7298 Miles Away

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Michael

Submitted: October 30, 2011

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Submitted: October 30, 2011




That was close. And disappointing. I might have hugged her if she didn't show me her scared face. She was not obviously the girl I am expecting, but she really resembled Christabel. That Catherine was petite as Christabel, only Catherine has a bob haircut. She has a dab of blush-on which made her cheeks pinkish. Her eyes were almond and a russet eye color like mine. Her cherry lips were thick and pouty. She has this familiar half-heart necklace wrapped around her neck. And that cute accent I have heard from someone. From Christabel. Only this time, her accent was more fluent than Christabel's. Her get up was laid back and a bit rebellious, but that just make her cute.

But, I doubt it. Since she told me she was Jess' classmate, she might have the same age with Jess or younger than her. Plus, the fact that if it were really Christabel, she could've been in tears or she could've hugged me no matter how I look disgusting. But the Chi in front of me didn't. She was just there, static and showing her frightened face, as if I am a terrifying alien from outerspace.

She must not be Christabel. Maybe, she was really Catherine.

I knocked Jess' door twice for I would've gotten a slap if I bashed thrice. Yeah, that was her imperative. Maybe, the perks of being obsessive-compulsive.

"Jess, someone's waiting for you outside. Your classmate…Chi." as I tediously told her.

She opened the door aggressively as if she was irritated with something. You know, she got the looks of devouring a human. "Who the hell is Chi?! Well whatever, I'll get her." she winced as she furiously ditched my existence.

"Okay. Thank you, huh?" as I blurted out sarcastically while wondering how come she didn't know she has a classmate named Chi, for all I knew she's really friendly at school that she never forgets a name.

Oh, well. Whatever. I have to move on. Or maybe I have to stop calling Christabel as Chi. I will be calling her by her full first name.

I sat down in front of my Mac and went to my favorite site, Tumblr.Once in a while, I check Christabel's account since it'd be the only way for me to know how she's doing whenever she publishes a text post. Unfortunately, her account isn't updated anymore for months. She hasn't answered my last message, too.

Maybe, because I gave a motive that she had to stop hoping for me. Which was my plan. Which I wished she had resisted. Which unfortunately, she didn’t this time.

Probably, I will be just updating my Spanish blog account. For my girlfriend's sake. For fun. For alleviating the boredom. But, not for expressing my true feelings since I have deleted my previous blog which was partly dedicated for Christabel. Which consisted my sentiments about her, about us.

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