The Teutonics: Chapter 1

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a story about the famed Teutonic Knights of Germany. In this chapter you meet the main character Gunter, a member of the Teutonic Knights (historically The Teutonic Order, or German Order of the Hospital of St. Mary of Jerusalem, but they were also Knights)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Teutonics: Gunter's story: Chapter 1 (rough draft)

Submitted: April 14, 2011

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Submitted: April 14, 2011



Swords clashed, the flicker-flash of sparks danced within the hall. German Knights of the Teutonic Order, dressed in their armor fronted with the black cross, fought the heathen Baltic Prussians. Sir Günter of Lubeck was among them. Gunter was only 20 years of age. His father was a merchant of great standing in Lubeck who had sent Gunter to be a priest. With his sword in one hand and shield on the other he was ready to face the Pagan forces. He fought as arrows pinged against his shield so he ran at the archer near him. One mighty swing and the archer folded like a piece of paper. Blood and limp the archer lay in the hot sun. The reek of the dead invaded Gunter’s nose as another knight stepped up, his short sword whistled in the air as it came close to Günter’s’ head, Günter blocked the sword just in time, parried another blow and struck with a speed borne out of rage. The knight with the short sword fought on, but Gunter was too fast for him. Gunter’s sword whistled in the air as he swung with all his might. The Baltic knight didn’t give Gunter much time to think, but with his training and speed Gunter stabbed at the Prussian, hitting him in an unprotected spot in his armor, the knight died with a scream of agony. Günter’s sword flew through the skirmish; the bodies began to pile up with every stab, slash, and cut of Sir Gunter’s sword. Gunter’s sword and mail were coated with the gore and blood of his dying enemies. An arrow flew, whistling above his head. Gunter pulled out a throwing knife and with steady aim he threw, hitting the archer in the head, killing him instantly. His shield at the ready he rushed a spearmen. A shield blow to the spearmen’s’ head stunned him; a sword crushed his head killing him instantly. Gunter’s brethren of the Cross fought close combat. The Prussians re-grouped and made ready to rush but the Prussians knights were unskilled in battle was what Gunter thought as he watched his brethren of the Holy Cross slaughter the remaining groups.

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