You Rejected Me and Now You Wan't Me Back?

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Vivian is the Nerd of the pack you can say. Unlike her friends she has not met her mate. This all changed when she met the new kid in school. When she does she figures out two things. The first is that he is her mate and the second is that her mate is the one and only Jacob, her Alpha's son. When he rejects her she does not know what to do. So instead of staying in her California pack and home, she runs away until she hits Florida. There she is taken into the pack with her new friends and family. After something bad comes their way, she has to go back to her old pack and help fight. When she gets back to her pack though, they could barely recognize her. Instead of her ugly glasses she got contact lenses, her hair is more bouncy and her wardrobe is changed. But not only is her image changed, but so is her character. Instead of that sweet innocent girl, she is now a bad ass kicking machine. When she sees her mate again, he is actually the one who knows who she is. As he actually started to accept his mate. But will it be her to reject him now? READ TO FIND OUT!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - You Rejected Me and Now You Wan't Me Back?

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Chapter 1:

Song of the Chapter is: Lights by Ellie Goulding

Because: As it says in the song with 'You show the lights that stop me turn to stone, you shine them when I'm alon.' that means, to Viviana, is that everyone is trying to stop her and all she wants to do is go on through life.

Beep, Beep.Wen't my alarm clock. I groaned and got out of bed, feeling around for my glasses. When I fianlly found them I put them on. I looked around my room and then got out of bed putting my running outfit on. I always love a run before school. When I tiptoed down stairs I didn't see any lights. I sighed. Mom must have gone to work already. I walked out of my house and into my back woods. I shifted into my wolf form and started to go to diffrent check points of mine. What is weird about my wolf is that I have brown hair, but my wolf is blonde. My mom says that is because that is what my mates hair color will be, and that my mate will have my color haired fur. But the most unusual thing is that I have this mark on my tail, that no other wolf in my pack has. But there was this book that I read that said only Alpha's have it. But because I am not a Alpha or even a mate of one, I knew I had to keep on looking for the answer. As I breathed in the nice clean air I looked around and could see all of the little animals running around. I smiled, my wolf smile, and kept running. By the time I got home it was 8:30. I quickly put my uniform on from upstairs and then ran downstairs grabbing my backpack and running out to catch the bus. When I got into the school and grabbed my books my friends and their mates walked by. I smiled. "Hey girls, and guys." I said to the four of them. They nodded with a smile. "Hey V, how are you doing today?" Kyle, my friend Kaceys friend asked. I shrugged. "Been better. Now you better get to class before you are late." I said waving them off. "Nerd." I heard Jerad say under his breath. I rolled my eyes. It is true though, I might love to run but I am a Nerd as everyone in the pack calls me. I don't know why, but that is why no one has ever payed attention to me. When the tardy bell rang, I noticed my friends had already left. I quickly slammed my locker and started to run towards my first period.Bam!"Ow." I said rubbing my head. Then I saw that I ran into a jock, and not only that but a really cute one too. I quikly stood up. Jocks and Nerds don't mix, in other words, Jocks are kings and Nerds are pigs. "I am so sorry." I said sticking my hand out for him to grab and for me to pull him up. He smirked a little with snow white teeth showing. Then I realised why, my hand was buzzing, and I could feel that his was too. I quickly pulled my hand away when he got up. "It's fine." he said. Then I saw that I was seeing blurs, I lost my glasses. "What are you doing?" he asks with a raised eyebrow and looking at me as I searched for my glasses on the floor. Then I found them and put them on. When I did, his smile or smirk was gone and put on with a disgusted face, yep that is what I usually get. "Again I am sorry." I said picking up his books and handing them to him. He nodded still with the same face and taking them out of my hands. I then grabed my books. "I'm Viviana. If you need any help with homework ask me. Just telling you because you seem new. Bye." I said and then started walking to class. I heard a grunt and then his feet echo started to fade away. I looked at the floor. Then I realised two things. The first is that the buzz feeling. Mom and my friends told me that is what happens when you find your mate. So that must mean the new kid is my... mate! I finally have a mate. But it didn't look like he was really happy if he found that out. And the second thing is that there is only people from our pack in this school, so if he is new, then who is he? Then it hit me. The Alpha had a son who is my age and who was always home schooled, that makes alot of sense of his perfectness and why he had no idea about me. When the day was over I walked out to the parking lot. When I walked past a new Ferrari, I saw a blonde boy and girl doing stuff on the hood. I caught a glimpse of the boy staring at me and in it I can see a smile.

Kill her.My wolf said biting to get out.

No!I practically screamed.

So you are just going to let your mate do that to a diffrent girl?She asked.

I sighed and walked over to the bus stop. As I saw the bus a block away someone familiar came up behind me. "Hey, I need help with something." Jacob said. "What is that?" I ask trying to sound as nice and happy as I could. "I need you to tell my mate that she is rejected." he whispered in my ear. Then as I was about to flip out on him, he wasn't there. I started to get tears in my eyes. When the bus doors opened I quickly wen't to the back and cried. How could he just say that? We are mates.When I get inside I run upstairs and cry a little more on my bed. Then I get up and take ten deep breaths. Then I take out my Ipod and listen to the first song. It was my favorite, Lights, by Ellie Goulding. ""You show me the lights that stop me, turn to stone, you shine them when I'm alone." I sing along, pretty good if I say so. Then I think of what that part really means. It means that everyone dosn't wan't me around and that they are just stopping me along my way of life.Well Not anymore, or not here anyways. I got up and emptied my back of all my school stuff. Then I grabed my $20 purse my mom gave me and packed a few things in there also piling my stuff in two other bags. Then I wen't under my bed and grabed a few bags of money, hey I'm fifteen and I am a Nerd who has bad and cheep choice of clothing, of course I have these many bags of money. When I was all packed, I put them all in a magic bag my grandmother gave me before she died and then put on the pretty light bag, that is holding all of my stuff. When I got downstairs, I wrote a note to my parents.

Dear Mom and Dad,

I know that you think I shouldn't run away, but that is what I am doing. I have barely any friends, I only have two who don't hang with me at all even if they would want to, I am a Nerd and we all know that and my mate rejected me. And yes, I saw my mate today. He is Jacob the Alpha's son. I know you dad would wan't to kill him right now, but it isn't his fault I am a loser. I love you both so much. I am not coming back at all.


Nerd V

By the way Nerd V is one of my nicknames that my friends gave me. Clever huh? When I got outside I called a cab. "Where to miss?" the Taxi Man asks. "As far as you can go for three hundred dollars." I said. "You have money like that ma'am?" he asks. I nod. "Well you can go to Florida with that much." he started off. "That will be fine." I said cutting him from telling me all of the places. On the way there I fell asleep. By the time I woke up, we were just passing the Florida sighn. "Here we are." he said dropping me off at a curb. I grin and get out. "Keep the change." I say handing him three hundred and three dollars. He nods with a smile. While I walk around where ever I saw a run down hotel. I walk and see a plump lady sitting at the front desk. "Can I help you?" she asks when I walk in. I nod. "I would like a room." I said. She looks at me with a raised eyebrow. "Are your parents coming?" she asks. I shake my head. "Then I will have to see I.D." she said sticking her hand out. "Well you see, the reason I am here is because of my family." I started off with fake tears in my eyes. "You see, my little sister had passed away two months ago and so did my dog Chasta, and now my parents are fighting and my older brother is off to war." I said with fake tears going down my cheeks. Then she nodded handing me a key with tears running down her face. "Thank you." I said still sad. She nodded. "You stay as long as you want." she said and gave me a hug. When the elevator door closed I smirked. I am totally changing myself. I will have to start soon too. When I got up to my room I fell asleep again. When I woke up, I decided to go out for a walk, then I saw the time. I had been asleep for eleven hours. That means it is already tomorrow. I sighed and got into new clothes. I then went down stairs with my bag and stuff. I gave the lady the key. "Are you going to stay another night?" she asked a little scared. "No, I better get going." I said stepping back. She nodded. "Come anytime." she called behind me. As I walked through the back trail of the hotel I heard rustilng. I looked around with a raised eyebrow and then kept walking.

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