Ace!: Det. H. Johnson and Poker Face

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Case 1: Searching for Jack

Submitted: May 11, 2013

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Submitted: May 11, 2013



Case 1: Searching for Jack

It was cold and the sky was the shade of gray they had for black and white detective movies. I was working late last time I saw my overworked secretary, Jack Morris. Thunder rumbled in the clouds. He was in his corner office filing a few cases into the COLD CASE FILES. I was in my office listening to slow jazz as I marked the Korean girl's murder case as solved. Suddenly, I heard a noise coming from outside my door. I heard chairs flip over and the sound of fluttering papers followed by Jack's voice pleading for help.


After that I couldn't hear his voice anymore, but the rustling continued. I jumped out from behind my desk and rushed to open the door. I was turning the knob several times, but it was no good. I hit the door with my fist and cursed under my breath. I took a few steps back and rammed the door knocking it wide open! I only caught a glimpse of Jack, who was unconscious, being dragged away. I quickly followed after them, but lost track of them by the time they blazed out the front door. Rain started pouring outside as I ran out frantically. I looked left and right, but couldn't find a trace of them. They were gone.

"Damn it!"

I fell to my knees and landed on a puddle holding my head in my hands. The questions kept coming and I fell into shock. The last thing I remember saying echoed through my mind.


That happened 5 years ago. I'm 20 now and Jack is 23. I knew he was still out there because I received various photos of him (unharmed) from an anonymous source. His expression was darker every photo I got and standing next to him was a person. I couldn't really tell who it was since they were smart enough to cut out their face. All the photos I received were posted in his old office. I was determined to find Jack and bring him back. I had been working undercover by myself saying that Jack was on a extended vacation. I had no clues and I was working with pictures that, as far as I could tell, left no hints. One day as I was looking at one of the pictures I noticed that Jack began mouthing something around the fourth picture. He was careful to mouth out each word clearly.

"The...ocean...salt...stained...the...building's....paint. I...hear...waves....and...traffic..."

I thought about the words that he said. The ocean salt stained the building's paint. I hear waves and traffic. After thinking it over for a few minutes, I figured it out. The only building near the ocean and freeway was the abandoned lighthouse far off the coast of the Dietiker Beach. I got fired up just thinking about getting Jack back that I rushed out of the building without asking for back-up. I was going in alone and would probably be out-numbered 100-to-1. Although, I never thought about this until I was parked a few yards from the lighthouse. My heart was pounding with excitement and anxiety. I calmed myself down and got out of the car sticking my hands into my pockets. I kept a low profile until I got to the door. I knocked it down with one kick only to find myself completely surrounded by men dressed in 1980s Mafia clothing. They were all pale-looking and they looked like the strippers bar down the road just had a free night for sleazy guys looking for cheap sex. It was quiet for a second until the really stupid looking one started talking.

"Well look here fellas. We got ourselves a visitor."

The fat guy next to him started talking too.

"She's a real pretty one ain't she, Danny-boy?"

"Shut up you lug! We gots to introduce ourselves first before we can play with this gorgeous young lady."

The idiot strolled up to me and bent over a little bit to make eye-contact with me. He put his hand under my chin to get me to look up a little.

"Hello there, Dollface. My name is Daniel Travoski, but since you look so fine when you don't have a chance of getting through me and my boys, you can call me your boyfriend."

"I appreciate the offer, but I don't date vampire pedophiles like yourself, Dollface."

His goons erupted into a rumble of idiotic laughter.

"She's pretty fiesty, eh boss? Hey cutie, what's your name?"

"I'm Detective Haley Johnson. I'm here to get back my secretary. Now who's the low-life who took my friend five years ago?"

I looked at the 5 guys in that room, but no one answered. Then, the guy in front of me started laughing. Suddenly, everyone started chuckling around him and he raised his hand for silence still smirking at me. He got even closer to my face and I could smell weed, liquor, and rotten fish while he spoke again.

"So you're the famous Detective Johnson. The girl who became a major detective at the age of fifteen, right?"

"What of it, asshole?"

"Now, I'm excited. Do you realize how much money I'd get for turning you in to our boss, a.k.a. The low-life who took your friend?"

" And how much would you get, Danny-boy?"

"MILLIONS!! I'd be sweatin' money from my sack, sweetheart. Surrounded by the finest women money could buy, but you know what?"


He moved his head and whispered into my ear.

"I wouldn't need such materialistic things if you were the woman by my side every morning. A young woman such as yourself is all I need to be happy and satisfied for the rest of my life."

"Such a tempting offer, Danny-boy, but I really hate repeating myself. I don't date sleazy losers who always need some cheap hooker every night."

"Then how about a deal? I set your pal upstairs free, and in exchange you give me acces to that sexy body of yours for the rest of our natural lives."

"I'm tired of this bullshit."

I pulled out my gun and shot him in the stomach. He yelled in anguish and clenched his stomach dropping to the floor in the fetal posisition.


The men came at me from all directions thinking they could take me without using firearms. Big mistake. I turned to every guy and shot them down killing two and leaving the other two on the verge of death. I strolled casually over to Daniel who backed himself up into a corner and aimed the gun at his head. It was so close that if it went off, his brains would spew everywhere. He looked at me with a defiant look.

"Now, answer my questions. Where is Mr. Morris?"

"I can't tell you that, baby."

I loaded the gun, prepping it to shoot him in the head.

"I think you can. Now where's Jack?!"

He chuckled and smirked at me.

"I'll tell you when you wake up, sweetheart."


I turned around quickly, but not quick enough because the last thing I saw was an overweight man with a crobar coming down on my head. I woke up several hours later tied to a pool table stripped of my jacket, pants, and shirt, and surrounded by a new bunch of sleaze bags with cigarettes in their mouths and Daniel's face above my head smiling stupidly.

"Morning, Detective Sweet Cheeks!"

"Daniel!! You bastard, that was a dirty trick!"


He laughed so hard it sounded like he was about to choke at any moment.

"Listen here, Miss Johnson. You wouldn't call pulling out a gun to unarmed men dirty?"

"Not if its aimed at a bunch scumbags like you guys."

I tried loosening the chains on my wrists and ankles but it was no good. He laughed again and I was already tired of him thinking he had the upper hand.

"There's no chance of escaping, Doll. These chains are fresh iron and steel, you can't get out of them by clanking them around."

"So, what are you going to do to me now? Sexually harrass me and eventually get what you wanted from the start?"

"If you want that to happen, Miss Johnson."

"Then how about letting me go without having to kick your ass again?"

"Hmm, no. You see, you are in no posistion to talk so tough little lady. You are chained down. I can do anything I want to you."

I winced as he put his cold hand on my stomach and guided his fingers toward my underwear as if he was about to slide it down my legs. He came close and sniffed my neck and grinned as if he was pleased.

"Gentleman, thank you for your assistance. Now, get the hell outta my sight..."

The men surrounding the pool table left after he said that. I heard the door click and we were alone. He strolled around the table inspecting my body and thinking about what to do with me. I lay there thinking about how to get out of this kind of situation, but the only solution I could come up with was to seduce the pleasure-seeking slimeball and I really didn't want to go down that road. He finally stopped at my side facing my stomach again and punched it with all his strength. I gasped for air as my body jumped in reaction to the hit. I started coughing and he started snickering. I realized that he was going to abuse me physically until he could get what he wanted.

"What are you planning, you no-good crook?"

"Moi? Oh darling, I'm not planning anything. I just loved the defenseless look you have around you so much that I couldn't contain myself. I just had to hurt you a little to see if you'd cry. Yeah, that's what I want. I want the famous Detective Haley Johnson to cry for me."

"Never gonna happen. I've never cried in front of anyone."

"Oh? Would you cry in front of Mr. Morris?"

I jumped a little bit and tried to loosen the chains more aggresively. He laughed and walked toward the door, opened it for a few minutes then closed it and sat down on the table. He started fiddling around with my bra clasps as I moved around to try and prevent him from undoing them. He soon took an interest in my legs and went to the end of the table and started rubbing them slowly and uncomfortably. His rough hands sent a cold chill up and down my spine.

"Tell me, Miss Haley, why do you want to save that Jack-character so badly?"

"i don't need to justify myself to someone like you!!"

"Oh, I think you do. Sure, anyone would go and save their friend if they were in trouble but its been five years, has it not? He seems a bit more special than a friend."

I stopped struggling and felt my face burn red.

"Eh? Did I get it right? The famous detective in love with her background secretary? How fairytale like."

"You're wrong!"

"Come on, admit it. You love the guy. Which is part of the reason why you hate what I'm doing to you right now, right?"

His hands climbed their way slowly to my mid-section. I was shaking and his hands stopped right before reaching the top of my thigh. I was relieved when his hands lifted away from my leg, but I should've known better than to relax because as soon as he got up he released the buckle of his pants and they fell to the floor. He looked at me closely.

"Alright Miss Johnson we're gonna play a little game. Its a fun game. To me anyway, HA HA HA HA HA! I'm gonna strip down to just my underwear as well and take my harassment a little further, and as an added bonus we're going to have an audience member. BRING HIM IN BOYS!!!"

The door flung open and three beefed-up guys came in with a struggling tied-up Jack. My eyes lit up to finally hear him and see him in person again, even if the situation was pretty bad.



Suddenly, Jack's face turned all red and he looked away. I also blushed and looked away when I realized how I looked in front of him. He over-looked it and started to struggle again. Daniel then let the chains loose on my legs setting one free and the other beefed-up guy held me down as Daniel untied the chains on my wrists.

"What are you doing?"

"Have patience Miss Johnson."

After handing me over to the beef-head, Mr. Sexual Harrasment walked over to a wall and pulled out a king-sized bed. At each end there were handcuffs, and I clearly saw where this was going to go. I struggled as the barbarian holding me walked zombie-style towards the bed.

"What--WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO TO HER?!" Jack shouted angrily.

Daniel looked at Jack and chuckled.

"I'm going to have my way with the girl you love right in front of you."

My eyes widened as I heard the last few words: '...the girl you love...'

"Jack, don't worry I'll get us out of this!!"


He looked toward the floor and chuckled silently. He spoke to me while continuing to stare at the floor.

"Look at you, Haley. You're handcuffed to a bed in your underwear. How can you possibly get us out of this??"

"Like this."

Before he could chain down my left leg I kicked him in the face as hard as I could. I slipped my skinny hands through the holes in the handcuffs and set my right leg free. I jumped off the bed and finshed off the thick-headed monster. Surprised, the other two dropped Jack. But before they could run away, two gunshots went off and they fell backward dead. Behind them was Daniel holding my gun in his hands. He then came up behind Jack and held him in a headlock with the gun right next to his head. He prepped the gun for a shot.


"NOT another step forward, Detective. Otherwise Jack's head will be blown into oblivion and we don't want that do we?"

I clenched my teeth and stepped back to avoid causing harm to Jack.

"Now, in order for Jack to keep his brain and everything else I want you and me to do it. In front of poor Jack here, capiche?"

I took a few steps forward with a disgusted look on my face and he dropped Jack and the gun. He came forward toward my body and held my face in his hands. He was about to kiss me. I pulled back but he jerked my head closer. The distance between our faces got shorter and shorter and before it was completely gone the gun went off. Daniel fell forward past me and behind him was Jack holding the smoking gun. I was relieved that he had killed him just in time. I sighed and ran toward him, embracing him.

"Jack! I'm sorry it took 5 years but I found you and you're ok. I'm so happy."

"That was almost your first kiss, huh?"

I looked at him and smiled and he smiled back.

"Hey Haley, can you put your clothes back on now?"

I blushed and found my trenchcoat underneath the pool table. I slipped on my clothes quickly, untied Jack, and took out my spare gun. We ran out of the room and into the hall heading toward the back door.

"We've made a lot of noise in here, so its better if we slip out the back."

"You never change do you? Always gotta play it safe."

"Well, listen----"

"But thats what I like about you. I'll always be safe when I'm with you."

He smiled shyly and we kept running. We bursted out the door and ran toward my car. We jumped in quickly and headed home.

"Hey Jack."


"Is that true? What Daniel said back there? Do you me?"

"Haha, well that depends. Do you love me?"

I smiled greatly at what he said.

"I've always loved you," I admitted. I kissed his cheek with his eyes still on the road.

We arrived back to the office late. It was still dark and since a lot happened I had to get a report from Jack. We sat down in my office as I listened to what he experienced over the past 5 years. Although, we still didn't know what they wanted with Jack or who took him from me. After explaining everything, I dismissed him and he went back to his office. I stared at the pictures on my desk. What did all of this mean? Before I had a chance to figure it out something shot through my window and landed on my desk. Jack burst in after hearing the crash.

"Haley?!" Jack shouted as he came bursting through the door.

I stared at the paper covered rock surrounded by shattered glass. I unwrapped the paper. It was a note:

"Congratulations! You've won this round Detective Johnson, but the game is only just beginning.

I hold all the cards in this round baby, and next time you'll be royally flushed.

-Poker Face"

"What is it?"

"I don't know, but I'm sure that we are most definitely not finished here yet. The game has just started."


© Copyright 2017 Minami Tsubaki. All rights reserved.


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