Chapter 1: Masked love: Part one: Chapter one: The soul village. ( A Kakashi love story.)

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IjusthadtoputthishereitsfunnyMaggie put down the chalk and turned towards her class just as te bell ring she picked up some papers and stood at the door.

" These are permission slips for our trip to the Leaf and no whining I know its a long way away but you get free roam when the time at the muesium is up now get these signed by your parent or gaurdian and remember to bring them back in tomorrow." She said as they lined up one boy put his hand up. " And no Tontu I don't count as a gaurdian outside of school and I can not sign permission slips ok now have a good day and I expect you all to be here bright and early so we can be at the leaf by 11:00 so we can have lunch." She sighed and sat down at her desk as the last student left, closing her eyes.

" Well they look like their a handfull." Someone said Maggie opened her eyes to see a man standing in the doorway she smiled and stood up.

" Yes they are and you must be the guide?" She asked he nodded stepping in, and surveying the messy classroom, his eye fell to one seat that looked like it was as out of place in here as a ox was in a herd of deer. " Thats Minus desk she dosen't let one thing fall out of place and thats why i worry about her, you see Mr.... um not to seem rude or anything but whats your name?" Maggie asked him politily.

" I am Kakashi Hatake." He said," why what is wroung?" Kakashi asked.

" Well oh its nothing to be.. 1..2..3" She said to a confusedKakashi and the second she said three two other konochi walked in one wearing a mask, Miko,and the other one slightly slumped over,Tonly. " Hey guys meet Kakashi he will be the guide to the leaf for the trip." Maggie said.

" Well its nice to meet you Kakashi and I wish you luck with these kids you will need it." Miko said slyly, Maggie was about to come back with a sharp remark when a three young kids came in.

" Kakashi whats taking so... umm sorry are we intreupting somthing?" One of the boys asked, Kakashi sighed.

" No I was just coming bye it was nice to meet you Maggie." He said and left with the three kids following. Maggie sighed and sat down on her desk with Miko and Tonly infrount of her.

" Guys you know what would be fun... if we had a sleep over you know just the three of us over at my house my boyfreind went out for a mission and won't be back untill tomorrow, so how bout it we could rent a couple movies and well you know stuff." Miko sugested smiling under her tiger mask. Maggie looked at Tonly who seemed slightly excited, a very very very rare thing with her, so Maggie nodded and they left, Maggie locking the door and then following her freinds.

Maggie slid into one of Miko's nightgown's, that she had bought because she claimed she would grow into it and she hasn't yet and probaly never will, she stepped lightly down the stairs and into the living room.

" So what do you guys want to do first?" Miko asked.

" Lets play Truth Or Dare." Tonly said as she walked up behind Maggie in a nightgown, that was way to long for her.

" Ok Truth or dare Maggie?" Miko asked as Maggie and Tonly slipped over to their sleeping bags, Maggie thought for a minute then she desided.

" Truth." She said, smiling.

" Um is it true that you like that hunk from the class room cause if you don't I have a single freind in the soul society looking for a bf?" Miko said making Maggie blush giving away the answer imideatly.

" Sort of but I mean I don't even know him anyways he probally has a gf I mean one glance at him could tell you that. Ok so Tonly Truth or dare."

" Dare." Tonly said yawning.

" I dare you to come with the leaf tomorrow with me I can't be alone with a guy like Kakashi and a bunch of kids, I'd die." Tonly sighed and nodded.

" Its not like the soul lord has any missions for me so I gues I will only for you and I want to watch a movie I meen if me and Maggie are leaving early we better get to bed early and the two movies you bought are an hour long." She said yawning.

" Ok I don't even like Truth or Dare that much." Miko slipped the first movie in called, Mulan, an old tale made that always brought tears to all of their eyes not from sadness but from laughing. By the end of the second movie, Tonly was out like a light and Miko was fading in and out. Maggie slipped the movie out set the alarm for 6:00 a.m. and went to bed.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The alarm blared in their ears they all shot up Tonly looked as if she was about to die, Maggie switched the alarm of and went to the bathroom Tonly behind her. They hurridly got ready and left running towards the school.

Maggie unlocked the door to the classroom and stepped in, holding the silencr for a split second before they walked in shoes clacking on the floor. At eight the whole class was there and so was squad seven getting ready as Maggie took attendince as their names were called they would sit down and wait.

" Minu, Minu." There was silence Maggie looked up and nearly dropped her clipboard, Minu's desk was empty. " Uh absent... Tontu." There was a short pause before Maggie heard the dragging of his chair across the floor. " Ok thats it." Maggie smiled set down her clipboard and told everyone to line up, as they lined up the once peacefull and queit room was a racket, Maggie sighed and stood infrount of her class behind Kakashi and with Tonly beside her straching her jaw in a large yawn. " Kakashi can you start I'll catch up in a moment." Kakashi nodded and led the class down the hall. Maggie ran to the office and skidded to a halt infrount of the scedule advisor. " Miss. Yakatowe why is Minu not in today what happened."

" Maggie I know this might be hard for you to take but her ugh how to put this problem finally took over her body and she slipped into a coma this mourning I'm deeply sorry and... " Maggie ignored her and walked out the door she ran soon catching up to her class, and not wanting to alert them she put on a smile that showed through her mask and took her place at the frount.

It was almost 11:00 and they were at the leaf village in the museium waiting for the tour to begin. Maggie took in a deep breath. ' I have to be strong about this no tears got that good.' Maggie thought as the muiseum guide continued talking. At 12:00 the tour was over and the class had brocen up into small groups and walking off, Maggie looked to the ground when she felt a strong hand on her shoulder she looked up to see Kakashi looking at her woriddly.

" Whats wroung?"

" It its Minu she slipped into a coma this mourning." She confesed feeling hot tears stain her cheeks and soaking into her mask.

" Follow me and we can talk about it ok." Maggie nodded sadly as Kakashi led her away. They had been walking and talking for nearly an hour which is when free roam ended Maggie looked up to Kakashi and smiled.

" Thanks I really needed to talk to someone, we better get back to the gates the kids will be waiting and they'll want to get home." Maggie said and they started to walk in the directions of the gate. When they arrived Maggie saw the class all gathered there waiting impationtly.

Back at the Soul village Maggie slipped under the covers of her bed and thought about that day and how Kakashis hand had felt on her shoulder.


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great expression

Mon, December 8th, 2008 9:48am


Theres going to be another one infact I'm working on it right know!!! Go to my file in a couple days and you might find it I'm not sure!

Wed, April 1st, 2009 8:08pm


Love KAKASHI!!!! Sorry...I just am obsessed with him....I'm ok now...this was really great beginning. I've got a few Naruto fan fics myself...let me know if you ever post the second part.

Sat, July 31st, 2010 1:59pm

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