The Love That Never Should Have Been

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Chapter 5 (v.1)

Submitted: July 10, 2013

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Submitted: July 10, 2013



John and Henry sat at a booth in the far back corner: the hardest booth to see from anywhere in the bar. But John saw the instant Keith Richard walked in the door. The second that followed baffled John because he could feel tightness in his chest. His breath began to quicken and he couldn’t take his eyes off Keith. He had a cap of golden blonde hair, features chiseled by a famous sculptor and a body that looked as perfect as a man could be. When John realized he was staring, he tore his eyes away, felt the tightness in his chest lessen and regained control of his breathing. What had just happened? He didn’t know. The last time he had felt those things had been the first time he saw Conner Flanner, his school’s quarterback. He was handsome as well but his breath hadn’t quickened, not that he could remember anyways. Looking over to Henry, he saw that Henry was passed out. Damn it! John slid out of the booth and pulled Henry to the edge, he didn’t stir. John threw one of Henry’s arms over his shoulder and started for the door. Moving with Henry was hard since he was about one and a half times the size of John.

Keith was joking with Dameon when he saw a fairly tall man with jet black hair helping a man to the exit of the bar. Excusing himself, he started towards the two men not knowing that doing so would change his life indefinitely.

John saw Keith coming and swallowed an obscenity.

“Hey, can I help,” asked Keith in a friendly tone?

“I got it, but thanks.” Just after John said this Henry slumped more and John wobbled.

“Please, let me help.” Keith took Henry’s opposite arm and threw it over his shoulder.

Together they got Henry outside and into Henry’s car. “Well thank you for your help.”

“Oh no problem, anytime.” That’s when Keith really looked at the man he had helped. He had seen his height, which now matched his almost perfectly, and hair before. But now he noticed the dark blue eyes and his planed face. There was something in it that Keith couldn’t quite determine. Well he had to get back so he wished the men safe driving and turned to reenter the bar. Just as he did his heart tripped. Stopping at the door he turned his head and saw the man getting into the driver’s seat and Keith warmed. What the hell? Was he having a heart attack? No, the tripping wasn’t continuing. When the man drove away the warmness faded and Keith turned and went back into the bar. But something had changed. The air had taken on a new smell, men’s cologne.

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