The Love That Never Should Have Been

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Chapter 17 (v.1)

Submitted: July 21, 2013

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Submitted: July 21, 2013



Keith whipped his head around to see where the shot he heard had come from. Standing just on the north side of the dividing fence he saw Detective Jake Brody. Keith couldn’t believe his eyes. “Brody?”

“Yes Richards it’s me. Oh and by the way you’re a faggot.”

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me. You’re a faggot Richards. I saw you lip locking with that killer over there,” he motioned to John who lay on the ground coughing and retching.

“You bastard, I love that man and you just fucking shot him.”

“Well, an eye for an eye as I say. He shot me so now I shot him.”

Keith knelt down next to John and held pressure on his back. He reached for his communicator and felt the barrel of Jake’s shotgun touch his back. “Really Jake? You’re gonna shoot me? I am a ranking Lieutenant of the NYPD and you are gonna shoot me?”

“If that’s what it takes. We don’t want a faggot among us. Especially one who’s in love with a murderer.”

Keith wagered he had one chance. Nonchalantly he put his hand on his hip and hit the distress button again and felt for his pistol. He heard rustling in the bushes and had an amazing plan. Knowing they were Jake’s men he fired his pistol and faked a gunshot wound. When his back hit the ground and his pistol at the right trajectory he fired again and again. Jake stumbled a little and fell backward. When his men came to investigate Keith lay on the ground and faked death. When sirens rang out they scattered in all directions. After they escaped Keith moved back to John and seeing all the blood he was scared. “John?”

“Keith,” came a very weak rasp.”

“Oh god John you better not die now. You can’t. I love you John! I love you.”

John smiled and half blew a kiss to him.

Keith motioned and yelled for the uniforms who responded to call the EMT’s. He rode with John to the hospital and sadly was separated at the ER room doors. A nurse called to him from the desk. “Are you here with the man that just came in with the gunshot wound to the back?”

“Yes, do you have any word on his current condition?”

“Wow you’re pretty collected for the way you stuck by him. The doctors practically had to pry you away from his side. So either he’s a very high profile subject or you’re gay.”

“Wow! Um,” Keith dropped his head to the counter and let a few tears fall.

“Sir,” the receptionist said with worry in her voice.”

“Yes,” he said lifting his head and wiping his face?

“There you go. That’s a better reaction. Can you fill out this form Lieutenant?” She handed him a clipboard and motioned in the direction of a small waiting area.

He slowly made his way to the waiting area and he slumped into a chair. That’s when he looked down at the paper. It was the standard patient form. DAMN!

“Fill out only what you know,” she stood over him and held a cup of water out to him.

He looked up to her with gratitude and gratefully took the cup of water. Drinking the whole cup in one swallow he said, “Thank you and okay. I will try.”

“You’re welcome. He’s going to be alright I’m sure.” She gave him a gentle pat on the shoulder and walked back to her desk.

“I really hope so.” Keith dropped his head into his hands and began to cry silent tears.

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