Face Off

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Kendall, a fifteen year old, finally has a baby sister; however, after her father's sudden death, many strange things begin to occur to Kendall. Through several weeks, she experiences horrific nightmares and imaginations until one day her baby sister is kidnapped by evil creatures and is taken into the evil land of X-Volt. Will Kendall be able to save her sister?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Face Off

Submitted: March 15, 2013

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Submitted: March 15, 2013




1.The Imagination & Arrival

There she sat, waiting on the arrival of her first sister, glimpsing at the window every few seconds. Kendall reached the television remote, and shut the television monitor off. For nine months, Kendall had been waiting for this day to come. She was anxious to finally come face to face with her sister. Every single penny of hers went to her unborn sister. Kendall suddenly heard a tapping at the door; she stood up and stepped towards it. Kendall slowly opened it and spotted nothing but the house across the street and the tree, which she had planted.

Kendall shut the door with a frown on her face. She turned around, and stared at her self-portrait which was hanging on the wall. A few seconds later, her family, including her unborn sister, mysteriously appeared in the portrait. Kendall, amazed, took out her phone and snapped a picture to send to her mother. Kendall stared mainly at her sister. Those eyes attracted Kendall to stare at the image. She stared at the portrait for minutes. Then, the family picture suddenly converted into a dead family. Kendall’s father, Gregory, was lying on the floor with a gun placed in his hand. Kendall’s mother, Meghan, was also lying on the floor with blood covering her dress. Kendall’s unnamed sister was in the arms that appeared in the portrait; although, the rest of the body was not present in the portrait. Last but not least, Kendall was on the floor with a sword in her hand. Kendall dropped on the floor and gasped, almost out of breath. The room was mysteriously turning into a land, in which the sky was filled up with funnel clouds and leafless trees. A lake was filled with green water and ravens were flying around the land. Kendall closed her eyes tight and reopened them. The land was gone. Her living room was back in her vision. Her self-portrait was still hanging on the wall, without her family in it. Everything was back in its place. Kendall was relieved and thought it was a dream. The arrival of her sister was still not here. Kendall waited for hours now. She walked out of the living room, into her room, and slept for the rest of the evening.

Her imagination gave her nightmares. Kendall’s body moved as if she was going through a seizure. Miles away, was Kendall walking into Xoird’s chamber. “What must we do king?” asked Valime (pronounced Val-lem), a tall, thin, lady with black lipstick, “We must punish her,” said Ybzach (pronounced Ib-zach), a tall, red headed man with red eyes. “Silence!” yelled Xoird (pronounced Zord), the king of X-Volt, a land full of evil spirits and evil creatures, “We must kill her,”

“I’ll do it with my sword!” a deep angry voice yelled, “I said silence!” Xoird yelled again, “We’ll chop off her head!”, “No! Please! I’ll do anything, please!” Kendall begged, “Chop her!” Xoird ordered, “No!” Kendall yelled and woke up. Kendall breathed heavily and stared at the window. She wasn’t surprised that her parents weren’t home. “What was that?” she whispered to herself. Kendall uncovered herself from her blankets and stood up. She reached into her purse, and took out her phone. In her phone, Kendall dialed in her mother’s number. The phone was ringing, “Dad, are you there?” Kendall asked, “Yes sweetheart, and by the way, your mom still won’t be back to the house until tomorrow at noon,” responded Gregory, “Well, can you come pick me up?” Kendall asked, “Why no sweetie. I can’t right now,” responded Gregory, “But dad -”, “I’m sorry Kendall, listen, I have to go now. Okay?” Gregory interrupted, “Okay, bye.” Kendall said. An angry Kendall hung up the phone and tossed it to the floor. She did not persuade her father into picking her up. Kendall dropped onto her bed, and continued sleeping, enraged.

In the morning, Kendall awakened from her frightening and horrifying nightmares. She stepped towards the closet and grasped her slippers. Kendall headed to the kitchen and sat down on her personal chair. While drowsy, Kendall was full of hunger and managed to cook herself scrambled eggs and bacon. After finishing cooking the eggs, Kendall again sat down and began eating them. She suddenly began having a horrible feeling; as if her organs would fall out of her body. Kendall ran towards the bathroom and began hurling up the eggs. After a few moments, she sat next to the toilet and was confused. She thought maybe the eggs were rotten or not fully cooked. But instead, she remembered she had had stomach bug before. Kendall opened the first-aid kit and drank Pepto-Bismol to calm down her nausea feeling.

After a sickening morning, Kendall took her clothes and headed to the bathroom. While preparing a hot bath, Kendall turned to the mirror and saw an illusion, a weird and non-familiar illusion. Kendall turned her back and turned back to the mirror, and the illusion was gone. She managed to calm herself down. Kendall stepped into the tub and rested. Her head was placed on the edge of the bathtub. She thought of many things, including the dream and the imagination she had the previous day. After a warm bath, Kendall got dressed for the day and again sat down on the couch in the living room. She hoped this day would not be the same as the day before. So she begged and prayed that the day would go completely different. After hours of waiting, Kendall heard a knocking from the door. She approached it and opened it. It was a surprise visit from someone Kendall had never seen before. She was amazed and nearly fainted of seeing the complete beauty that was about to step into the house.

Kendall was blissed inside her heart. She was flabbergasted. “Hey, look, Sophie, it’s your big sister,” said Gregory, “Hi Sophie, I’m your big sister.” said Kendall, “You want to hold her, Kendall?” asked Gregory, “May I?” asked Kendall, “Sure, here,” responded Gregory as he handed Sophie over to Kendall, “Is she heavy?” asked Gregory, “No, she’s so light, how much does she weight?” asked Kendall, “At birth, she weight six-point-seven pounds,” stated Gregory, “Oh goodness, that beats my birth weight record,” responded Kendall, “You’re right, your birth weight was six-point-nine,” again stated Gregory, “I know, but, I can’t believe I have a sister,” said Kendall, “I can’t believe I have two daughters already but no sons,” responded Gregory, “You could have more babies, dad,” said Kendall, “I know, but, what if it’s another girl?” asked Gregory, “Then, don’t take any chances,” said Kendall, “I’ll try not to.” responded Gregory as he walked into the kitchen.

“Where’s mom?” asked Kendall, “She’s at the grocery store” stated Gregory, “She just gave birth and she’s already at the store?” asked Kendall, stunned, “Yes, she said we need more groceries,” said Gregory, “Okay.” responded Kendall as she walked to her room. Kendall was indeed filled with joy. She thought this would get rid of her current nightmares and imaginations. Kendall’s room was filled with many posters of teen-sensation, Joe West, her favorite singer. Her walls were light green colored and her closet was the size of a small laundry room. She placed Sophie on her bed while she brushed her hair. Sophie suddenly began crying after a loud banging noise that was heard inside. Kendall, suspiciously, took Sophie to the kitchen to find her father on the floor with a gun in his hand. She placed Sophie in her mother’s bed and took the gun away from her father’s hand. She quickly dialed in her mother’s number and waited for an answer.

Kendall waited minutes for her mother to answer but no signal came. She dialed it in once again and waited seconds. The second time was a charm, her mother answered. “Mom… Dad… Just…” sobbed Kendall, “What is it honey? Is something wrong? I’m on my way. I’ll be there in two minutes,” said Meghan, “Mom!” yelled Kendall as Meghan hung up on her. Kendall and Sophie wept for minutes. Then, the door stormed open, “I’m here, what happened?” asked Meghan, “Look!” pointed Kendall, “Gregory! Oh Gregory, why?” wept Meghan, “How did this happen?”, “I was in my room with Sophie and all of the sudden I heard a gunshot so I walked over here and saw dad there!” explained Kendall, “Where’s Sophie?” asked Meghan, “In the room,” answered Kendall, “Why? Why? Why?” asked Meghan, as she lied on the floor next to her dead husband.

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