was a tattoo and my initials, just like the sketch on her body. "You inked my initials on you? Forever?" I asked flabbergasted.

"Yeah it goes with the "Major" I have on the inside on my wrist." She chuckled.

"Your wrist?" I asked, "I never noticed this?" I said picking up her left hand.

"You favor my right hand. Plus my bites are on my right, so you um…yeah favor it I guess." She giggled. "Do you not like it?"

"I love it and we will be exploring it later." I growled playfully.

Charlotte went and grabbed their box and beckoned us back to the table. "Now be careful when you open this sugar." She warned.

"Did Peter put prank peanut brittle in it again?" Bella laughed.

"No sugar, no such thing, you just need to be…easy." She eyed her seriously and Bella knew she meant business.

Bella slowly opened the box and I heard her take in a sharp breath, "Why did you do this?" she had tears running down her face. She reached into the box and pulled out an old book, she handed it to be, "Look Jazz, its Moby Dick." Charlotte was sitting on the other side of her so she leaned over and gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"You got her a signed copy first edition?" I questioned looking the book over. Then I was pissed that I hadn't thought of something quite so awesome.

Bella was in a daze with her new book but Carlisle and Esme were bursting at the seams too. Carlisle stood again and looked at Bella, "Sweetheart we have two gifts for you, one is your birthday gift and one is something all of us have."

He handed her a big box like the size of Peter and Char's and my Bella ripped into it excitedly. She never did have any patience. She let out a squeal that would rival Alice's and started jumping around dancing. "Oh my God! I cannot believe it!" She ran around the table and pulled both of them into a giant hug. I think if they were human they would have been asking for air.

"Are you going to tell the rest of us what it is?" Emmett asked impatiently.

"Pride and Freaking Prejudice! And it's signed!" she squealed again and danced her way back to her seat.

"It's one of her favorites." I told the room. Carlisle slid over another small box and told Bella, "You deserve this."

She opened the box and inside was a Cullen Crest charm bracelet. "We all have different versions. The guys like the arm bands and the girls have necklaces but I thought you might like a bracelet and you can add other charms to it." Esme explained. It was different than a vampire mate claim that I was giving her this was a Coven claim, just like the Volturi had.

"I love it." Bella whispered and had tears running down her face. It was strange how one present had her so excited and happy and the other had her feeling very sentimental and loved.

"Well," Charlie stood and cleared his throat, "I have two presents for you too. One if from your Grandma Swan and the other Katie helped me pick." He slid both boxes to her and sat back down.

The first she opened was a digital camera. I looked at Charlie, then to Bella and then to Peter and Char, I knew I got her one last Christmas and wondered what happened to it.

"Jazz, don't." she warned.

"Don't what Bella? I'm curious." I shrugged.

"She sold it okay? My mother sold the beautiful camera my boyfriend bought me so she could have some money." She stood and hugged her dad but ignored me. "Thanks Dad, Kate."

She sat back down in her chair and took the other small box and opened it. "They're beautiful." She said in awe, "Alice do you think we can put these in my hair for my party?" she asked showing the room some hair combs that looked to have sapphires in them.

"I think we can handle that." Alice smirked.

"You knew! Of course you knew." Bella accused, "I don't even know why I ask questions." She giggled.

Esme went to get the cake and we sang "Happy Birthday" to my sweet girl but she was still angry with me and I knew that. While Charlie dug into his second piece of cake and Bella nibbled at her first piece I came up behind her and wrapped my hands around her waist, "You forgot my present doll." I felt her shiver with desire and she turned to face me.

"Oh really? You got me something?" she smirked.

"I did, would you like it?" I asked pulling the small box from my hands.

"Give it." she demanded. I held it over my head and shook my head no. "Please Jazz? I want my present." She pouted.

"Alright I guess you can have it." I chuckled and handed her the box.

She sat down on the sofa and placed the box on her lap. "Jazz, you better not have gotten me more jewelry, this ring is enough to last me an eternity. You know I love it but…." She trailed off when she got the lid off. "Oh my God." She whispered.

She looked at me, then to Peter and Charlotte and we all gave her nods. Then she looked to her dad and he was just plain confused. "It's my Whitlock necklace." She whispered to the room. "My very own." Then she looked at me with tears in her eyes, "Will you put it on me Jazz?"

"You know what it means right?" I whispered pretending we were the only ones in the room. "You are mine forever now."

"I always have been." She answered back with a kiss.

"I'm sorry about your camera. And your mom." I relented.

"I'm not, I'm only sorry I didn't get to use it but this one Dad and Kate got me is just as good. Maybe we can go to the baseball clearing and take some pictures sometime?" she said full of hope. I couldn't deny her so just nodded.

We spent the rest of the night talking about plans for Bella's big party. The town was buzzing, even some of the parents wanted to attend. Bella's family dinner had been on a Wednesday and the party was planned for that Friday. Thursday at school all the girls were talking about what they were wearing and how they were doing their hair. Angela Webber was a quiet girl who hung out with the popular crowd but stayed pretty much to herself. Bella had taken up a friendship with her and I guess it was a good thing. In Phoenix Bella kept mostly to herself, she said she didn't want to be friends with someone she couldn't share her whole life with, and that meant me.

Bella and Angela were walking to lunch Thursday afternoon when Bella asked her what she was wearing to the party. Angela blushed and pushed her glasses back up for face, "I don't know if I'm going to be able to come Bella, I just….didn't have the money to do something so extravagant."

Bella frowned and I felt her sadness. I decided I would speak to Alice and make sure she could pick something up and get it to Angela without her knowing in time for the party. Alice caught my eye and nodded showing me she got my decision. I smirked back and attempted to take my girl back, "Miss Angela, I think you will be fabulous in anything you wear and I'm sure Mr. Cheney will adore your company." I laid on my accent and Angela blushed and turned away to join her table saying she would see us all later.

"You shouldn't do that to unsuspecting humans Jazz, you almost gave her a heart attack." Bella playfully smacked my shoulder and we continued on with our day.

The next day the buzz was even crazier. The guys were trying to think about ways to get laid, the girls were trying to decide if their dresses were slutty or classy, it was a mess, and I really just wanted to call it a day.

My cell vibrated, "Jasper, blood typing in Bio, get Bells out." The text read. We had just walked into class and I had to get her out.

"Bella, we gotta go." I said grabbing our bags.

"Why Jazz? Is everything okay?" she said full of concern.

"Yeah doll, just blood typing today, you and I cannot be here for it." I chuckled as I watched her face pale. Bella hated blood, always had.

"Let's go." She ordered and pointed towards the door. I dazzled our teaching saying that we knew our types and that Bella would seriously pass out if we didn't get out of there. He understood and let us go for the day.

When we got back to the house, everyone else was already there and I was instructed to hand over my mate or fear the pixie. Bella begged me not to let go, but I gave in and handed her over. The girls spent the next four hours primping and priming each other. The guys and I put on our suits, not classic tuxedos, but still way dressier than any high school party in the history of Forks.

I waited patiently for the girls downstairs. Alice had us putting up the last of the decorations and the food for all the humans. Emmett was in charge of DJ-ing for the night and was thrilled. I was, on the other hand, terrified. He had a habit of listening to music that was either really gangster rap or old time early sixties music. He said he liked Hendrix, who was I to stop him?

Esme was the first one to come down, she shrugged it off saying she needed to dictate the decorating because Alice didn't trust us. Esme could probably fit in with all the teenagers later in the evening. She had on a black dress with a white design but it wasn't old or frumpy old lady like. She looked like the twenty something year old woman she was. Carlisle was missing the party tonight, since he had to work at the hospital. I felt bad for him, I could already hear the "MILF" jokes that would be heard around the room tonight.

Some time after Esme came down, Rose came to help Emmett with his music selections. Apparently Bella had a 'request.' Rose was always gorgeous so it was nothing out of the ordinary but the little red and black dress she had on would probably have Emmett leaving his DJ booth to threaten some high schooler's throughout the evening, or Rose would have her booty placed right next to his. Emmett was damn protective over his mate, like we all were, but he never trusted any many unless they were family with her.

Kate found reason to come downstairs soon too. She took a deep breath and looked at me with sympathy, "Your girl is going through hell with that Pixie. I could have been done with her hours ago. I don't see why she makes it so elaborate." She sighed and ran towards the kitchen to help with food. I do hope the Chief was going to show up later because the boys would be all over Kate in her little dress that was white and had some design on it and had a pink bow around the middle.

"Should I go save her Kate?" I asked.

"I wouldn't go within fifty feet of that room if you want to keep your limbs." She shrugged and walked away.

I sat down at Edward's piano in the great room. I idly hit a few of the keys and found myself playing but not really aware of what it was I was actually doing. Edward popped his head around the corner, "That sounds good man."

I stopped playing at once and apologized, "Sorry man, I was just….I….um….miss Bella."

"It's fine man. And don't like. The more girls that come out of that room the less clothes they have on and you are afraid of what Bella is wearing." He eyed me warily.

"Yeah well I'd keep that to yourself since your wife is still up there too." His eyes went wide and he excused himself to go check something, which meant he was going to speak to Alice.

I waited another thirty minutes before I saw another one of the girls. This time is was Charlotte. "Hey Jasper, do you have any of those contacts? Alice said you might still have them from your slips." She looked at me apologetically. "It's just….mine and Peter's red eyes, I don't wanna freak the kids out." She backtracked, "Not that you would have needed them, I just know you have them for…accidents." She tried to recover.

"Char, its fine. Yes I have them in our bathroom, go on and look its fine." I said placing a calming hand on her shoulder. "Go with the green if you can, that dress is awesome." I gave her a smile. It was a dark emerald green and had some beads around the middle. Peter was probably going to fall on his face when he saw her.

The guests were due to arrive within another hour and I really wanted to see Bella before everyone else did, but I speculated that Alice wanted me to be as surprised as the rest of guests. I sighed and ran a hand through my curls.

I heard the door bell ring and people come into the house so I left my spot and went to sit on the steps hoping I could hide from everyone else. I was anxious to see Angela and what Alice had found for her to wear. Within twenty minutes, all of Fork's High had shown up and still Bella hadn't been let out of her prison. Alice finally flitted down the steps in probably the shortest dress I had ever seen. Edward was going to totally murder people with their thoughts this evening. I felt the lust rise and looked to Edward he was already steaming. He came and sat beside me as Alice and her sparkly little pink dress joined Emmett at the DJ booth.

"Excuse me." She said into a microphone, "As you know I am Alice Cullen. And tonight we are here to celebrate my best friends eighteenth birthday. So please join me in a round of applause for my bestie, Isabella Swan."

The room erupted in a applause and I heard Edward whisper, "Good luck with that." I followed where his gaze was and it was behind us. My Bella was walking down the stairs in a sparly purple dress that had polka dots on the bottom and criss crossed at her back, it was gorgeous and she looked great it in.

"May I have this dance?" I asked offering her my elbow.

"Jazz, they are all staring." She whispered.

"You'll be fine." I assured her and we went out into the middle of the room for a dance. Emmett through on some Paramore and danced and Bella sang to "The Only Exception."

She looked me right in the eyes and sang, "Up until now, I had sworn to myself that I'm content with loneliness because none of it was ever worth the risk." And went on to sing the chorus.

After two more songs, We all joined at the stairs again away from everyone.

"Where's Angela?" Bella asked Alice.

"She's heading this way." Edward answered. Angela rounded the corner and she was wearing a teal colored dress with leopard print, on anyone else it probably would have looked stupid, but it fit her personality to a t.

Angela looked at all of us and said, "Which one of you did this?" All the fingers pointed at me.

And I raised my hands in surrender. "I just suggested we pick something for you. Alice did the shopping."

Angela gave me an evil eye and said, "Imagine my surprise when I went to check the mail after school and this package was sitting on my porch. It had my name on it and said 'wear me tonight' I couldn't pass it up. It's so gorgeous. I thank all of you. I never would have been able to do this." She sniffled a little and excused herself.

"That was a good thing you did Jazz. I gotta go to the bathroom. I'll be back." Bella said giving me a kiss on the cheek.

As Bella made her exit, Lauren and Jessica made their way over to Edward and me. Rose had joined us and literally gagged, "Is she wearing shoulder pads?"

We all looked and Lauren was wearing a purple sequence thingy that probably was her mothers in the eighty's because I swear I saw people wearing stuff like that back then. It was a cross between a Judy Jetson and Barney. Then her partner in crime followed behind her in a completely floral dress that looked like Amish people would wear.

"Hey Jasper, you look sexy tonight." Lauren said in her nasally voice.

"Um hi Lauren, um…you…." I looked at Edward for help but he was outwardly laughing.

"She's only wearing purple because she heard Alice saying Bella was wearing purple." He busted out.

"Where is Bella? She's been gone for like ten minutes." I scanned the room for her and found her dancing in the middle of the floor with Angela only she didn't look or smell right.

I made my way to her quickly, "Jazz, thanks so much for that water. I really needed it." she exclaimed and wrapped her hands around my shoulders.

"What water?" I asked.

"The one Mitchie, or Mickey, whatever his name is gave me. He said you told him to give it to me, so thanks." She giggled and went back to dancing. The song changed and Emmett let out a rap song, something about beds rocking.

"Jazz I love this song! Call me Mr. Flintstone, I can make your bed rock." She sang. What the fuck did he give her? "Dance with me Jazz!"

I needed to get out of here and get Bella to Carlisle she was obvious drugged. "Bella let's go." I said pulling her from the dance floor. Edward caught me and said the car was ready outside and that he called Charlie. He was going to meet us at the hospital and Carlisle was waiting too.

Alice and Emmett were clearing everyone out but he grabbed Mike before he could escape. "I'm sure the Chief is gonna want a word with you." Emmett glared at him.

I carried Bella to the car but she was trying to dance in my arms. She got in the car and turned on the radio and started singing again, "Bottoms up, pocket full of green, girl you know I love the way you shake it in them jeans."

She unlocked her seat belt and was dancing all around the car, luckily I had vampire reflexes so I let her. When I pulled into the hospital, I walked right past the receptionist and towards Carlisle's office.

"Oh look Dr. Hottie Carlisle." Bella squealed. "What are we doing here? I wanna go home with Jazz and make babies. Oh can we do that Carlisle is it allowed? Or possible? Anything is possible if you believe." She finished dramatically.

"Come on Hottie Doc, I didn't break anything, I'm soooo happy. Let's dance. Get me music, nurse lady." She said to no one. I was going to kill Newton for this. "Jazz, I love you, you're so pretty. I could just eat you up. You are way yummier than Dr. Hottie. Just cause he's a doctor, but I know you, you are a Major...that's way sexier." Then she put her finger to her lips to say 'Shh' it's a secret.

"Jasper, I think I should give her a sedative and see what's in her system, then we can rehydrate her and see what to do from there. I assume Charlie will be here soon?" Carlisle asked ignoring whatever else Bella was verbally puking out at the moment. I just nodded and ran my hands through my curls. I was as exhausted as a vampire could be.

I sat in the waiting room while they checked Bella over to make sure he didn't violate her or anything else and waited for Charlie to show up. Kate walked in the door about the minute I sat down. "How is she?" she asked.

"I don't know. They are looking her over, and Carlisle gave her a sedative." I put my head in my hands and felt a hand on my shoulder. I really just wanted to rip Newton apart but I couldn't because he was a human. Then I contemplated whether or not if I could control my strength long enough to hit him just one time but opted not to and let Charlie deal with him.

"She'll be fine Jasper." Kate tried to reassure me. Not too long after Kate arrived the rest of the family and Charlie arrived. Emmett opted to stay at the house with Newton until Charlie went to pick him up.

"Jasper, you can go back now." Carlisle came out to speak with everyone. "He gave her speed." He said reading the paper. "I think he meant to give her a roofie, so he could date rape her, but whoever gave him the drugs, gave her speed instead. That's why she was so, um…active." He coughed into his hand.

I didn't listen anymore I just went to sit with my Bella. I held her hand for what felt like hours when I was joined by Alice and Edward. "Are you going to talk to her about the baby thing?" Edward asked.

"There is no baby thing." I said sternly.

"She thinks about it you know." Alice quipped, "Sometimes in your future I see a little boy, with your blonde curls and bright blue eyes. I just don't know how." She shook her head.

"Yeah Alice, it was probably from tonight. Newton wanted to rape her. He has blonde hair and blue eyes too you know." I growled.

"You never know, it could be possible." She shrugged and walked out of the room. "I'll bring you guys some clothes. She's gonna wake up on twenty minutes and have a headache."

They both left and I sat in silence. I thought about what Alice said. A child would be a miracle but I didn't think it was possible for vampires. Sometimes I hated that I brought Bella into this life and cursed her with a forever of just me. I was relieved when Charlie was mated with Kate so at least she'll get to keep him but this life has already killed her mother and put her at so much risk. Was it really worth is all? Sometimes I hoped that if I just stayed gone long enough she would forget about me and move on, but I knew that would never happen. We were too invested in each other. I just wanted her to be happy. If she really wanted children, I could find a way to give them to her, but I didn't want to over think it and worry if it was just the drugs.

Suddenly my whole day brightened up when I heard an angel's voice, "Jazz?"

"I'm right here sweetheart. I've got you." I whispered and placed a kiss on her hand.

"Jazz what happened?" she asked full of confusing, "Oh my head hurts."

I explained quickly about Mike drugging her and told her about her serenades. We had a good laugh and she blushed when I told her what she called Carlisle. Then I looked at her and took a deep breath, "Bella, you told Carlisle you wanted to go home and make babies, then you asked if it was possible. Is that something you would want?"

She looked shocked, "Oh…Jazz…I….."


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