Guilty Rose

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - Chapter 11

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Submitted: October 26, 2012



Guilty Rose Chapter 11

Even though I had tried to ignore the burning looks from the class, only one person hadn’t stared at me. And guess who? It was freaking Allie. She had her back turned away from me all class and not the I’m not relieved but surprised that she hadn’t given a damn about the fact that I was there.

Well, couldn’t this day go any better? The best thing was probably the part where I had met my best friend, Melanie. Man, ring the freaking bell already! As if on cue, the bell rang. Thank God!

I rushed out of school to find someone following me around. Damn it! Couldn’t I get some freaking peace and quiet? I furiously stomped all the way to my apartment and found that the guy had still followed me. I took a deep breath to calm my nerves and went to the elevator. He even followed me into the elevator. I pressed my floor and he did nothing. I walked out when the doors opened and he still followed me, his hood covering his face. I grinned maliciously to myself and spun around suddenly, making him yelp and crash to the floor.

“Why the hell are you freaking following me, you freak?” I said, glaring at him with so much intensity I saw his Adams apple bob when he swallowed. I had enough of this shit!

“I wasn’t following you. I was trying to reach home,” he said. He got up and pulled his hood back to reveal a familiar face.

“You-! You fucking bastard! Fuck you!” I shouted at Kyle who was doubled over laughing. I punched him in the arm and stalked away, heading for my suite.

“Hey, now, watch your language,” Kevin said, appearing out of the suite across from mine.

“’Sup, Kevin,” Kyle called out in between spasms of laughter.

“Yeah, yeah, it’s nice to see you in one piece this time but I have stuff to teach Arisa. Now, if you excuse me,” he said, rolling his eyes.

“Wait, wait. You mean this lady is one of us?” Kyle whispered back, his mood totally different.

“Well, yes, she’s the new one among others so I’ll start with her first,” Kevin said. He then asked me if he could come in. I said yes and Kyle rushed in.

“Hey, hey, hey! I never said you could come in,” I complained.

“Aw, come on, please?” he begged.

“Just let him in, I have a lot of stuff to teach you, Arisa,” Kevin sighed finally.

Oh boy, today is going to be so much fun! I thought sarcastically.

“First of all, N-O to romance,” Kevin said. “No romance unless you both are Angels.”

“What?” I said, eyes widening. Holy fucking shit...

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