Pyx Academy: Starlit Betrayal

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Eriko Kurokawa and her friends are finally trying to relax after the war. But new enemies are surfacing . . . personalities are altering . . . friends are turning on Eriko . . . and new danger is being discovered.
Could it be that Kam isn't the school's only threat?
And how will Eriko stand firm after she encounters more than one betrayal?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Pyx Academy: Starlit Betrayal

Submitted: February 12, 2010

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Submitted: February 12, 2010



Pyx Academy: Starlit Betrayal


I despised the bonds that held my arms. If they weren’t there, I would be able to prepare for the traitor’s attack.

He was the last person I’d expected to be a traitor. I’d dealt with traitors before, but his shocked me just as much as his had.

Him. My one true enemy.

His glasses glinted as he approached, his hands, palm-out, raised for assault.

I’d been through pain before. But so much in such a short time?

And by so many people?

People I’d trusted?



Chapter 1

“Are we there yet?” my friend Yuki grumbled.

“Almost,” our limo driver, Akihito, answered from the driver’s seat.

We were packed into the back seat of the limo. I sat next to a window, with Mika, Yuki, Anju and Yuu beside me. Across from us sat Izo, Jun, Kiyomi, and Sanjihiro. We were going on a little trip to Tama, the town our school was located in, for a Sunday outing.

Outside, snow fell in gentle little flakes. It was January here in Japan, so we were all dressed for the cold. I wore a checkered wool coat that went to my knees, dark jeans, black fuzzy boots, and my hair—long and black with red bangs—was down and straightened. My black gloves were tucked in my pocket, and my tote bag sat on my lap.

“Wow, it’s so pretty outside!” Yuu chirped.

“So what exactly are we doing again?” Kiyomi asked.

“Just hanging out,” Kiyomi’s older (by a few minutes) sister, Mika, replied. “C’mon, Kiyomi-chan, it’s so pretty outside.”

“Besides,” added Anju, “we need a break from all those new classes.” She stuck her tongue out. “Whoever came up with the idea of us going back to normal classes is insane.”

“It was Headmaster Fuwanaki’s idea,” I sighed. “But I think it was to make our lives a bit more normal—if that’s possible.”

You see, everyone in that limo—excluding Akihito—was what we call a “Child of the Stars”; this means that we are gifted with a power by the Stars themselves. We attended Pyx Academy, a private school made specifically for Children of the Stars to learn how to control their powers. But recently, the headmaster had altered the schedule, making so that we also took four normal classes in order to maintain a regular education.

“So true,” Yuki agreed with Anju. “Sasaki-sensei in Mathematics yesterday wouldn’t get off my back, remember?”

“I remember,” Anju’s fraternal twin brother Sanjihiro said. “She wouldn’t leave you alone on that one problem you didn’t know the answer to. That was hilarious when Mika had to whisper the answer to you after three minutes.” He chuckled.

Yuki shuddered. “I still hold onto my theory that she’s from Mars.”

We all had to laugh.

“We’re here!” sang Akihito.

I peered out the foggy window to see Akihito pulling into a parking lot outside a coffee shop. When he stopped by the sidewalk, we all piled out, saying thanks to him and wishing him to be careful on the way back to Pyx.

The sidewalks and Small Park across the street had a sparkling blanket of snow. The sky was  opaque and grey, the sun hidden behind clouds. It was still snowing, so I quickly slipped on my gloves and black kitty-cat hat.

“I’ve always loved that hat,” Izo told me. “It shows that adorable side of you.”

Despite the cold, my cheeks burst into flame. Izo was my technical boyfriend, but I still couldn’t get over how much he made me feel so . . . special. I’d never been able to envision myself with a boyfriend, so I was sure some cosmic laws were being broken by us being together.

Izo’s hair had grown a lot more silver over the months, but his ironically warm icy blue eyes hadn’t changed at all, nor his uncanny ability to make me blush. I’d never been good around the opposite gender, and Izo, on the first meeting, had been my worst nightmare.

So, naturally, my response was witty and feisty. “I—I like cats more than dogs.”

Izo laughed, and the carefree sound made me relax a little and laugh with him.

“Okay, people, listen up,” Mika said, clapping. “Here’s the game plan: Kiyomi, Yuki, Yuu, and I are going to the bookstore.”

“Sanjihiro, Anju, and I are checking out the new skate park,” Jun said.

Mika looked at me. “Eriko? Izo?”

“Want to take a walk in the park over there, Izo?” I asked.

He nodded, so Mika continued, “Okay. We’ll meet here at about two for lunch and again at six so we can get back to Pyx in time for dinner. Stay with someone at all times. And the usual rule, no talking to strangers.” She glanced at Yuki. “Right, Yuki?”

“It was one time, let it go!” Yuki grumbled. “And he was selling these awesome snow globes.”

Mika rolled her eyes. “Anyway, so is everyone cool with the plan?” When we all nodded, she added, “All right, let’s break!”

“Mika, we’re not playing a sport,” Kiyomi reminded her.

“Whatever,” Mika replied, and we went our separate ways.

Izo and I crossed the street and began our walk through the park. We strolled down a small path that rounded the whole park. The grass had frost between the individual blades, making the lawns glitter in sync with the snow that hung in the branches of the huge trees. The place seemed empty, and I was tempted to whisper due to the silence.

“Jeez,” I said, my words quieter than I’d meant, “it’s so quiet.

Izo nodded. “And it’s only twelve in the afternoon. I wonder where everyone is.”

I gazed around, trying to make out any houses, but I saw none, which meant we were probably in a shopping district.

“I remember coming here to shop for dresses,” I said, recalling the adventure Mika, Yuki, Yuu, Kiyomi, and—sigh—Etsuko.

“Oh, yeah,” Izo said. “We’d come here to get tuxes, too.”

I sighed. “Ah, the Blue Moon dance.”

“Good times,” Izo said, a tad sarcastic.

I was quiet for a minute or so.

“I wish I’d known,” I said suddenly.

“Known what?” he asked.

“That Kam . . .” I trailed off.

Izo sighed heavily. “No one knew, Eriko.” He flashed a smile. “But hey, we won, right?”

“In the technical sense,” I said. But I didn’t want to dim down our outing—or Izo’s mood. So I smiled and said, “But something good came out of that whole war. We had our first kiss.”

Izo grinned. “Yes we did. And surprisingly, you kissed me. And right before you went and kicked Kam’s ass, might I add.”

I laughed, and somehow, our fingers intertwined.

There had been a prophecy at Pyx, and it had depicted a war coming undone at the school between two people: the Dragon and the Snake. They were two nature spirits that had infused themselves in the souls of two students.

For some reason, the Dragon, Sparx, had chosen me.

 It was revealed later that Shiki Kaminari (or “Kam,” as we’d called him) was the Snake, and the whole war begun. In the final battle between Kam and me, the Snake, Vortex, and Sparx had this hugely epic fight, ending with Sparx defeating Vortex; but Vortex, who had already taken full control of Kam, fled. So now they’re out there somewhere . . .  and we didn’t know where.

Replaying the war back hurt my head, and I unconsciously lay my head down on Izo’s shoulder.

“You okay?” he asked me.

“Yeah,” I sighed. “You’re just comfy.”

He chuckled, which made his shoulder shake a little. “I’m glad I’m a good pillow.”

I looked out upon the park as we walked. There was this huge fountain about ten feet away, and I could tell it was frozen (which indirectly reminded me I was laying on Izo’s shoulder).

But I saw someone near the fountain. They were hunched over it, drawing circles on the surface of the ice, sandy blonde hair tucked into a green winter hat. Their head bobbled suddenly, and they turned to look at me and Izo.

When we met eyes, an electric shock that was almost painful went through me.

“Gah!” I stumbled off Izo’s shoulder and stood there, legs shaking slightly, hands curled into fists.

Sparx’s phantom-like form—well, his head, anyway—appeared next to me as I stared at the boy by the fountain.

Kage? Sparx spoke in my mind only. Kage, my brother?

Kage? I asked him. Do you mean—?

The boy lurched up suddenly and began to run to us. He was standing in front of me before I even knew it. He wore a baggy green coat, yellow pants, white sneaks, and he had a spray of freckles on his nose. His eyes were a shocking green, like neon signs in the dark.

“You . . . possess his brother!” the boy exclaimed.

I blinked. “Wait. You—”

The boy’s arm shot out and grabbed my wrist. His hold was panicked. “You have the elder brother!” He was actually smiling.

I jerked my hand free and glanced at Izo quick enough to watch an almost angry expression melt into an aggravated and confused one. “Who are you?” he demanded of the boy.

The boy blinked. “Yuzuru Saga,” he said before facing me. His face changed to look stern and agitated, and his eyes changed from green to a brilliant ocean blue. “Sparx, my brother.” His voice reminded me of Kam’s during our final battle, when Vortex was speaking over Kam’s voice. Yuzuru’s voice spoke alongside a deep voice that sounded like one of a sergeant general in the army.

Kage! Sparx sounded overjoyed.

Yuzuru looked puzzled. “My brother, why do you not speak through the human?”

I felt myself cringe. I knew Sparx tried to not to take over my body, and he didn’t even want to or like to. He’d almost done it once, but had only gotten as far as to change the color of my eyes (from dark blue to crimson).

Tell him I prefer not to talk through you, Sparx said.

Sparx, if you need to talk to him— I began.

No! Sparx snapped. I refuse to use you like that. Just be the envoy of this meeting,

I sighed. “He says hi.”


“Er, he’s really happy to see you and prefers to not talk through me.”

Kage/Yuzuru didn’t look surprised. “Ah, Sparx, ever the hero.”

I’m not ALWAYS the hero, Sparx mumbled.

Kage/Yuzuru then whipped his head to the right and glared at the developing fog. “Curse him, he’s found us.”

“He?” I demanded, facing the fog beyond the fountain. “Who is ‘he’?”

“An enemy Yuzuru and I have been avoiding for some time now,” Kage/Yuzuru growled.

I felt my heart’s beating quicken. A figure was materializing from the fog, walking calmly down the path.

They were tall and lean. Their outfit startled me; their head, with the exception of one eye, was wrapped in black cloth, as were their hands, arms, and ankles. They wore black pants, a black cloak, and there was a hole ripped in the cloth for a mouth hole. Their hands were folded behind his back, his sharp gaze unflinching.

Izo moved forward and in front of me protectively.

The stranger chuckled lightly. “Well, well. Two I’ve found? A lucky day indeed.”

“Who are you?” Izo demanded.

“I am Dr. Hattori,” the man said. A second shape appeared next to him: a huge beast of a man whose militant eyes were coal black. “And this is Toru,” Dr. Hattori said, gesturing to the man.

Next to me, Kage/Yuzuru made a sound in the back of his throat. “Leave, Hattori. This is public ground.”

“Oh?” Dr. Hattori asked. “I see no pedestrians in our way.”

He snapped his fingers and Toru took a step forward.

“Ready yourselves,” Kage/Yuzuru muttered.


YES, FINALLY! I finished it. Hooray. :D


-chan = Used for friends/family

-sensei = Used for teachers/doctors


The time limit between the end of the first novel and the beginning of this one is roughly 2 or so months (the first one ended at the beginning of November; this one starts at the end of January). So let's say Eriko & Izo have been together for about three months. ^///^

LOL wanna hear couple name ideas? Erizo or Iziko. XDDD;;; (I'm a dork.)

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