The Third Dream

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Melody, who goes by the name ‘Mel’, had always dreamed of being a normal girl. Ever since the age of 3, she had been getting same dreams thrice. She hated her ‘Power’ that showed her what might happen.
But, when she dreams that her little sister, Kiara, gets kidnapped by someone, she forgets her hatred and she, along her family and friends, go to find Kiara and end up on a journey that they will never forget.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Third Dream

Submitted: October 17, 2012

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Submitted: October 17, 2012




Chp-1. The dream

“Kiara! Where are you?!” Katrina shouted frantically.

We looked around anxiously for Kiara, but it wasn’t easy. Kiara was good at hiding and this park was huge. I was just going up the stairs to get a better view, when I saw Kiara’s little shoes behind the slide.

“I found her! She’s hiding behind the slide,” I whispered.

“ Thank God!” my sister said, relieved. She was about to announce to the others that we found Kiara, but I cut her off.

“Kitty, you know that if she knows that we found her, she’ll find another hiding place,” I said, “I call Nina and Jake then we’ll think of a plan.”

“I already have a plan,” she said impatiently, “We’ll pretend we didn’t find her and Jake can sneak up and catch her from behind.”

“Good idea, I’ll call them now.” I said. I looked around and I spotted Nina and Jake calling Kiara all the way at the other end of the park. I ran to them and told them the plan.

Jake nodded and he walked towards the slide slowly.

Nina and I walked to Kitty and started calling Kiara again.

We were in a huge park near the forest and Kiara didn’t want to come back home. It was already about 6:50 and we had to be back by seven or god knows what will happen to us.

As we were walking around the huge park pretending to look for Kiara, we heard Kiara screaming.

Confused and frightened, we looked towards the slide and saw the ogre holding Kiara upside-down and heading to the forest.

“HELP ME! MELODY! HELP ME!” Kiara screamed.

We ran to Kiara as quick as possible, but Jake reached it before us since he was the closest to Kiara. He tried to grab Kiara but the ogre was tall, unlike Jake who was always short for his age.

Just before we reached Kiara, the ogre disappeared, Kiara with him.

Jake fell to his knees in defeat and I was in shock. I just couldn’t believe what just happened. It was too fast. When I finally opened my eyes, I saw that Katrina and Nina were fighting tears. Which confirmed my fears. Kiara was gone.

Just as my tears were about to spill, the ogre came back. I forgot my tears and prepared to fight for Kiara. But then I saw that she wasn’t with the ogre, and that in his hand was… alarm clock. Wait a minute, an alarm clock?

And why does that alarm clock look like mine?! OMG!

Don’t tell me…

That ogre was a freakin thief! I had to pay for that alarm clock, and trust me it was not cheap. Sheesh! Whatever, at least his deadly weapon (or my weapon) wasn’t so bad. I mean, an alarm clock can’t kill you.

The ogre suddenly smiled, and to my surprise the ogre had white teeth. I was impressed. Can an ogre really have white teeth? Does he brush his teeth? Did he steal a toothbrush? Was the toothbrush pink? Was it my toothbrush?! But that’s not the point. When he smiled, he pressed the button on the alarm clock.


Everything went black.

My eyes snapped open at the annoying sound. Unfortunately, that was a bad idea since the curtains were open and the morning sunlight came into my eyes. I quickly closed my eyes again and felt my way to my little side table. My hand bumped into my alarm clock and I quickly pressed the snooze button.

I sighed in relief as my alarm clock finally stopped making that annoying sound. I slowly opened my eyes trying to get used to the light. Once I got past opening my eyes and switching off my alarm, my mind focused on my dream.

This was the third time I had that dream. Only the ending was different. All my endings were different. The first time I had the dream, we died, the second time, we killed the ogre, and this time he got away with Kiara, and my alarm clock went off, which made it part of my dream.

But in all three dreams, he was always after Kiara. I wasn’t surprised that I had the same dream thrice. It wasn’t the first time it happened. I knew that I was going to get it a third time when it happened the second time. I was just scared what it might be. Now I knew the answer..and it wasn’t exactly nice.

I stumbled out of bed and went to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and almost screamed. My hair was a mess! Oh. My. God. How did it get that way?! It’ll take forever for me to fix it! I swear my pillow is a hairdresser. Every single day I wake up with a new hairstyle.

But it never fails to surprise me.

Well, I guess I have to wash my hair today. Oh my god. I just washed my hair last night! I’m ganna get sick if I keep washing my hair! Oh well, life’s unfair.


After getting done and fixing my hair, I came to the table and sat down. None of my siblings were there except Nina, who was texting her friend on her mobile. As I sat down and ate, I suddenly got a déjà vu of the first time I had the same dreams.

I was three years old and we were eating breakfast. My dream was about us moving to a new house. I had decided to ask my mom about my dreams.

“Mommy, I had a weird dream last night.”

“Really? What was it about?”My mom said, feeding my little brother, Jake, who was at that time 2 years old.

“It was about us moving to a new place.”

“That’s nice. I don’t really like this place anymore, it’s too small.” My mom sighed, looking around our tiny apartment.

“ But mommy, this isn’t the number one time I got it,” I said, my eyes becoming big. “It’s the number three time I got it.”

“Really?” Said my mom, suddenly stopping, with the spoon which was just about to go in Jake’s mouth. “What was the dreams about? Was it nice?”

“Yes, mommy. In the dreams we went to the pwettist house ever! In the number 1 dream, daddy found another house but it wasn’t very pwetty. In the number two dream, we couldn’t buy the house. In the number three dream, we buyed the house!”

“Bought. You should say ‘bought the house’ not buyed, ok?.” My mom said, smiling while she proceeded to feed Jake. “Can you tell me how the house looked like?”

“Okay. It had pretty pink flowers around the house and a big tree! And it also had..” I stopped all of a sudden and frowned. “Mommy, I forgot what it looked like.”

“It’s okay sweetheart”

“But mommy, why did I get three dreams?”

“I don’t know. Maybe it might come true.”

“Yeah, maybe” I said smiling.

So me, my mom and Katrina were surprised when the dream actually came true. Well, me and Katrina. My mom had forgotten all about the dream when we bought the house.

My mind went back to the dream. I never believed that Ogres existed. But, because I dreamed about one of them kidnapping Kiara, they exist.

I believe in whatever my three dreams show me, because in a matter of time, the third dream will come true. You’d never know how long it’ll take, maybe a few days or weeks or months or years, you’d never know. But you will know something. It is going to come true. Now I have to a close watch on Kiara because that means that Kiara will get kidnapped by an ogre, and I had a feeling that he wasn’t going to come out later with an alarm clock this time.

Hope you enjoy this! :D

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