the Kingdom of Sage

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - the Kingdom of Sage

Submitted: March 21, 2013

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Submitted: March 21, 2013




Out of all the kingdoms of the world, only one has never been succeeded. This kingdom is so unheard of that even the world’s highest rulers don’t even know it exists. It was divided into two parts each broke into districts. Its districts are the Ailish, Rominal, Lokid, Sallinid and Maldville. This kingdom is also the oldest on earth, it never had a beginning and it doesn’t have and end that we have ever come to know of. But, the succession part could change when the next heir to the throne is born. This kingdom had a book of laws that the first rulers made, over time that book has been lost due to many wars and environmental issues along with peoples own beliefs. To some who have heard of this kingdom, they don’t believe it even exists. On a globe or a map of the earth, this is the eighth continent that is still unknown to many people. It is so small that that you can’t see it but even if the cartographers wanted to put it on a map they couldn’t because its location has never been known to people outside of it. If the ones from this kingdom try to leave the island they would get lost at sea, even the people that live there don’t even know where in the world they are. There have been some people in England and Spain that have claimed they are from this lost kingdom, but they are usually trying to mock the people that do believe in its existence. There could be someone somewhere in the world that once was from this distant kingdom, and they haven’t said anything because they are afraid they will be persecuted or killed. The leaders of the world want nothing to be said of this ‘fantasy kingdom.’ If a person were to be persistent they could be beheaded. This is the only strict rule that opposing kingdoms can agree on, they want to never have this kingdom come up into the heads or the hearts of their people, because they think it will disillusion them from following their royal headship and idiotic ways. The opposing kingdom is called the Avangeschnel. Its districts are the Gorithin, Huartist and Brickstone.

The first kingdom I spoke of is a kingdom called SAGE.


The New heir

Queen Isabella was sitting on her bed because she had just given birth a short thirty minutes ago. King John was standing over them with a large smile. As they gazed at their new daughter, the guards outside were assembling the townspeople that came to the ceremony of the new princess. Then Queen Isabella got up out of the bed while holding the baby. King John went to the balcony where all could see, and Queen Isabella followed him shortly.

“I am presenting before you today the daughter of King John Alexander Sage and Queen Isabella Victoria Sage. I now give you the next ruler of Sage, Princess Aisha Elizabeth Sage.” Vozica, the Spanish-accented man, announced for the entire crowd to hear. Vozica is the announcer, wise man, in a way second in command, King John’s third cousin and King John’s second closest friend. After he finished, Queen Isabella held little Aisha up for everyone present to see her. As she did this, the sun glowed on Aisha from the sky. Then Vozica brought King John a paper and he signed it then, put the royal seal on in. The royal seal is a silk royal blue ribbon held down on a piece of paper then putting hot melted gold on top of it then stamping the gold with a stamp that says; “This decree made official by King John Alexander Sage.” Another stamp says: “Approved by King John Alexander Sage.” King John always makes worst case scenario letters to his wife stating what must happen if he were to die somehow, now he has to make them for his daughter as well. This is one of the very few commands they have gotten out of the ancient book of laws and kept to this day. This letter was the very first one to his daughter.

It stated: When Aisha Elizabeth Sage turns 22, and I am dead she is the rightful ruler of Sage. If, however, she is succeeded by someone greater than her, she still has the upper hand in being my daughter. If I am murdered and that same murderer is trying to kill Aisha and she decides to run away, and the murderer becomes the new ruler, at some point Aisha must return to take her rightful place as the one true ruler and challenge her successor. When she becomes Queen she then must help rebuild her kingdom and after doing so for two years she must marry any man of her choice. If the successor is still alive and surrenders he will either be sentenced to death or have life in the dungeon. If the successor was any of my family members or of Queen Isabella Victoria Sage, the same rule must apply. If thy crown ought to be threatened after being taken of thy royal place she will use her king-like knowledge to deal with the person accordingly. ” Then it had the seal of approval at the bottom with King John’s signature on it, this was the first of the scenarios that Vozica had come up with for King John to sign. After he signed the scenario, King John and Queen Isabella, went back inside their home to be with their new daughter. Their home was a large palace and castle-like structure. Since Sage has the most gold on the earth, everything the royals have is made out of solid gold or has something made of gold. Their bed frames, silverware, plates, cups, some shoes, some all have something gold related on them. Some of the women even put gold in their hair. There entire palace is almost made out of gold. After the ceremony, the guards escorted people out of the public square in front of the gate of the palace. But, over in a somewhat moderately sized area in the outskirts of the palace, there lived King John’s sister, Seraphinia Evangeline Sage. She did not attend the ceremony even thought, since she is of the royal family. But she did not attend out of jealousy that she will never be queen. She was braiding her long velvet blood red colored hair and gathering her bow and arrow to go out and hunt, because everyone in the kingdom had to hunt for their own food no matter what gender or rank, when Vozica came into her quarters.

“You better have a good reason for missing the presentation of Aisha Elizabeth Sage. Also the king is on his way,” Vozica announced as he barged into her quarters.

“Don’t you knock? I simply didn’t know the ceremony was today,” Seraphinia lied and rolled her eyes. “I am twenty-four years old, so I have so many other important things to do. I feel so horrible. Now if you’ll excuse me I am getting ready to hunt my lunch, and because you interrupted me, I can’t find my arrow.”

“That won’t be the only thing you can’t find in about a minute.”

“Hey, since I’m on pest control duty, I found a pest I can make into my lunch!” She threatened and strung her arrow toward him.

“Seraphinia put your bow down!” King John commanded from the balcony above, he could see her because her quarters did not have a roof.

“I was merely toying with him brother… I mean your highness,” Seraphinia lied as she put her bow down and bowed in mockery.

“I didn’t see you at the ceremony for Aisha this morning,” King John went on as he walked down the steps to get to the lower lot wear her quarters were located.

“Like I was telling your small, fat, stupid friend here, I simply forgot,”

“You should have been present when I was signing the first scenario because it somewhat involved you.”

“Oh, well I should go sign it then,” She told him then grabbed her bow and arrows and was trying to leave.

“Don’t walk away from me, you know I sleep with a dagger so you couldn’t trust me, and I am the king!”

“You don’t need to remind me. Also, how you do know you can’t trust me, I also have a weapon, need I remind you,” She shook her bow and arrows in his face for emphasis.

“Are you threatening me?”

“No, I wouldn’t dare, not because I’m scared. But, because you would have every guard present take turns at slaughtering me,” Seraphinia explained then walked out of her quarters and out a door then went outside to hunt.

“So, what’s your plan? What about the Guillotine, a sword fight, the pit, or poison?” Vozica jokingly asked.

“Really Vozica,” King John joked.

“What? She called me fat, small and stupid.”

“Well if I had to pick one it would probably be a sword fight. Sometimes I want to take her on myself.”

“I still can’t believe what she called me. Do you think I look…?”

“Just shake it off Vozica.” King John interrupted then they walked across the inner south piazza and into a room with many hot pink curtains, they call this room the symbol room. One of the other very few rules out of the book of laws was to put a mark of some sort on the next heir to the throne. This must occur because of the first scenario, so if the heir were to come back they would have proof it was them. Of course they have to document this so they know what kind of symbol it was. So, King John went into the symbol room, and showed the blacksmith the sketch of the symbol he wanted.

“A melted, solid gold, letter S that is the size of my thumb and goes on her back? Seems kind of basic and painful, for a babies back, don’t you think?” Demetrius the large, muscular blacksmith questioned.

“I know it seems harsh, but what I fear even more is whatever Seraphinia will or could do to Aisha in the future, that could be a lot worse. So in logic it isn’t so bad,” King John explained. “Can you have it ready by tomorrow? “

“Yes. Oh, and are you aware that we are having a gold shortage. We are mining like its madness but no one knows where the gold is going,”

“Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Does anyone have any ideas that you know of where it might be?”

“No. But, I’ll keep my senses open and I’ll let you know if I come across anything.” Demetrius reassured the King. The King left the symbol room and went to one of the guards still in the officers’ quarters and asked if he would go with him as he walked into the forest looking for someone. Then they left the guards quarters and walked through the palace out into the gates guarding the front courtyard where a little under five thousand people had gathered that morning for Aisha’s ceremony. The gatekeepers opened the doors letting them pass. From the courtyard they walked along the outside of the palace walls toward the forest that was to the left on the courtyard entrance. The city had to have a one mile radius from the palace so they did not see many homes outside of the palace when they went out; mainly guard stations or men on horse coming to the palace. So they went to the forest and found Seraphinia getting ready to shoot a deer with her bow and arrow. King John ordered the guard to hide in the bushes.

“Wear is the gold at?” King John demanded as he stormed in behind her.

“Don’t startle a person like that. I could have killed you.” Seraphinia said.

“Oh and that wouldn’t have made you happy? Anyway, where is the gold?”

“What gold?” Seraphinia lied.

“I know you know what happened to it!”

“I’m shocked that you came unprotected.” Seraphinia gazed over King John’s shoulder to look for guards. She saw a shiny object behind a bush in her observation.

“How do you know that I didn’t?”

“Oh, right, you have a guard hiding in the bushes.”

“What makes you say that?”

“I know a king would never travel alone, and they are the worst chameleons in the universe; the shiny armor sticks out like a sword in a pile of sticks.” She pointed over to the bush with the shining object demonstrating her point to King John, the continued, “on the subject of the gold I have no idea where it went. Now if you will excuse me I am still trying to catch my dinner.”

“You’re excused.”

“Since you are ‘alone’… Don’t make me kill you,” Seraphinia threatened while holding her bow and arrow intensely. Then the guard stepped out from the bushes and put his hand on his sword. Seeing this Seraphinia left. King John and the guard followed her back to the palace. King John told the guard to go back to what he was supposed to be doing; then King John went up to Aisha’s room that was in the center of the tower in the palace. There King John was admiring his daughter who was only a few hours old. Then Queen Isabella walked in the room and over to King John and asked, “So, what symbol did you choose?”

“I chose a solid melted gold letter S the size of my thumb. When it is hot it is going to be put on her lower back,” he explained.

“So it is kind of like the solid gold line you got on your shoulder. Except it is an S.”


“Doesn’t that seem kind of painful for a baby? Why would you want to do something like that to our little girl?”

“That is exactly what Demetrius said. But like I told him, I fear what Seraphinia could do to Aisha, when she is older, could be a whole lot more painful,” he explained. Seraphinia was eavesdropping behind the door listening to their conversation. As she turned away from the door with a smile on her face, she started to mumble to herself, ‘that is a fabulous idea. What am I going to do to her when she grows up, or better yet, what am I going to do with her now? Oh, I know.’ Then she walked off down the hallway and to the solders quarters. The daytime guards and officers were off duty at the moment because it was late at night, the sun had already gone down and the town had mostly gone to sleep.

“Someone get me something to drink,” Seraphinia demanded as she walked in at sat herself on the couch.

“Who are you the Queen?” one of the solders that were leaning on the wall was laughing at the thought of waiting on her. Then she pulled her knife out and shoved him against the wall with the knife near his throat. The room went silent. Several men dropped their cups they were holding in the dead silence.

“You really don’t want to see me when I’m parched. If you ever think I am something to be laughed at ever again the only warning you will get is the one where I severely injure you. So, don’t make me kill you in front of your little sword fighting friends and make you look like an even bigger moron before you die!” she scolded the guard.

“What can I get for you my lady?”

“That’s more like it. A cup of the finest thing you have ever drunk, and bring it to my quarters,” she told him then put her knife back in the slot she had hidden in her dress. Then, the guard ran off to get Seraphinia her drink. Then she walked down the hallway in the inside of the inner square within the palace. She walked down the stairs to the seamstress’ quarters and began to complain about her clothes and the red dress she was wearing.

“I thought I told you I wanted a scarlet colored dress of this same style and with a rhinestone on the belt, instead I got a red dress with a not where the jewel is supposed to be!” She scolded as she walked in the room of the seamstress that was in charge of her outfits. “You are so lazy it’s pathetic. I swear no one knows how to do their job anymore!”

“It would help if you didn’t pressure us so much, and paid us to do this instead of threatening us ma’am.” Zella the seamstress tried to explain to Seraphinia.

“That is it, you are sentenced to the dungeon for three weeks and you get not food or water for the first twenty-four period!” Seraphinia demanded. “Now go!” Then the seamstress ran out of the room in tears. Seraphinia ordered the nearest guard to escort her to the dungeon.

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