7298 Miles Away

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Jess

Submitted: October 31, 2011

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Submitted: October 31, 2011




I raised my eyebrow as I saw a petite young girl smiling awkwardly at me.

"Uhm, hi? Jess? I hope you do remember me. I am Chi.", she says shyly.

"I know you're Chi but unfortunately I don't remember you.", hoping I would sound friendly and hoping not to scare her off since she looks so fragile that she would break if I bawled at her.

"I think you would if I remind you of something. Would you take a walk with me while unravel my secrets? Because, you know, this is personal that your brother shouldn't know.", she stifled a laugh and I noticed her unusual accent, made me conclude she's a Filipina. And, she mentioned my brother. Probably, this would take a worth walk.

"Okay, I'll take a stroll with you. Just honestly tell me who you are.", I retorted interestingly.

"We're cool then.", she said as her short hair bounces with her every turn of head.

Yes. She seems familiar.

We took a stroll at the garden on our plaza as she unfolded her sentiments to me. And oh, it did make sense.

"Do you remember when your brother got head over heels over the net like last, last year ago? Yup, I was the girl whom he fell in love with. I am Chi. I am Christabel and I need you to do a favor for me. Could you?", as her eyes started to tear up. I couldn't do anything since I know this would start chaos and complication. But, I know she used to be my brother's love and I know what happened between them was real. I knew when my brother lost her, he was lost, too. He just couldn't be in his normal self, until now. That's why I always acted brat to him ever since. It wasn't because of Ate Christabel, but because I almost lost a brother. That's why this time, I swear I will do everything I could.

"Sure, let me hear it, Ate?", as she looked pleased when she heard it.

"Thank you Jess! You're wonderful. Oh well, here it goes. I met your brother earlier and as expected, he thought I am Christabel not until I told him I am Catherine, Chi for short. That I am your classmate in Photography class and the blah's. Now here's the catch, could you please do not tell him I am Christabel, that I am just pretending to be Catherine? I did that because I have big reasons. I came here at L.A. because of those reasons, and those reasons will not be elaborated further but will be clarified soon.", she gasped, searching for words, "And one more thing, could I stay at your house for a month?", as she looked anxiously like a puppy pleading for home.

I was lost with words. I knew she was complicating everything, but then, I didn't know her reasons. Plus, I couldn't tell her that I've dropped my photography class since last semester. I couldn't fathom why my stupid brother hasn't figured that out. Too bad, I swore I'd help them, I'd help her. I managed to say yes.

I knew that with her living at our house would complicate everything. But, I knew my brother would find joy and solace with her even if she's "Catherine". She couldn't just deny the fact that she's still Christabel, the girl my brother used to love. But whatever, I am excited what goes ahead of them.

They are both complicated, my Ate and Kuya.

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