Edge of Life

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Elena has been cut off from her first love to find herself praying for the one who saved her life. Who will she choose?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Edge of Life

Submitted: May 24, 2012

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Submitted: May 24, 2012



Elena Lavender loved her boyfriend, Brandon Mayorn, a lot but when they arranged a date on Christmas Eve, the love vanished. And their love ended like this:

Elena had stood at the corner of the street, looking for Brandon. As she spotted him, she dashed across the street but she didn’t know the light was green. And so, a loud honk paralyzed her. “Watch out!”

Even as the man charged across the street, he knew the consequences of saving his loved one. The man deftly shoved her away and Elena skidded across the ice and onto the sidewalk. The man was struck by the car and was tossed to the side. Elena spun around to find the broken form of Nicholas Matthews. Nicholas was Elena’s classmate in the junior year so he has come to love her bubbly and carefree personality, thus transforming into actual love.

Crimson stained the dark snow, cars zooming to and fro, all but splattering her body in warm, cold, and horrifying liquid. She was frozen, her eyes glassy as if she were the one hit. She could only stutter out one word. “No.”

“Thank the Heavens that you are saved,” Nicholas whispered brokenly. His broken form shuddered and twitched.

“Oh no, I have to call an ambulance,” she searched franticly through her purse for the cell phone.

“Don’t worry about it. I called,” said a feminine voice. It was the girl that was madly in love with Nicholas, Ashlyn Roberts.


The sound of the ambulance pierced the snow-filled disaster. A man in a paramedic’s uniform yelled “Everyone, out of the way! The paramedics are here!”

Elena watched hopelessly as the men hauled Nicholas’s limp and bloody form off the side of the road. Elena stood as cold and silent like a rock, oblivious to the strong, warm, and steady arms pulling her closer to him-Brandon.

“Is there anyone here who is his family or friend?” said the paramedic from before. Elena wanted to go but she was pinned to Brandon’s warm chest.

“Let go of me! I have to go!” Elena growled. Her body shook violently after seeing such a gruesome accident. She shook free of Brandon. “I have to go.”

The paramedic led her to the ambulance quickly and carefully helped Elena on to the back. She sat down on the bench beside Nicholas’s cot and the weight of guilt and sadness finally started to settle on her shoulders.

“Patient is in critical condition! Is the defibrillator ready?” a paramedic with curly brown hair asked. She was answered immediately with a ‘yes’. She was handed two paddles. “Clear.”

Elena watched silently as she shocked him twice. Suddenly the ambulance stopped. They arrived at the hospital. Nicholas was rushed off to the O.R. The agony was so intense, Elena nearly crumpled to the ground in front of the waiting room. She dragged herself to the chair nearest to the door and fell asleep.

She woke up because a nurse in white scrubs lightly shook her. "Is he dead?" Elena choked out before falling into a fit of hacking sobs.

"No. Barely alive though," he said smiling sadly. "Dr. Heff has done everything he could. Now, it's up to your boyfriend to decide."

"Boyfriend? That's not my boyfriend," she stammered out, embarrassed.

"Oh, well. What can you do about it?" he shrugged. "Just pray for him."

He left Elena sitting there praying with all her heart and soul.

"The Angel of Hearts, the Angel of Souls. Save his heart, his soul, his life from Heaven or Hell. Take him to a world that’s neither. The world where nothing is too holy nor too evil. The world of humans!” she prayed silently, chanting them over and over until two voices called out to her.

“We shall grant your prayer of true love,” said the voices. One was high and lovely like white chocolate, the other was deep and smooth like dark chocolate. Total opposites, yet in harmony with each other.

Then they appeared. Their voice was nothing compared to their beauty. On the right side was a slender woman that had an ageless face. She wore a sky blue, tinted with morning pink v-neck dress that rippled to her ankles. Her face was of a porcelain doll-creamy white heart-shaped face. She had glittering green-black eyes that made Elena’s heart ache and a waterfall of platinum blond hair, braided with silver lace down her back.

Yet, on the left, there was a man that rivaled the woman’s beauty. A deep purple tunic was draped over his broad shoulders, complimenting his olive-toned skin. He had black hair that curled up at the ends around his neck. Intelligent purplish-grey thunderstorm-like eyes stared at me, devoid of any emotion.

“I am the Angel of Hearts, Aruhi!” she sang out, voice sounding as sweet as white chocolate.

“And I am the Angel of Souls, Tadaru!” he called out, voice trailing behind hers like a bitter-sweet memory, lingering, unforgettable.

“Together, we are the Angels of Life!” they said, voices ringing and entwining. Together they recited this prayer-like song;

For there be no world more holy than heaven

For there be no world more evil than hell

For there be only one world in between

For we will open the passage to earth once more

For Nicholas Matthews

Their voices rang out, harmonious and resounding, deep into the earth and high above the skies.

Shouting and padding echoed in Elena ears lightly as if it was just mere background music.

“We have granted your prayer,” they said slowly. “Yet, there is one thing that you must do on your own. You must decide on who is your true love.”

“I know,” she said determinedly. “Thank you!”

“Goodbye, Elena,” they said, softly. Aruhi and Tadaru clasped their hands together and smiled at Elena with their beautiful glowing hearts and souls, blessing everyone in this world with happiness and hope.

They also gave her one last gift. The gift of life.

The nurse was waking Elena up again and this time he had a big smile on his face, tears flowing freely. This time, there won’t be a lost life.

“He’s alive! Alive!” she breathed even though she wanted to scream and shout it to the world. “Thank you, Aruhi! Thank you, Tadaru!”

Elena then sprinted to the room where Nicholas rested. She held the hands that had saved her. In that position, she stayed awake until Nicholas woke up. When he did, they fell in love again. Unchanging, forever in time. Loved, cared, sacrificed.

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