Black Croix

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - The Meet

Submitted: May 22, 2014

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Submitted: May 22, 2014



The door unlocked with a click and never would I have thought that the sound of the door opening would bring joy to my heart.

"I'm home," I called.

All that came back was nothing but silence. Really, I'm the only one living in the small apartment but I kept on having the habit of announcing myself. Must've been from my last orphanage. I dropped my bag at the corner of the room and collapsed onto my bed, heaving out a sigh. A lot of things had happened this morning. First, the dream. Then, aside from almost getting run over by a car, a boy I just met suddenly giving me a weird warning before disappearing into thin air.

"Don't venture out on the 10th of May," I mummbled to myself

Yup, really weird. Something I wouldn't pay much heed to but then again, it's probably one of my bad luck scenarios. At least I had a heads up. Does that count as being lucky or unlucky? I rolled over to my side. He even knew my name. My mind rewinds back to the scene of that encounter. All we did was gave each other a small exchange of words before my head suddenly acted up again. There wasn't even an introduction from the both of us. So how?


I sat up from my bed.

"This is bad. I'm starting to hear things again."

I dragged my feet to the kitchen and started rummaging through the cupboards for my prescribed medicine. I stopped. I heard water running. That’s strange. Was it on the whole time? I remembered closing all the appliances before I went out for school. Then again, the light was on when I entered. I heard a thud.

"You can't be serious...."

Scanning around, I found a butter knife nearby and picked it up without any hesitation. It wasn't much for a weapon but I didn't have time to reconsider as the bathroom door threw itself open. A huge cloud of steam gushes out of the bathroom as if being finally released from a cage and I steeled my pounding heart as I prepared myself to meet my intruder. I wasn't quick enough, sadly. Something – or rather someone – grabbed me in a tight embrace. I was so shocked that I tripped and fell backward on my back, the butter knife lost from my grip. The room seemed to be spinning as I endured the added pain from the fall.

“Croix! Where were you in all my life?”

I couldn’t believe my ears. Did he just call by my name? The intruder looked up with tears in his eyes. But that’s not what gave me a fright. My intruder was a boy......who looked just like me. As much as I like to say that it was a joke, it’s not. It was like looking into a mirror. He had the same face as me, same ruby eyes, same body structure. But his hair was long jet black hair, almost touching his elbows. Just like....

“Please, Croix, I’m only trying to help.”

A fierce piercing pain suddenly ran through my head and I screamed in agony. Stay away. I need to stay away.

"Cro, what's wrong?" I heard a muffled voice. "Cro!"

Everything seemed to be shaking, deforming, colors changing. I wanted to puke but no amount of vomit could ever make it better. I can hardly breathe. That's right. The medicine. It's still in the cupboards of the kitchen.

"Cro, calm down."

I need to get it. My mind can't think straight. It hurts.I want it to stop. I want it to go away. I want my agony to go away. Make it go away! GO AWAY!

"In heaven and hell, where boundaries shall soon break, Croix del Heartfelt, CALM DOWN!"

At that moment, everything stopped. Little by little the bizarre images started to burn away, revealing the reality as it should be. I blinked. Someone was hugging me tightly, shivering. It's the doppelganger burglar.

"Even if that's true, can't you at least cut the burglar part?" The boy let me go and folded his arms. "I did ask permission from the lady who owns this house. What do you people call it? Landlady?"

"Did you just-"

"Read your mind?" The boy interrupted. "That's really mean of you, bro. Don't you remember? We always do that when we were kids."

Kids? I only remembered having holed up in my room when I was in the orphanage and hardly ever made in contact with anyone other than necessary. Much less do I even remember the faces of people living there since I have bad luck.

"Back luck?" The boy laughed. "So that's the excuse you've come up with?"

"Would you stop doing that?" I shouted. "And how did you even get in? Since when did I ever give you my name? Who the hell are you?"

"Well," The doppelganger began. "Firstly, it's not whether I could stop it or not. It just happens to be that way."

What kind of a reason was that?

"Secondly, I already explained that the landlady lets me in."

Oh right. He did mention that.

"As to how I know your name and who I am, well, let me put it in six words.”

I didn’t know why but at that time I felt a shiver running through my spine. I kinda knew what he was going to say but I wanted to hear it with my own ears. And heard it I did.

“Black del Heartfelt," He smiled. "Your twin brother.”

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