The Love That Never Should Have Been

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Chapter 22 (v.1)

Submitted: July 30, 2013

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Submitted: July 30, 2013



The light above him began to pulse and the red open sign moved slightly showing an obvious doorway at the top of the stairs. Finally mustering the courage and after his tears stopped he began the climb up the stairs. When he reached the top the door seemed even scarier. He wanted to run back down the stairs and find the image of the operating room and his normal life. But some compelling urge kept him in his spot. His right hand began the short voyage to the knob. When he was half an inch from it the door was wrenched open. A bright white light blinded him and he couldn’t see anything. When his eyes finally adjusted he could see clouds and roads. Wait those were roads on clouds with cars. He rubbed is eyes to make sure he was actually seeing this.

“So John, how do you like it?”

John turned and saw a man standing next to him. The man looked like any average person you would see on the street: one of the masses of people from New York either going to work or coming home. “Um yeah. Hi. Who are you?”

“Hello John, I am Nathanial. I’m a couple steps down from the big man.”

John felt like he was going to faint or cry. Both would have been very embarrassing so he kept his head in the moment. “Nathanial…What is this place?”

“John don’t you know? Why its Heaven.”

A rush of emotions ran through him. How had he been good enough to get here? Why was he here and Keith. Oh god Keith. John whipped around looking for the door to go back, but it was gone. All that surrounded him was clouds. “NOOOO!!!” John fell to his knees and began sobbing viciously.

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