Pokemon: The Adventure of Robert

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Let's meet crazy girls, furrys, and emos?

Submitted: March 17, 2013

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Submitted: March 17, 2013



You think starting a pokemon journey would be easy. Nope! Now where to start today off? Hmmm I guess the best place to start is when I woke up…..

It was two in the morning; don’t ask why it was so early Professor Elm kept to some weird hours. No one knew why, and I sure as hell didn’t wanna know. I step down the stairs only to see my mother staring at me.

“Did you grab your pokegear?” She interrogated.

“Yes mother,” I said “Why would I forget it?”

“Ok, Just remember don’t push yourself to hard. You know what happened to your father.” She looked as though she was gunna cry. “Now go out there and earn your name." She went for an embrace.

“I love you mom,” I said as I ran out the door.

“Thank Arceus that’s over,” I mutter “now let’s get to elms lab.” It was around this exact point where this day got really odd.

“OMG! There you are Robert!” Squealed Lyra. “You look so dashing getting ready for your journey.”

“Oh Arceus why,” I swore under my breath. “Hey lyra what’s up?”

“I like heard you were starting your journey today, and I wanted to wish my man the best journey ever.” She said with way to much enthusiasm.

“Your what?”

“Oh you know silly, my man. You!” She exclaimed. "When you are done with this silly pokemon journey we are gunna get married; I see it now. Bright lights, beautiful flowers, all of ou-“

“Sorry but I got to go!” I yelled as I ran off to Elm’s Lab. Arceus! What is wrong with this girl? She always talks of marriage with me. We are only fourteen, actually today is my birth day… Holy crap I’m fifteen.

Walking into the Laboratory for the first time was kinda intimidating. Huge machinery every where and everyone was busy at work. Only one person even acknowledged my existence. And of course it was Lyra’s dad, Franco.

“You better not be sleeping with my angel of a daughter.” He said with a horrible glare.

“Um of course not, she be crazy.” I said without thinking. “Oh shit.”

“Why you little degenerate-“

“Oh why hello there!” exclaimed Professor Elm. “I’m glad to see you already getting along with my second in command Robert.”

During this moment Franco slapped the back of my head; and to my dismay no one noticed.

“So I heard you had a super-ultra-mega-Fudgity-ultra-rare-crazy-strong pokemon for me. Is that true?” I questioned.

“Why of course I do! This was my favorite pokemon I’ve ever owned and it think you will love it!” He was really into this pokemon. It must be good.

“Sweet! So what is it?”

“I can’t tell you Robert; you can figure out once you leave the lab, He said with an almost annoyed tone to his voice. “Now if you will excuse me I have an important meeting with a cute Bulbasaur.”

“Wait what?” I blurted out.

Franco turned to me and said. “Um Mr. Elm is a furry, for grass pokemon. Just ignore it.”

“Ok then...” I then proceeded to leave the lab.

“Finally this day is going to become normal,” I thought to myself. Oh how wrong I was…..

“You won’t understand me will you?” said a black garbed red-headed boy.

“Oh shit, it's the emo squad, What do you want freak?”

“A battle, you look weak so I want to beat you in a battle.” He said with a frown.

Holy crap; just staring at him made me depressed.

“Can’t we just be friends?” I ask hastily.

“No we battle, for my life is a dark room. If I beat you, perhaps my life will lighten up.”

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