7298 Miles Away

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Could love really traverse all setbacks? Could love find its way back despite the distance?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Christabel

Submitted: October 30, 2011

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Submitted: October 30, 2011




I miss you. These words unanswered kept sinking in my blank mind as I fixed my seatbelt attached in my couch. I could hear my heart beating as I get confused, excited and nervous about something I haven't expected would come true.

"Arriving Los Angeles, California. Please fasten your seatbelt for your safety." as the announcement resonated the ears of the sleepyheads inside the airplane.

As I arrived the port, I pretended to be an omniscient traveler even if my eyes were trembling with tears since I haven't traveled over a country for once. This was my first time, actually. But, whatever. I have planned for this. It depends on "his" sister if my plan would be carried out successfully. I chartered a taxi effortlessly, then the driver opened the front seat door.

"Sir, could you take me at the…um, North Hollywood, at the Tiara street?" I asked shamefacedly.

"Wow, I could if you have bucks." he smirked as he noticed my unusual accent, and as he concluded that I am a clueless foreigner kid, probably thinking I'm just fourteen, "You know, we'd take long hours before we get there."

"Yessir. I do have." as I took my seat at the front row of the cab.

I couldn't sleep inside the cab for I was nervous. I do not know what face to put when I will finally be able to see him or how I should ignore him when all I want is to hug him. Oh well, as I've said, I have planned for this. I just need to score a deal with his sister Jess, and all will be well.

"Here we are, missy. This place is pretty small that you won't get lost. Fifty bucks it took." as the driver stifled a laugh and gave out his hand to me. Good thing I was loaded with bucks since my folks were little worried that I might ran out of cash. I handed fifty bucks to him reluctantly, "Oh yeah, thanks sir. " as I retorted without looking him in the eye.

I wandered and searched for a "McDonnell" house plate on every walls of each houses. The cab driver was pretty right about the place being small though it's like a tiny maze. I still got lost since I didn't have the skill of sensing right directions. As I turned my head to a pretty cozy house, the plaque struck me. It said "McDonnell" and at last, I have found it.

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