L2: Love Lies

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In response to the threats of violence he chuckled darkly, all ready to play, “Try me woman.”

Childhood left her with deep agonizing scars; crafting Arielle into tough and harsh like wild untamed creature when an occasion called for. And that occasion was Alexis Night, her first inevitable crush.

An arrogant famous green-eyed model and raven with silver gems-like eyes beauty; fate amused itself as it separated and connected those two once again, giving them a chance. Thrown into battle, called ‘marriage’, can those two forget their twisted past and learn how to love? Whose victory will it be whilst neither concede a defeat?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - L2: Love Lies

Submitted: December 16, 2012

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Submitted: December 16, 2012





Finding my pants and pulling them on, I shrugged into my white cotton shirt. Fresh and composed, dressed in exquisite clothing, I fixed the silk tie before snatching the raven-black velvet blazer by Tom Ford.

“Are you going to come soon, darlin’?” the woman wasn’t a least bit discomforted as her nude figure strode past my body swinging her hips towards the little bar at the corner of the room.

I half-snorted at those unnecessary sweet words I was being called with. They were useless, waste of breath.

“It is up to me,” I replied, my ears registered a sound of glass accidently clicking as it was carelessly bumped into a hard surface. Minutes later, her hand touched my back and she stepped before my eyes handing a drink.

“The need must be strong as you possess a powerful body to die for. Thick, hard sculptured muscle,” her bony finger flirty traveled on my chest without awakening the lust. “I bet, you won’t last a week without peeking into here.”

I did not reply as I found it meaningless to explain that she was in fact delirious with that opinion.

“Perhaps you already obtained a new toy?”

At that statement my lips turned into a cocky smirk, my eyes were glittering with the thrill of anticipation. “She will be mine,” I bluntly pointed out.

My concentration was brought back to the glass in my hand. I observed the liquid and bent down to take a sniff. It was a young wine swirling effortlessly in its container lacking in every field; a disaster and not the perfection I always went for.

“Disgusting,” I scrunched my nose in repulsion, “Give me something worth of my attention.”

She shrugged her shoulders and went to fulfill the order.

Later, she handed a glass of amber sparkling brandy.

I closed my eyes from sending the woman a deadly glare as my voice took a lower note in displeasure, “For God sake, where the hell are ice cubes? Is your head just for decoration?”

I was so furious, I discarded her expression of whatever it could be by striding out of the place.

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