Remember Me

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Haru and Ruri. Teenagers in 'love'. Everything seemed so perfect between them, until a stroke of fate is bound to change their lifes forever.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Remember Me

Submitted: July 12, 2013

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Submitted: July 12, 2013



Remember me

Chapter 1

Haru stormed out of the school building, trying to chase after her thinking what he has exactly done wrong to make Ruri so angry. When he had finally found her, after running and searching her like a dog searches for his stick, bone or whatever, he graped her hand. She turned around, looking like she'll explode any moment, and stared at him with her 'Oh my dear, you're so fucked right now' stare.

„HARU! Have you gone fucking insane?! Let me go!“, Ruri shouted at Haru in the middle of the street.

 „Well, that's a strange way of saying 'Hi' you know. Would you please stop yelling at me Ruri? We're on the goddamn street right now..“

 „I don't fucking care! Your fucking lip is open and it's bleeding! How could you fucking do that?! Are you crazy or what?! Just because a guy said 'Hi' to me, doesn't mean that he meant something like 'suck my dick' or whatever! And if he did, beating him up and getting yourself hurt while you're beating the shit out of him is still wrong! Do you think I can't protect myself or what?!“

„Ruri, how could I not do something? He was clearly making a move on you, if you haven't already noticed that! Besides, stop always swearing all the time. Some people may think it's unattractive.“

Now, Ruri was really pissed. She never really thought of herself as pretty or even the least bit of attractive, actually, she just thought of herself as a plain, ugly and not normal girl with black hair and strangely bright blue eyes (Of course, standing beside Haru made her even look worse 'cause Haru was just too perfect for the human eye. Like seriously. His reddish-brown eyes could move mountains, or end wars). But as she heard her beloved childhood friend actually saying that, it was like a sword to the heart. And well, Ruri hated swords, especially when they're slammed into your heart.

„WELL GUESS WHAT YOU, FUCKING BASTARD, I'M NOT ATTRACTIVE ANYWAY, SO FUCK THE FUCKING FUCK OFF!!“, she screamed, though her throat already began to hurt like hell.

„I did NOT say that you're not attractive, Ruri!“, Haru said, trying to control his voice. He hated shouting at Ruri, but sometimes she was just so.. so thickheaded. Especially in situations like this. Why couldn't she understand that Haru just wanted to protect her from that strange dude that, by the way, looked like the last member of that 'Gangsta-Hipster' gang that has already been split like 3 years ago.

„The problem is, you're way TOO attractive, Ruri. People, especially guys, are always making moves on you. I fucking hate that!“, when he finally noticed that he had just called Ruri attractive, which she really was, like seriously, Ruri burst out into laughter. And Haru stood there and asked himself, what exactly he'd done wrong (or right) to make her laugh like that. And then he thought to himself that there was no better feeling than making Ruri, the girl he loved for more than 10 years, laugh.

„So, first of all, you're saying that I'm a) attractive? andb) getting hit on by girls too? Wow Haru. I never even imagined that you're thinking that I'm bi sexual.“

„Oh? You're not? Well, that's kinda surprising you know. I never thought that you were hetero, like me, from the first time we've met.“, Haru smiled, still graping tight onto Ruris hand.

„Oh wait wait wait. You're not gay? My whole world has been turned upside down!“ Ruri laughed her 'Ruri laugh', which Haru loved the most.

„Well, I always thought of myself as a straight Justin Bieber, who just looks gay, but bangs everything that is at least a bit girl-ish.“, Haru winked and half smiled. Ruri laughed and said: „You're an idiot. But you are MY idiot Got that?“

„I know. And It'd be a pleasure to never change that fact.“

„You promise?“

„I do. Forever and always.“

„Forever is a lie. Don't you know that?“

„Forever is not a lie. But if it is, wouldn't it be a beautiful lie?“

„It would be the most beautiful lie that we could ever have.“


They stared at each other for a while and they both asked themselves the same question over and over again. 'Why can't we just be together? I mean maybe he/she likes me too. Of course, he/she likes me! We've known each other for more than 10 years now! We are Childhood friends! ..But does he/she love me? Well, that can't be possible. Why should somebody love me? I mean I'm just too fucking weird and awkward that somebody could ever love me.'

Ruri noticed that Haru was still holding her hand, so before she could let her face turn into a goddamn tomato, she let go of his hand and tried to walk away as if nothing happened, though her mind kept reminding her how beautiful Haru looked today. Or should she say handsome? Do you call boys beautiful? Well, if you can't call boys beautiful, Haru would be the only exception.

As Ruri let go of Harus hand, he felt a strong feeling of rejection and well, he tried to act like it was nothing, but you could clearly see that it bothered the shit out of him. And well, I guess Haru rather wanted his shit inside him, so he waked past Ruri and said: „Hey, we should go to the station now. Our train's coming in 20 minutes!“

„20 minutes is a long time. We shouldn't hurry so much.“

„Well, that's true, but in these 20 minutes you can get hit by a bus, or a train, or an airplane.“

„And running away from nothing helps?“

They both walked side by side, silently. And they both didn't seem to care, that they haven't talked for 6 minutes. Ruri felt comfortable with the silence between Haru and her. She didn't need to talk to him. Staying by his side made her feel happy enough. And Haru felt the same way. For him, nothing was better than staying at Ruris side every day and seeing her smiling. But they both did not know about that. Honestly, they had no idea of what was bound to happe between them.

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