Guilty Rose

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Chapter 21 (v.1) - Chapter 20

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Guilty Rose Chapter 20

EXAMS… I slammed my face into my desk, feeling the dread of exam week creep up on me. This was so fucking exhausting! March, the most dreaded month in my high school. The month for exams…

I wanted to scream! Melanie is being quite the bitch. She won’t talk to me and she keeps giving me the cold shoulder.  Kyle keeps trying to make me like him and Cain… I can’t even look him in the eyes after that. I haven’t seen Kevin since the first snowfall. I feel like I’m all alone.

I stole a glance at my clock. The digital blue numbers told me it was half past two. I decided it was lights out. A slam echoed through my unit as I closed my calculus textbook. The warmth of my comforter made me curl in delight. A good night’s sleep was the best!

I woke early the next morning and took a shower. It woke me up instantly. Breakfast wasn’t needed. So, I just lounged around, checking my Facebook. Finally, it was time to go to school. Wow… It was the first day of spring and it is FREAKIN’ SNOWING outside! The snow melted as soon as it touched the asphalt, creating puddles of slush from the previous snowstorms.

As I was walking, I noticed Kyle strolling inside a building. I ducked my head down and walked a tad bit faster than my normal pace. I felt like I was being kind of, you know, very unsocial. It was high school. Either people ignore you or you get targeted. Fortunately, I was the people who were ignored. That could be considered bad but since I’m optimistic, I think that people could tolerate me.

On the other hand, my bad side gave me the thought of it being bad because it gives me more time to worry. All I ever wanted was to be normal. To have friends without drama but, none of it had been granted. I was an angel, for God’s sake! I have so much drama!

I was slumped over as I trudged through the school day, ignoring Kyle who was chattering happily about something that happened today. Even my favourite subject, English, couldn’t make me feel happy or even slightly cheered up.

I hate this. I wish Kyle had never confessed to me! I felt my frustrations pile up into heaps. I wanted to skip the last period but I don’t want to, as well. Art was a bit refreshing since I loved to draw. It always took my mind off crap to just sit and draw everything that popped into my head. Sometimes, I love art more that literature.

I went straight home after art. I didn’t even offer to help clean up the utensils. I kicked a block of ice that was in my way when walking home. It whizzed past the fast-paced feet around me. My small unit looked just as gloomy as my mood. The dishes were piling up. I sighed and flung my bag into my room.

I pulled onto those lemon yellow plastic gloves and started scrubbing. My mind wandered off to the land of wonderful thoughts. I felt like Cain was my salvation in this whole world. He was the only one who didn’t care how I acted. He never shoved his feelings onto other people. I imagined his pretty brown eyes and soft hair. Just by doing that, my heart raced a few multitudes faster.

A knock from the door made me drop the dish I was holding. It fell into the pile of bubbles. Soapy water splashed onto my shirt. I shrieked, the cold water splashing on my neck and dripping down my shirt into my cleavage. Mumbling quite unattractively, I walked to the door and flung it open.

“Who is i-?!” I cut off as the scent of roses washed over me. Standing in the doorway was… Cain. He was holding a bouquet of roses. In the middle of the bouquet, a deep sea blue rose was placed. Surrounding it were red roses in full bloom. He smiled as he took in my surprised expression.

“Arisa… I truly, truly love you,” He breathed. His brown eyes glowed with radiance. He slowly extended his arms toward me. “For you, the one that I love. I will love you until the blue one dies and withers.”

“I… I,” I just stood there. I didn’t move a single muscle. My heart tore in half. Tears sprang up in my eyes.

He’s in love with me…

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