My Love Is Yours

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Chapter 7 (v.1)

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Jasper POV:

Before she could finish her sentence Carlisle came in letting us know that we could head home. I wanted to hear what Bella had to say but it seemed every chance we got to actually talk she avoided. Maybe she needed time to think about it because she didn't know she wanted a baby or something. I really had no clue what to do or how to act. When we arrived home she was bombarded by everyone in the family and she started to panic. I cleared everyone out and told them to hunt or find somewhere else to be. We went up to our room and Bella pulled out her school stuff and said she had to work on a paper.

I took it from her, "Bella, we need to talk."

"Jazz, it's really not a good time." She insisted.

"Bella, please." I pulled her into my lap and nuzzled her neck.

"Do you promise you won't be mad?" she asked and I nodded, "Okay, well, before Peter and Char's vanishing act, Char took me to the doctor. The lady doctor, you know?" she waited for me to understand and I nodded again wanting her to continue, "She got me on birth control, I guess she suspected why you weren't visiting and she wanted us to be careful."

"Careful?" I asked, "You mean Char took you to get birth control, so you didn't get pregnant when I claimed you?" my voice raised a little and I saw her flinch back.

"I'm sorry I didn't talk to you about it, you weren't around." She was getting angry and I felt it streaming through her.

"Bella, I need to ask you," I paused trying to word it correctly, "is having a baby something you would be interested in?"

"Jazz, come on, I'm eighteen. We have plenty of time to decide what we want to do. Let's not think about it for now, okay." She tried to appease me with her answer but it wasn't working.

"Bella, is a baby something you want. I want an honest answer." I grabbed her chin and forced her to look at me.

"I would want anything with you and if we got so lucky to have that, I would be thrilled, but we don't have to go out of the way to make it happen. If it happens it happens. If you want me to stop taking the birth control, I will." She ran her hand through my hair in a calming nature and I purred in content.

I was about to say something when Emmett came to the door of our bedroom, "Dude, Jazz, we got Newton here and he's waiting for his….punishment."

Bella's face paled and she looked at me, "Are you going to kill him?"

"No Bella, we won't kill him. We are just gonna teach him some manners." I gave her a smirk, a kiss on the forehead and went downstairs with my brother.

When I came into the living room, I felt Newton's fear and he was pretty close to pissing himself. I automatically made that my goal for the evening. I heard the girls all go into mine and Bella's room to keep her company while the guys joined me in what I deemed "The Terrorization of Mike Newton."

"Good name brother." Edward chuckled hearing my thoughts. Damn, guess Bella let me out of her shield.

"Newton, how are you this evening." I greeted our guest.

"I-i-i-'m fine Jasper." He stuttered.

"Do you know why you are here?" I kept my voice even and calm.

"Are you going to kill me? I mean that would really suck." Mike asked scanning all the faces in the room. When he noticed that Charlie was there in regular clothes and not his uniform he got even more nervous.

"We aren't going to kill you Newton, like I told Bella, we are just gonna teach ya some manners." I chuckled.

"Look, I'm sorry about Bella." He cried, "I wasn't going to hurt her, I promise."

"You drugged her." I got up in his face, "That woman means more to me then anything else on this earth."

"She's just a girl man, let it go. I just wanted a piece of her pussy." He was getting arrogant and I didn't like it.

"She's not pussy, she is the love of my existence and I have been there for her since she was eight years old. I'm not gonna let someone like you hurt her." I really wanted to punch him, I had so much anger built up from not protecting Bella anyway and I was taking it out on Newton.

I raised my hand in attempts to hit him when I caught a familiar scent enter my nose. "Denali." I growled.

Suddenly standing in the doorway was the strawberry blonde, succubus, Tanya Denali. "Jasper, before you get all Major on me, let me explain."

I was growling in the most feral way. I was about to pounce when Edward grabbed my shoulders in attempts to stop me. "Brother, I hear her mind, trust me you want to listen."

"Jasper, I beg you to forgive me. I'm so sorry. My sister and the rest they are all going crazy. They joined some Mexican guy and he wants to take over from everything. I need your help getting out." She scanned the room, I wasn't sure what she was looking for but she was very curious. Her eyes stopped on the human laying on the floor covered in his own piss. My objective was completed for the day.

"What did you do to my human Jasper?" she shrieked and bent down to check him over. Oh shit.

Then I heard Bella's voice coming from the steps, "For fuck's sake, is Fork's vampire mating central? I mean seriously, Dad, we should update the Welcome sign, "Welcome to Fork's, Need a Mate, Find it Here!"

"Bella." I pushed my hand out to stop her from moving off the steps. "Stay here. I don't trust her."

"Jasper, what did you do to my mate." Tanya growled.

"He drugged my mate and was going to rape her Tanya is that enough for you considering what you have done to her." I growled and I was surprised not to feel any fear coming off of Bella with Tanya's presence.

"Wait what do you mean they are teaming up with a Mexican man to take over? Do you know who?" I looked to Peter and Charlotte and they had the same look of total shock I was holding.

"I can't tell you Jasper. I need to tend to my mate first. I'm sure you understand." Then she scooped him up and ran out of the house. Well fuck.

I turned around to say something and saw Alice in the midst of a vision. She suddenly was radiating fear, dread and anger. "Jasper, Peter and Char cannot go to Arizona. Why were they going anyway?"

I looked at them and they shrugged and I sighed, "I thought about sending them to see about the Mexican man Tanya was talking about." And I secretly was hoping it was not who I thought it was.

Alice continued, "If they go James, Randall, and Laurent will attack them. They said something about Cortez. Do you know who that is?"

I gulped and looked at my mate. Then I looked around to my family. Cortez was not someone to fuck with and was the one I feared it would be. "He's from Maria's army." I stated to the room.

"But he's not working for her. He's working alone, well with the people that were messing with Bella." Alice said full of confusion.

"He left Maria?" Peter asked.

"Yes, I can see it now. He was the one who put the bounty out for you guys. He thinks if he has you three, then he can take over the whole South and then work his way towards the Volturi." Alice finished.

"Then it's a good thing we are here." I heard Aro's voice say from the doorway. He was accompanied by Jane, Demetri and Felix. Did the front door say "revolving vampire door" or something today? I mean first Tanya and now the Volturi.

Bella had remained silent throughout this entire thing but when she saw Aro and Jane she sprinted toward them for hugs. I felt the shock flowing throughout the room.

"Isabella, it is so good to see you." Aro gave her a kiss on each cheek, "What is this on your arm?" he said pulling back her sleeve.

"It's nothing." She pulled back and blushed. "Jazz is going to take care of it." She was so full of love I almost let out a contentment purr but realized we weren't alone and couldn't really do that.

"Jane, why don't you take Isabella and the girls upstairs and catch up. I'm sure she has tons to show you by the ring on her finger." Aro eyed me suspiciously and reminded me a lot of Charlie. I'm sure they were going to get along fine.

The girls followed the Volturi King's not so direct order and that's when the guards pounced on me, figuratively speaking. Demetri and Felix stood up at their full height and tried to make me cower in fear. I really wanted to laugh but thought that might be rude.

"You left her alone in Phoenix." Demetri said plainly, there wasn't a question involved.

"I did and she was attacked." I looked to Aro, "There was a group of nomads, three of them, then Randall and his mate showed up and somehow it turned into seven, including some of the Denali sisters. They fed on Bella and marked her with their bites, one overlapping the other. When I claimed her, I gave her a mating mark and then she asked me to cover that one with my own bite so that it would smell only of me, and not those who had harmed her. That was the scar you saw."

"Why was she alone?" Aro asked.

"I was having trouble….not claiming her." I admitted and cringed when I saw Charlie's reaction. "Aro this is Charlie Swan, he is Bella's father and Kate Denali's mate."

"Pleased to meet you Charlie." Aro nodded toward him, "Did you say the sisters were involved?"

"Yes Tanya and Irina. Irina is mated to one of the nomads. Tanya was just here actually. She was trying to get out and said they joined some Mexican guy and I made the decision to send Peter and Char to check it out and Alice had a vision. It's Cortez, apparently he left Maria and is trying to take over himself."

Aro let out a laugh and full out belly laugh and I was shocked. "Jasper, I'm sorry, I don't mean to laugh at you, but Maria works for us now. We finally went to chat with her and as soon as we did, well my brother mated with her. Marcus is no longer alone."

"Maria is good?" I asked slowly, trying to not throw up from the taste of the words coming out of my mouth.

"Yes, she is on our side now. I'm sure she will be most angered when she finds out what that Cortez is doing." He nodded. "Well it seems easy to me, we take out the Denali's and I mean all of them and the others. I'm sure Demetri can track them."

All of a sudden we hear Bella yell out a "No!"

I jumped to see what was wrong with my mate, but she was already running down the stairs, "Aro you can't kill Kate, you just can't. She's mated to my father, she's…..she's like….." she looked at me for help and I really wasn't sure what she meant. Kate walked into the room and grabbed Bella by the shoulders.

"Bells, it's okay. I know I did wrong and if I am to be punished, then so be it. I should have done more to save you." Kate tried to reassure her and wiped the tears that were falling down her face.

"I can't lose you." Bella hugged her, "You're, like…my…"

"I know baby girl, I know." Kate pulled Bella over to me and gave her a kiss on the forehead. Then she walked over to Aro, "I'm very sorry for what my sisters have done, but you can scan my memories, I have not done anything to personally hurt Bella and I don't think I can. I am mated to her father and I care about her as if she was my own child."

The burst of love I felt come off of Charlie nearly had me on my knees. Bella felt me sway and grabbed my face, "Jazz, are you okay?"

"He loves her." I stated. "Charlie, he loves Kate."

"Yes, Jasper you are right, he does love her, and she loves him just as equally." Aro stated taking Kate's hand in his own, "She does care very deeply about Isabella. Kate I will spare you, but I cannot say the same for your sisters."

"This is my family now Aro, I'm sorry to say they are not my sisters anymore." Kate stated with confidence.

"Wait what about Tanya?" Bella asked, "She came here and told us stuff right? I mean that has to help, plus she's mated to Mike."

"Bella, we can't have any lose ends." I told my mate, "If we leave her alive, she could run back to them and tell them everything she's seen and heard."

"What about Mike though, they are mated, won't he die without her?" She asked looking around the room frantically. I knew this stemmed from her fear of us being apart. She always asked how she would know if something bad ever happened to me and I told her she would feel it. I should have felt her pain but like the asshole I am I ignored it and just thought it was a separation pain. I'm the worst mate ever.

Edward caught my eye when he heard my last thought and then he whispered into Bella's ear while she was talking to Demetri and Felix. She gave me her scary mad glare and put her hands on her hips, "Jasper Whitlock, you are in so much trouble mister. After Felix and Demetri have their fun with you, you are mine." She let out a little growl and I found it highly erotic. I wanted to run upstairs and my way with her.

She must have known what I was thinking because she just shook her head no and pointed toward the backyard where Felix and Dem were waiting for me. Shit, I'm gonna get double teamed. They made me promise years ago when they met Bella not to let anything happen to her. Sadly, I think getting my ass kicked would make me feel better. I know I didn't take care of her like I should have and I need a punishment.

"Guys," I held my hands up in surrender, "I know I broke my promise and I'm sorry."

"You're gonna be sorry." Felix assured me.

The rest of the family had taken up seats on the back porch watching and making bets about how it would play out. Obviously Alice and Edward were out of the betting since they could see. They probably shouldn't let Peter in either, but hey who knows.

Then I heard my mate laugh, "I bet Jazz loses something."

I turned my head and glared at her, "You questioning my fighting abilities woman?"

She gave me a solute, "No, sir, Major sir, I'm sure you can kick anyone's ass." Then she stuck her tongue out at me. Damn she's so cute.

I brought my concentration back to the Volturi beast twins and gave them a wave of a go-ahead. Felix came at me strong and hard and Demetri was just running his mouth. "You said you would keep her safe from anything and everything."

I growled and laid a kick in on Felix and sent him into the trees, "I thought I was protecting her, from my self." I told Dem.

Felix came back from the trees faster and harder then before, he punched me square in the face and I flew the other way. I heard Bella gasp and stand up, "I'm fine Bella."

Apparently, she was fine when it was wrestling but when someone might actually get hurt she didn't like it. "No way, alright this is over. You can't do that to him." She glared at the beast twins.

"Bella, we aren't finished. He broke a promise." Dem argued.

"Do you want me to kick your ass?" She asked him with her hands on her shoulders, "I have all kinds of new tricks up my sleeve now."

I was kinda hoping he would provoke her and she would use her physical shield. My hopes were answered when I went to take a step towards her and felt like I walked into a brick wall. "What the fuck?" I glared at me mate.

"Sorry you have to stay there, safe." She gave me a pleading look with her eyes and I just nodded.

"Isabella, are you manipulating your shield as a human." Aro asked amazed by her talent.

"Yes, when they bit me, they left a little bit of venom, apparently it's helped enhance my gift." Bella answered.

"Bella let me out, I'm fine." I ordered, she nodded and then I took a step and I could walk, "That was real good sweetheart."

"I'm sorry, I just didn't want them to hurt you anymore." She cried and hugged herself to me.

I held her in my arms and Alice caught my eye and mouthed "We're going to hunt, take care of her." I nodded and carried my mate inside.

"Bella sweetheart, you have to let me go." I tried to pry her off me once we got to our room.

"No need your close." She clawed at me and I noticed her eyes were darker then normal. I guess I wasn't in trouble for thinking I was a bad mate now. She need reassurance that was okay and that was probably coming from the little bit of venom in her. I had seen her vampire side come out with the Slut twins at school and now with Felix and Dem, it was odd to see a human act so, not human but I liked it.

"Alright Bella, I'll be close, how about we take off our clothes and get closer." I sent her my lust and saw her eyes roll back in her head and she hissed out a ":Yes"

I was so excited that I actually ripped her clothes off instead of taking them off easily. "I need you as much as you need me Bella."

We skipped the foreplay and dove straight into the love making. We fought over dominance though. She would try and roll me so she could be on top and I'd let her stay up there for a while until her smugness would creep in.

She was riding me like a bull rider would his bucking bronco and I really didn't want to complain. The smugness though caught me and I rolled us and slammed into her harder then I probably should have.

"You forget who you belong to sugar?" I asked.

"No, Jazz, oh God, right there." She moaned as I rolled my hips into her.

"Really, you were getting kinda cocky up there." I flicked her ear with my tongue and kept my thrusts hard and deep.

"Your mine, just as I'm yours." She replied lifting her own hips to fuck me back.

"That may be true, but I run this show." I saw her mark above her heart and wanted to sink my teeth into it. I felt her release coming as well as my own and I pushed out the lust, love, devotion, everything out and it bounced off of us in a circle so we just kept feeling it. I felt my own eyes roll back into my head as my release came and then I sunk my teeth into her mark, "You are mine Bella."

"Yours Jazz, Oh God yours." She assured me. Then she did something I wasn't expecting. I thought she was just nuzzling herself into my neck, but she was sucking on my skin, anywhere trying to leave a mark.

"It's not gonna work sugar." I pulled out of her and rolled so she was laying on my chest.

"I know, I just wanted some sort of a claim on you. You have plenty on me. My marks, my necklace, my tattoo's, yet you have nothing that claims you as mine." Bella huffed and I almost forgot about her tattoos. On her left hip was my initial, and on her wrist was "Major." That was so hot. The hearts and the stars on her hip, made it girly and fun, but the sentiment of my claim on her forever was sexy as hell.

Yeah I bit her, three times now, and that was the way for all of the vampires in the world to know she was mine, but tattoos were a very human thing that showed my claim on her. She couldn't show her friends though, not really, because they knew me as Jasper Hale and she had J.W on her plus they wouldn't understand the Major thing unless she said I gave her major orgasms, which may be true, but I don't think she would be announcing that to anyone. Then when I really thought about it, she really didn't have any human friends except Angela.

"You know, if I could, I would tattoo your name over my heart." I told her honestly.

"There isn't any sort of vampire tattoo-ing?" Bella asked with a giggle.

"Sorry sugar, not that I know of. We can ask though." She let out a small sigh and then her breath started to even out but she wasn't full asleep.

"I'd like a baby, maybe after school. This summer or something, I can stop the birth control before our wedding." Bella kept talking and I didn't dare interrupt her, "I can just picture it, an adorable little boy with your blonde curls, oh and crystal blue eyes, like the ocean. His name would be Jace. It's perfect. Our perfect family."

She finally stopped talking and fell into a deep sleep. While she slept I sat and thought of all the things that could go wrong before we even had a chance to get married. Would the baby be more vampire or human, would she carry for the whole nine months, would he eat food or drink blood? I couldn't stop the questions from coming into my head. Would she even survive giving birth to our child?

The others came home and checked on us. Alice sat down next to the bed and spoke softly to me, "She'll be fine. I know you are scared, but it could happen. She would carry for the normal time, but would have to drink some blood every once and while, maybe once a week. I can't answer all your questions, but I do know you'll be happy. I see you guys playing with him in the backyard and Bella is right, blonde curly hair, and crystal blue eyes, and his name is Jace."

I didn't say anything, I just closed my eyes and pretended to sleep with my mate. I worried that if I took my mind off of this trouble that was coming for just a moment, that would be when they attacked. We could talk about the future after they are dealt with.

When morning came Bella stretched and then looked at me full of confusion and asked, "Hey where did Tanya take Mike?" It was a good question and I could hear the laughs from the rest of the family all throughout the house.

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