Black Roses & Blood Rivers

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Nerina Dante, a 16 year old water nymph, is found by the 18 year old Micheal Night a lonely werewolf. What happens when Nerins' ex-boyfriend Conner an evil demon comes around? Can Micheal keep his mate safe or will Conner finnish what he started? Sorry if the summary sucks.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Black Roses & Blood Rivers

Submitted: June 27, 2012

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Submitted: June 27, 2012




The warm water curled around my body as I walked further into the pond. The hot sun warmed my numb figure and glared harshly off the reflective water. The cicadas hummed in the distance and the crisp wind rustled through the autumn leaves, tossing them about. My breathing labored due to my flee from terror. I had been foolishly naive enough to fall prey to him. Falling in love with him, trusting and believing him, only to have him rip out my tortured heart. He was just pretending the whole time, I was just a little game to him. Goddess, how could I have been so stupid?!

My foot slipped and I went under, limbs flailing. My panic skyrocketed and adrenaline roared through my veins, my blood pounding in my ears. Warm, muscular arms wrapped around my waist, dragging me up to the surface. I gasped and gulped air greedily into my lungs, then started to struggle against the arms. The arms pulled me to the rocky shore.

If this is one of Conner's cronies, I won't go easily, I'll fight the whole way back. Conner murdered my family and my best, and only, friend. He took everything away from me, including my freedom. He's nothing but a soulless monster

"Hey! Hey! Calm down! I'm not gunna hurt you!" A deep voice rumbled, sounding quite panicked, then yelped as my hand hit a part of his upper body. The startled arms released me and I landed on my butt. I couldn't move, I froze. This mysterious man comes around to face me, crouching down to look me in the eye.

Shoulder length black hair fell carelessly into soft amber-green eyes. Those beautiful amber-green orbs scanned my face, taking all the blooming and fading bruises that my face. Anger, hate, confusion, and concern etched themselves into his face. I tried to turn my face away, ashamed that I was so hideous, but he held chin and kept face towards him. 

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