Chapter 1: The Romance ....... Of a lifetime

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 1


As I head towards my house down in Birchanger ... A deep sadness pulls over me wich fills the car with

silence my dads the sherif down there Birchanger had a likly chance of rain ...Every day

so here I was now in my dads car as we pull outside my house a weirdness pulls over me as I haven been

here since I was 8 my mum got a divorce when I was 5 and i came down for 3 summers to see my friend Charlie and Mr.Black

but I stopped I diddent know why but know I knew why because my dad was always at work but here I am again so he

showed me up to my room and there I was standing in my room and him worrying my duvets were pink and all my childhood

word hung up a window in the corner  and my walls were dark purple my dad awoke me from my daydreams by saying

Bella I know its small so quietly i replyd no its fine I have long black hair (straight) pink cheeks

deep brown eyes I am only 17 my dad quietly left after when I started daydreaming . Again !\"surprise\"



Chapter 2 


I was awoke by my dad screaming BELLA ! So I quietly came down the stairs to see Mr.Black and Charlie

standing near a rust vehical so I came and shook his hand and asked him if he was still dancing and he said yep

same old same old and he said glad your here ... Your dad would not keep talking

about this day for ever ! And Pap said be quiet or i will roll you into a ditch and Mr.Black

said not if i chase you into it firt (YAWN\"blush\") so here I was ...Again so then they came back from

play fighting in the road ! And he said what do you think tapping the beauty rusted car and then he

said all yours I said in an exsiting voice YAY!!!!!!!!! And jumped right into it and Mr.Black said told

you I was down with kids !So I asked while Charlie was showing me how to drive it

I said so do you want to drive to school with me ? And he said sorry I cant so I said right

so what school do you go to the and he said I cant remember what he said but so I was going to have to

drive to school on my own it was Forks high school .







Submitted: July 22, 2012

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