In the Devil's world

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I remember the first time we met , I remember his eyes , his mouth , his hair , It happened 3 years ago …

Sarah met Anthony in the most bizarre way . She was just a simple girl , afraid to love , always preventing herself from getting hurt , and there he was , a very powerful man , CEO of Anthony Bloom Inc , the most gorgeous man you can ever meet …
Will Sarah trust Anthony to take her on the most wonderful journey threw life that she never discovered ?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - In the Devil's world

Submitted: March 02, 2013

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Submitted: March 02, 2013




I was driving to work , peacefully , listening to some music in my well lets say cute affordable little car , a small black toyota when someone hits my car ! Great ! Really ? Of all the days ! It had to be today ?

Im really late to a meeting my boss is going to fire me ! Mad I step out of my car to see the damage when My eyes meet with the most beautiful man I had ever seen yhe had dark brown hair , a small nose and average lips , I was marveled by his eyes , blue eyes . That seemed to unveal me , as if I was a naked soul , a greek god ! and when he spoke , The most beautiful voice I have ever heard ,and then I came back to reality , I am really mad and theres noway in hell that Im going to shut up to this beautiful creature.!

" can you pay attention when you're driving ? Now Im losing time ! And Im going to get fired just because you can't pay attention !

" I shouted at him , I sounded probebly like a dog barking at his master , and then he spoke calmly if its not a big deal :

" Im sorry , Im Anthony and u are ?

" Is he really asking me my name ? Right now ! What a jerk!

 " Are you really asking me my name ! U know I dont have time for this

" But as if I was turning he puts his hand and on my arm

"look im sorry , let me make it up to you , I can drive you to work "

" no its okay "

I reply but he insists and Because my car is in deep shit I agree . But I almost fell on the ground when I saw his car , a black lamborghini " are you serious ! Im not going to go in ! This car is very fast I could die ! "

" dont worry nothing is going to happen to you I promise " he says laughing ,

" And why do I care that a total stranger is promising that I wont die ! Imagine ur going to take me somewhere and kill me ! "

" are you crazy ? Im Anthony bloom ! "

" and ? " and then he says very surprised " u really dont know who I am ? "

I say in a cool , voice " and why should I ? "

" well Im anthony bloom I dont know if u live on mars or something but Im very well known and I can assure u that I will do you no harm and have no intention of killing u "

" geez thanks " I say laughing and then I step in the car with this stranger , this man who from the minute he walked in my life changed it upside down .


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