Guilty Rose

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Chapter 17 (v.1) - Chapter 16

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Submitted: January 23, 2013



Guilty Rose Chapter 16

Okay! I’ve decided! I need to change my attitude! I need to be more cheerful otherwise my health will deteriorate. I grabbed my cell phone and phoned Mel. She picked up after 2 rings.

“Mel! Let’s go shopping! I’ll be at your house in one hour!” I said quickly and she managed a faint agreement before I ended the call. I hopped into the shower and finished in about 10 minutes. I put on some make-up and changed into tights and a fluffy floral dress. I threw a short black trench-like coat on and grabbed my pink purse with my normal inside-bag necessities. I slipped on a pair of flat-heeled, knee-high black boots.  I rushed out the door and locked it hurriedly behind me. I ran out the main entrance after an elevator ride that seemed to take hours.

Run, run, and run faster! I chanted to myself. I stole a glance at my watch and nearly shrieked. It takes about 20 minutes of running to get to her house but I have 10 minutes left and I am not going to make it in time! Damn it! I ran into a deserted parking lot and unleashed my wings.

Fwump! The sound of wings resounded in my ears. My wings beat powerfully and I rose, the frigid air around me pushed me higher. On my wings, I flew as high as the C.N Tower. I checked my watch. Shit! A few more minutes. I concentrated and I flew even faster. My hair whipped about and my dress was fluttering. My trench-like coat restricted my movements so I unbuckled it. It fluttered around me like a cape. I looked down and pinned down the exact location of her house. I simply tucked in my wings and fell toward her neighbourhood like a meteor.

I spun mid-air so that I would have my feet landing first. 1000 metres left to go. 900. 800. 700. 600. 500. 400. 300. 200. 100. And I landed gracefully in a flurry of floral and black fabric. Catching my breath, I ran the doorbell. Mel’s voice answered faintly from inside. I heard her running and a loud crash. I sighed. She fell again...

“Arisa!” Mel said, rubbing her back. She was clad in waist-high tailored shorts with bows on the side over polka-dotted tights. Her blouse was creamy white and frilly. “Just wait, let me put on my shoes and coat.”

She ran grabbed a silvery jacket from the closet and a pair of black flats with tiny gold accents on the toe. She shouted out a goodbye to her parents and rushed out.

“Let’s go!” Mel exclaimed, jumping off her porch. She giggled and landed gracefully. I rolled my eyes at her and joined her.

We walked down the street and took a bus to Eaton Centre. We giggled and laughed while we went through shops in the mall. By the time we finished shopping, it was already 6 p.m. and the shops were starting to close.

“Let’s go get something to eat? What do you want? The Keg?” I asked Mel. She nodded vigorously. I knew she loved eating at The Keg...

We walked across the street and linked arms to prevent us from being separated by the waves of people on the square. Finally, after massive amounts of shoving and pushing, we arrived at The Keg.

“That was fun, eh?” Mel asked me, grinning as we got onto the elevator that took us up to the restaurant. Ding! The elevator doors opened and we got out, greeting massive amounts of people of all ages. We swerved and dodged bands of people chatting. After a while, we had finally arrived at the podium. “Ta-”

I was cut off when a dark haired hottie slipped his hands in front of my eyes. WHAT? I rammed a elbow into his well-muscled stomach. He fell over, clutching his stomach. He started wheezing. And he looked up at me.

“Kyle?!” I exclaimed, surprised. This night is gonna be long...

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