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It was a horrible night when Emily Stone and her brother Shane survived the arson and murder of the palace. A man in black hood helped them and raised them. 15 years passed by, Emily grew out as a fine young lady but skillful when it comes to guns. Her brother Shane grew to be smart in technological devices. Together they start out their vengeance towards the government officials who caused the pain and scars in their hearts and take back what has been stolen from their father. But will they be successful if the man from her past,Jake Withering, a private investigator, comes back to claim back their love for each other? Is love enough to conquer it all? Or is vengeance much hotter?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - VENGEANCE OF THE ROSE

Submitted: March 28, 2013

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Submitted: March 28, 2013



It was a horrible night. I woke up barefoot on the ground,following the rustling sound downstairs. To my surprise, I saw a tall man in a black american suite pointing the gun towards my dying father . On his foot was my mother totally breathless with blood showered on to her. I was 10 ,still innocent to see such bloody spilled memory.


" Oh dear, Don't shout. Your father and I are just playing theatre here...Don't run..Stay there.." He said trying to deceived me.


"Go away Emily !!! RUN!!!" He jumped on the man who was about to run on me. I run upstair, to the room of my brother Shane.


"Shane! Wake up! We have to go!!!"


My brother was obviiously still rubbing on his eyes. Later on, we heard a gun shot. It widened up my brother's eyes. I did not waste any time anymore. I locked the room. We carry the heavy table and put it infront of the door to block the intruder from getting inside. My brother started to cry. To fear the sound he heard.


"Everything will be okay. Promise you that!"


"I want mommy and daddy!!! Where are they sis?" he cried.


"mom's dead! help me out first."


"we knotted every single blankets since we are about to go down from the window. Not long enough the door sounded. The intruder seems to push a hard on the door. The blankets were almost done. We prepared them. I took Shane in my arms and went down slowly. We were almost on our way down when we were feared to see the man I saw earlier with blood scarred on his face. We fell down the ground. Shane hurt his leg. I carried him on my back and run. I knew my legs were weakening. I know they were giving up but my mind says no! I have to save my brother. The gate from the castle was too far. It need a carousel to ride on. I screamed for help. I saw the man shot his gun in the heaven. I run fast and fast enough to get away but my little feet were to slow. He had a grip on my hair which stepped me aback. Shane fell down the ground as the man pulled me.


"what do you think you're doing? running away? HAHAHA!!! None of you will survive this."


"Emily!!!" Shane cried.


"you will pay for this!!! you monster !!!" I spit on his face. It angered him. He slapped me on my face and I fell down the ground. I heard his gun settled and pointed at my direction.


"Just like your mother. Feeling brave but helpless! You will die like her! haaaaahhhh!!!"


"Stop hurting my sister!!!" Shane  beat him with a stick on his hand which flew away the gun he held.

He beat my brother by slapping him hard which made him fell off the stairs.

"Shane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" My anger grew and I began to take the gun. I pointed it at him and pulled the trigger but I missed a shot. Soon I heard the police car. He ran away leaving us behind. I went down the stairs and took my brother who was unco

"Don't die. Please!!! Shane." then a man came in black hood.

"I'll take care of you." my visions went dizzy. I began to see blurrs then it went all black. I knocked down.




"Hey bratty woman! Wake up !!!"

Crap! The rays of the sun hit my face. My brother opened the curtains. geez. Another same dream 10 years ago..


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