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seventeen year old raven has been in love with Charlotte since the moment she laid eyes on her but shes afraid of being rejected by Charlotte and pretends to be just friends with her. Charlotte is also in love with raven but she finds herself in a pickle because she has to deal with her abusive boyfriend who beats her up all the time. when Charlottes boyfriends voilence gets so out of control charlotte is forced to move to ravens for the summer. and before they know it they both find themselves in each others arms and extremly in love with each other but what will they both do when the summer is over will they have more problems........youll have to read to find out

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Breathless

Submitted: May 08, 2013

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Submitted: May 08, 2013



chapter 1 

just looking at her took my breath away the way she would tuck in her hair when she was nervous or the way she would bite her lips when she was shy. it drove my crazy. ive been in love with charlotte ever since i laid eyes on her and shes seriously the most beatiful girl ive ever seen. she has dark black hair and big green eyes. weve talked a few times but it was kind of hard most of the time i would find myself stumbling on my words. and then i would go red all over because i swear i was making a fool out of myself. but heck i couldent help it how i was acting around her. i was sitting two tables down from charlotte and i couldent stop staring at her i wonder what she was doing and i was dieing to go sit beside her but i just stayed glued to my chair. my best friend rina was drawing on her sketch book when she looked up at me and she saw that i was looking a charlotte she pokes me with her pencil and i get a littel annoyed. 

'' why dont you just go over there and sit beside her'' rina asks

'' are you crazy no way besides i dont even know her that well'' i say 

'' yet you' ve been crushing on her since grade nine come one you should tell her im sure she likes you too'' rina say

'' look rina thank you and all but im not about to confess my love to her its to risky god knows she would probably get a heart attack and what makes you think she likes me that way anyway '' i say

'' well all im saying is you should probably tell her how you feel before its too late'' rina says

'' rina she has a boyfriend hello are you on planet earth have you not noticed keith sanders holding hands with  charlotte'' i say

'' i  have but seriously hes an idiot i saw him crashing his dads bmw into a stop sign what idiot does that'' rina says

i laugh a littel i can see that rina is really having fun trashing keith i just watch her exaggerette the conversation it feels like where on reality tv. like dr.phil or oprah. her arms are everywhere and she is really getting into the conversation. she almost knocks our paint onto our floor. i try and calm rina down. but nothing works. we finally get attention of our art teacher who finally stops and looks at both of us. i turn red a littel bit embarrsed at what just happend. but rina just keeps talking i glare at her and almost tell her to shut up. our teacher is know in front of us.

'' rina is something the matter'' the teacher asks

'' fuck yes there is'' rina says

'' why dont you try and act your age for once what is all the commotion about is there anything you care to share with the class'' the teacher says

'' no hell no'' i say cutting in the teacher looks at me and glares i guess she takes that as insulting even though i dont know why. i take a deep breath im not sure if rina would tell the whole class about my feeling towards charlotte but i swear rina sometimes has a big mouth. as i go out of the hallway i stare at at charlotte once more. i feel my heart jump when she looks up at me. i blush a littel and she smiles i then i turn around and quickly write a note on a piece of paper and i give it to charlotte and at first she looks confused but takes the note anyway. i make my way out of the class and prepare myself for detention.  


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