The Love That Never Should Have Been

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Chapter 11 (v.1)

Submitted: July 11, 2013

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Submitted: July 11, 2013



ohn stood in the doorway and watched Keith walk down the sidewalk and that’s when the truth hit him. Just yesterday he had been plotting to kill Keith. Now meer hours later he was kissing and hugging him. He knew that things had changed. But that was a bit drastic. Plus he had killed the man that Keith was now representing. He wondered how Keith would react when he found that out. John no doubt figured he would lose Keith. Damn! Damn! Why were you so stupid? Why couldn’t you have just paid the officer off? But no you had to go and kill him! And now you’re going to lose the man you love! He thought his conscious was laughing at him. Well in reality it was, it also was showing John that he would reap what he sowed. He went back into his house and just sat down on his couch. Letting his head fall to his lap he started to cry.

Keith left the scene and felt a deep stab in his heart as he drove back to the precinct. He attributed this to Angela and the news she would soon receive. When he walked in there was a turning of heads from his detectives. Damn! Had the uniforms at the barricade seen? Why were they staring? He just nodded and walked to his office. There sat Angela in a very tight black dress with white gloves. She had her bright blonde hair in a tight bun and wore matching black high heels. “So your what my squad was staring at me for.”

“Keith, I think we need to talk.”

Oh shit! “What about?”

“About us.”

Oh god! Oh god! “What do you mean?”

“Keith what happened this afternoon? You look like you’re in love.”

“Why yes I am. With you dear.” Keith moved to where Angela was sitting and leaned down and planted a kiss on her lips. Nothing happened when their lips met. Keith’s body stayed in homeostasis. This surprised him. There had always been spark with her. He pulled back and looked into her searching eyes.


“Um. Angela I don’t know how to tell you this.”

“Well how about the straight forward way.”

“Ok. He exhaled and worked up the nerve for those three cutting words. “Angela, I met someone.”

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